17 helpful Outdoor Shelves to store your stuff [with pics]

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Are you looking for some outdoor shelving to help you organize and hold your stuff?  In this article we’ll look at 17 outdoor shelves that should do the trick for you.

We’ll look at:

  • Outdoor plant shelves
  • Plastic outdoor shelving options
  • Garden shelves
  • Outdoor storage cabinets
  • And more…
Outdoor Shelves - 17 helpful ideas
Outdoor Shelves – 17 helpful ideas

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17 helpful Outdoor Shelves to store your stuff

So whether you need outdoor shelves for your yard, deck, garden or patio, at least one of these options should work for you.

Outdoor Plant Shelves – 7 Tier Wood Shelf

Plant Stands for Indoor Plants, Wood Outdoor Tiered Plant Shelf for Multiple Plants, 3 Tire 7 Potted Ladder Plant Holder Table Plant Pot Stand for Window Garden Balcony Patio Living Room

This outdoor plant shelf is a great way to display your plants.

It would work well on your patio or balcony because it isn’t too big.  It is just less than 34-inches wide and just under 32-inches tall.

All the slats are made of wood, and the joints are plastic. It comes flat-packed in a box and you put it together by pushing the ends of the wood into the plastic joints.

The manufacturer said the wood has undergone carbonization. It should help this wooden outdoor shelf stand up to the elements.

(This article states that the carbonization process can help extend the life of wood by killing the fungi that is already inside the wood.)

So if you’re looking for an outdoor shelves for plants, check this out.

5-tier Outdoor Wood Plant stand (for summer use)

Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor, Multi Tier Wood Plant Shelf Holder for Multiple Plants Flower Stand Rack Planter Display for Patio Corner Living Room Office Balcony Garden (7 flowerpots)

I really like the look of this 5-tiered pine wood plant stand.

The manufacturer said it can be used inside or outside during the summer.

I’m not sure why it is summer specific? Perhaps it won’t hold up to the precipitation and cold of the winter?

This plant shelf is held together using screws, not plastic joints. So you’ll need to do some screwing to get it together.

CLICK HERE for more information on this indoor / outdoor plant shelf.

Outdoor Plant Shelves – Folding Bamboo Plant Shelf

Bamboo 3 Tier Hanging Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Plant Shelf Adjustable Flower Pot Holder Shelves Storage Rack Folding Display Shelving for Patio Garden Corner Balcony Living Room

This 3-tiered ladder style plant shelf has a horizontal rod to place your hanging plants.

It’s made of bamboo that has had 2 layers of varnish painted on to it…so it should hold up to the elements.

I don’t know if I’d push it, but the manufacturer states it can hold up to 220 pounds.

So if you want an attractive outdoor plant shelf, you can check this one out.

Outdoor Metal Shelving – 5 tier plant stand

Black Metal Outdoor Patio Plant Stand 5 Tier Shelf Unit (5-Tier Shelves)

This is 5-tier outdoor shelving unit is perfect for plants or small garden accessories like hand-held pruners and sprinklers.

It is made of metal, but it has been painted to help it resist the elements. (Just be careful not to scratch it and expose the metal.)

It is a narrow shelving unit: only about 12-inches deep. To stop it from tipping over, I suggest to screw it into wall or deck railing if you can.

We have a similar outdoor shelf at our house that has dimensions very close to this one’s. I tied it to an exterior wall to prevent tipping.

This product is well-rated on Amazon with lots of reviews.

Outdoor Shelving Unit – Plastic Utility Shelves

Original Black & Yellow 4-Tier Storage Shelving Unit, Indoor/Outdoor

If you want a basic, sturdy outdoor shelving unit, this one made by “Black & Yellow” should fit the bill.

The manufacturer states it can be used indoor or outdoor. And because it is made of plastic it should hold up to the rain and humidity.

But they don’t say anything about UV-resistance. So this may be better suited for the shade. You could put your outdoor stuff into plastic totes and then store them on this outdoor shelving unit.

It is well rated on Amazon with a lot of reviews.

Plastic Outdoor Shelving Unit Walmart

Contico 36 x 18 x 54 Inches 4 Tier Resin Outdoor and Garage Storage Shelf, Black

This plastic resin shelving unit from Walmart.com is similar to the unit shown earlier, but this one is only 3-feet wide (the one from “Black & Yellow” is 4-feet wide).

I have similar shelves in my carport, and they work well to store totes and boxes.

It is a basic unit. So if you want simple, this should do the trick.

Metal Outdoor Shelves – Home Depot

Metal Outdoor Shelves Home Depot
Photo credit: Trinity on HomeDepot.com

Woah, this shelving unit can hold up to 800 pounds per shelf (evenly distributed) with no wheels. Or 160 pounds per shelf if you want to keep it on the caster wheels. And it has 5 shelves, so you’ll be able to keep a lot on this shelving unit.

Who is this for?

A shelving unit like this one from Home Depot is for someone who needs some heavy duty outdoor storage.

What’s cool about this unit is that the shelves are adjustable too. So you can customize heights to suit your needs.

It measures 4-feet wide, by 6-feet tall. Will this work for you?

Click here to see more details on Home Depot.com

Outdoor Garden Bench with Shelves and Tub

Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Potting Table Work Bench with Removable Sink Drawer Rack Shelves Work Station Wood

Who is this for:

This outdoor garden bench would be great for gardeners because it has plastic sink, plenty of shelving space, and a drawer for garden tools or seeds.

The plastic sink is only 3-inches deep but it would work well to hold water or garden soil when transplanting plants.

I’ve seen people make their own DIY garden benches, but if you don’t have the time or skills, you can check out this garden bench.

Garden Potting Bench with Shelving & Metal Work Surface

YAHEETECH Outdoor Garden Potting Bench W/Storage Shelf Wooden Workbench W/Hook Garden Work Station W/Metal Tabletop 3 Shelves Potting Table Natural Wood

Here is another great option for gardeners. This one doesn’t have a sink on top.

What it does have though is a metal worktop. So you can easily wipe off spilled top soil or mud.

The shelves have a backing board to prevent your stuff from falling backwards off the shelf. I like this feature.

And it has plastic feet so the fir wood won’t be in direct contact with the ground.

Will this outdoor shelving unit work for you?

Lawn Shelf with Hose Holder and Shelf

Liberty Garden 119-KD w/Shelf Hose Stand, Black

This is pretty cool. I hadn’t seen something like this before.

It has metal stakes that you push down into your lawn and voila, you’ve got yourself a hose stand and shelf – wherever you need it. Pull it up and move it to a different spot in your lawn if you need to.

The shelf is small, but it would work well to hold different sprinklers and hose nozzles.

CLICK HERE to see more details on Amazon.

Small Farmhouse Style Outdoor Storage Cabinet (Walmart)

Outdoor Storage Cabinet with Distressed Wood Finish - Rustic Wood

This cute farmhouse-styled storage cabinet is available at Walmart.com

It is small though. It is only about 9.5-inches deep and 20.25-inches wide so don’t expect to store big items in here.

I really the look of this, but the reviews are mixed on this product.

Some buyers said the wood is too flimsy for the price. You can have a look for yourself.

Outdoor Greenhouse with Shelves for Plants

Greenhouse for Outdoors with Observation Windows, Ohuhu Walk-In Plant Greenhouses with Improved Transparent PVC Cover, 3 Tiers 12 Shelves Stands Small Green House with Pegs & Ropes, 4.9 x 4.7 x 6.4 FT

Are you an avid gardener who’d like to get a head start on your growing season?

This walk-in outdoor greenhouse features a clear PVC cover and ventilation windows. Plus, it has the shelves on each side of the main aisle in order to get your seed trays and seedlings started. (And to store your hand tools.)

If you want a place to put your plants and cover them from the elements, check out this greenhouse.

Outdoor Shelving Unit with Doors (Lockable Cabinet)

BS Lockable Storage Cabinet Outdoor 4 Shelf Organizer Yard Garden Garages Pantry Dorm Room Kitchen Adjustable Shelves 2 Doors Accent Cabinet Storage Shed Horizontal Durable Grey

Some people don’t like the cluttered look of stuff on shelves. If you’re one of those people, you might like an outdoor shelving unit like this one that has closing doors. So you can tuck your stuff in here, close the door and not have to look at it.

It even has holes in the door where you could put a padlock (lock not included).

To make it better stand up to the element and make it more weatherproof, some people suggest putting epoxy or waterproof caulking along the seams and joints when assembling it.

CLICK HERE for more details of this outdoor storage cabinet.

Outdoor Wall Shelf – Rustic Galvanized Shelves

ShabbyDecor Galvanized Metal Industrial Wall Storage Holder, Set of 2 Rustic Tin Shelves

This isn’t what I had in mind when I started looking up outdoor shelves, but they look cool so I’m adding them to the list!

These farmhouse-styled galvanized metal shelves can be used inside or outside. You could attach them to an outside wall, fence or deck railing.

It’s a little hard to get a sense of scale from this picture. The smaller shelf on the top is 15-inches wide, and the bottom shelf is 16.5-inches wide.

So these aren’t huge but they’d work well to hold plants, small kids toys, or other outdoor knick-knacks.

Outdoor Patio Cabinet with shelves – Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Extra Large Decorative Patio Storage, Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Dark Teak

Who is this for?

This outdoor storage cabinet with a shelf is best suited for someone who needs storage on their deck or patio.

As shown in the picture above it would make a convenient place to store your outdoor cushions and gardening tools.

And you could set your plates of appies or drinks on the top shelf.

You may be able to find this Rubbermaid storage cabinet at your local retailer, or you can click here to see on Amazon.

Outdoor Patio Side Table Cabinet with a Shelf

DTY Outdoor Living Longs Peak Eucalyptus Sideboard, Natural Oil

This patio table is made from eucalyptus wood and is available in a few different stained finishes. This is their “Natural Oil Finish” look. (It looks pretty awesome to me.) And it is FSC certified wood.

It has the top shelf, and another shelf above the cabinet area. There are no shelves inside the cabinet area but I bet you could DIY a solution if you needed to.

If you want a decorative shelving option for your patio or deck, you’ll want to check this out.

Outdoor Entertaining Hutch with Shelves (Pottery Barn)

OUtdoor Entertaining Hutch pottery barn
Photo credit: PotteryBarn.com

Isn’t this thing awesome looking!

Who is this for:

This would be great addition to a patio or deck for someone who frequently entertain outside. (And if you have the money to spend…this isn’t cheap.)

The acacia wood is Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC-certified). And they do say its for outdoor use, but they suggest to store it indoors over winter and cover it while its raining to prolong its life.

So this may not be practical for everyone, but it sure looks cool.

This product is available at the Pottery Barn.

Thank you, and I hope one of these outdoor shelves will help you.

So evaluate your needs – what do you want to store on the shelves – and then decide on a shelf that’ll work for you and have the look you desire.

For instance, if you need outdoor shelving to hold heavy items – like automotive parts – then a lightweight plant stand obviously won’t work for you. Choose the outdoor shelving to match your needs.

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