Partial Hookups meaning [RV terms]

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What are Partial Hookups?

Partial hookups are campsites that usually have water and electrical hookups for your RV, but not a sewer hookup. This means you’ll have access to fresh water to drink and electricity to run your RV appliances, but you’ll have to drive your RV to a waste dump station (or use a portable waste tank to carry the waste to the dump station). 

Key Takeaways

  1. Partial hookups are when a campsite does not have all 3 hookups associated with a full hookup site (hence they are partial hookups). 
  2. Partial hook up campsites usually have water and electricity but not sewer 
  3. This will require you to drive your RV – or use a portable waste tank – to dump your blackwater and graywater tanks at a dump station 

Partial Hookups meaning explained - RV terms
Partial Hookups meaning – explained

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Understanding Partial Hookups RV

What does partial hookup mean?

A partial hookup – when it pertains to RV’s – is when the campsite has some hookups for you (usually water and electricity), but not all 3 hookups like a full hookup site has. 

Because a partial hookup campsite usually doesn’t have a sewer hookup you’ll need to either drive your RV to a sani-dump to empty the waste tanks, have a mobile company come drain your waste tanks on-site, or dump your waste tanks into a portable waste tank (like Camco’s Rhino tank).

Full hookup sites

These are campsites that have water, electrical and sewer hookups 


This is when you stay in a spot with your RV that does not have any hookups. 


Back-ins are campsites that require you to reverse, or back up your RV into the site. Sometimes called back in sites, or simply back-ins. 

Pull through sites 

These are camping sites that do not require you to back in to them. You only need to go in one direction to pull through them. Sometimes called pull throughs, or pull-thrus for short. 

RV Shore Power 

Shore power is an external power source that you plug your RV in to, in order to get AC electricity from the outlet. 

RV Gray Water Tanks

Gray water is waste water that flows down the drain of a sink or shower. In an RV it is collected in a dedicated Gray Water tank.

Hose bib 

This is the tap or faucet that you connect to to provide fresh water for your RV

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