Playlist Cover Art (take your pic)

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I’m excited because I just recently learned you can change the playlist cover art on your Spotify playlists! (I realize I’m probably about 12 years behind everyone else, but oh well.)

So I created some simple cover art pics for stuff I like…then I ended up making more just for the fun of it.

Here are Spotify’s instructions on how to change your playlist cover image.

Have a browse through and feel free to use any of these pictures I’ve created as playlist cover art on your personal Spotify playlists.

Save the pictures to your phone or computer then follow Spotify’s instructions on how to change the playlist cover image.

Nashville Nights Playlist Cover (country playlist)

A choice for more rocking country songs.

Country Roads Playlist Cover

This is a good choice for mellower country songs.

Summer Playlist – Playlist Cover

A laidback cover image for a summer tunes.

Retro Tunes playlist cover image

Heavy Metal Playlist cover

This one has a Viking feel to it.

Rock Playlist cover image

This one is a little silly, but it is straightforward and gets the message across (just like most rock songs).

Chill Playlist Cover Image

For songs that make you want to lay back and look at the stars.

Cool Vibes

This could go with cool, chillin’ songs or even the lounge lizard vibe.

Summer Mix – Playlist Cover image

I got a little carried away with the clip art here, but hey, alpacas are cool and it has an 80’s vibe to it.

Chilling Sloth Playlist Cover

90’s Jams Playlist Cover

I hope you’ve found a playlist cover you can use, and if not, at least now you know you can make your own.