29 proven Pop Up Camper Accessories treasured by campers

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Have you recently bought a pop up camper? Well just because you may not see as many pop up campers around as travel trailers, doesn’t mean you can’t get cool accessories for your camper. In this article we’ll look at 29 pop up camper accessories that are appreciated by campers.

Pop Up Camper Accessories - 29 treasured and proven pop up camper accessories. Accessories for setting up your pop up, cooking while camping and more
29 treasured and proven Pop Up Camper Accessories

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Below is a picture of our 1997 Palomino Colt pop up camper. It is still pretty new to us, but we’ve been doing lots of research and we’ve come up with a list of pop up camper accessories – some of which we already have, some we may get this year, and some don’t suit our needs, but may suit yours.

1997 Palomino Colt pop up camper
Our 1997 Palomino Colt Pop Up Camper

29 Pop Up Camper Accessories Treasured by Campers

In the following sections we’ll look at accessories for setting up your pop up camper and campsite, then we’ll look at accessories for cooking and camp meals, then we’ll look at some accessories concerning bathrooms, and then some miscellaneous pop up camper accessories.

Note I do not consider these “must have” camper accessories because everyone camps differently and has different needs.

Accessories for Setting up the Pop Up Camper and Site

In this section we’ll look at some popular pop up camper accessories that pertain to setting up the pop up camper and setting up the campsite.

Backup Camera

Most pop up campers are small enough that they don’t obscure your vision while backing them up, but some campers choose to use a backup camera mounted to the back of their trailer just for some extra piece of mind.

You can get some that mount to the license plate frame, or you can get a magnetic one – like the one shown above – and stick it on the bumper of your camper. The camera part of this one by iBALL is battery powered and you can move it easily. So you could move it and use it on your vehicle’s bumper to make it easier to hitch up.

Wheel Chocks

Nobody wants their camping investment rolling away on them so it is important to have wheel chocks. These help keep the pop up camper in place and prevent the tires (and hence the whole trailer) from rolling. Using wheel chocks is important for safety (and peace of mind).

Some people make their own wheel chocks out of wood wedges, or you can buy dedicated wheel chocks like the one shown above.

Tongue Jack Wheel Stopper

If you have a wheel under the front tongue jack (which is also called a hitch jack or trailer jack) then you can help stabilize it by placing the wheel on a hard plastic wheel stopper like this one by BUNKERWALL. And it may also help prevent the wheel from sinking down into soft surfaces.

It may not be essential – depending on where you set up camp – but it could give you a little extra piece of mind.

BAL leveler

We use a BAL tire leveler to level our pop up camper. It is a very handy pop up camper accessory that makes leveling your Pop Up way easier.
BAL tire leveler for a pop up camper (lifting our Palomino Colt pop up )

When we bought our “new to us” pop up camper it came with the BAL tire leveler, and I’m very grateful it did. This RV leveler makes it so easy to level a pop up camper side-to-side.

It may not be available on Amazon right now, but if you click here you can check.

For more information on how to level a pop up camper using a BAL leveler, click here.

Leveling blocks

If you prefer to back your camper onto leveling blocks, you can buy interlocking plastic blocks such as these ones called “Lynx Levelers” that you can build up or down to suit a variety of heights.

This well-rated 10-pack of plastic blocks is available on Amazon where it has LOTS of reviews. (We haven’t used these, since we have the BAL leveler, but a lot of campers swear by them.)

Stabilizer Jacks

Once your pop up camper is level and the wheels are chocked, you can begin stabilizing it. You want to stabilize it to prevent your camper from rocking and swaying when you are moving around inside the camper. Most pop up campers come equipped with stabilizer jacks from the manufacturer.

But over time they may fail or be insufficient. There are replacements jacks on the market including “scissor jacks” like the ones shown below.

These scissor jacks by Camco are rated at 5,000 pounds but you can buy a heavier-duty model as well. They can bolt onto your camper’s frame or can be welded on.

I’ve also just heard of campers bringing scissor jacks with them and using them when needed for extra support. (So not bolted on, just used when needed for extra stability.)

Another option for RV stabilizers is these screw-type RV stabilizers like the ones shown below. You could place the 4 of these under the corners (or in other places if your camper needs it), and these will help stop your camper from rocking.

Just keep in mind that stabilizer jacks are not intended to lift your camper: they are intended to make contact between your camper and the ground to prevent rocking.

Outdoor camper rug

Once you have your pop up camper chocked, level and stabilized you can raise it. After raising it you can begin setting up your campsite, and a good place to start is with an outdoor camping rug.

A good outdoor RV mat will help keep the inside of your pop up camper clean by keeping the dirt outside.

Click here to see this concise list of 9 proven Outdoor mats for camping.

Pop Up Gizmos

Pop up gizmos camper bunk end cover to reflect heat
Photo credit: PopUpGizmos.com – Standard PUGs on Hybrid

Pop Up Gizmos are reflective covers that go over top of the bunk ends of pop up campers. They reflect sunlight and can help reduce the heat inside your pop up while protecting your vinyl or canvas roof from UV damage and bird droppings.

Pop Up Gizmos is a “Made in Texas” company and you can click here to find out more about them.

Extension cord for your Pop Up Camper

When you’re camping at a campground with electrical service you may come across situations where the power outlet is across the campsite from where you want to park, or on the opposite side of your camper’s electrical inlet.

In these situations you’ll be thankful that you have an extension cord rated for RV usage like this well-rated 25-feet cord from Camco. (Also comes in a 50-foot length.)

But check with your pop up camper’s owner’s manual to see if you need 15-amp cord (which some older campers use) or if you require adapters to make it all work.

For more information on 30-amp service or 50-amp service at campgrounds check out this article on PopUpPortal.com

Propane Fire Pit by Outland

OUtland firebowl uses propane instead of wood so you can often use it in places that have a campfire ban.
Our Outland Firebowl

We have a propane firebowl by Outland and we love it. You can enjoy the flickering flames without the stinky smoke of a wood fire. It is great for cooking marshmallows and hotdogs.

And in many places, you are allowed to have a propane fire pit during fire bans – just check with your local jurisdiction first.

It is available in a few sizes including 19-inch, 21-inch and 24-inch. They are all well-rated on Amazon and you may be able to find it at a local hardware store or outdoor store.

Reflectix Foil Insulation  – to make window inserts

Reflectix insulation can be used to cover your pop up camper windows to try and reflect sunlight away from your camper thereby reducing the temperature inside your pop up.  No one wants to spend their entire camping trip sweating in their ridiculously hot camper. You buy a roll of the foil (as shown above) and cut it to fit your camper’s windows.

You can also use the Reflectix insulation over your slide-out bunk ends as another way to reduce the internal temperature of your pop up tent trailer. (Or you could buy the pre-made “Pop Up Gizmos” for this purpose.)

Accessories for Food and Drinks while Camping

In this section we’ll look at accessories for your pop up camper that involves food and drinks such as cooking equipment, storing food and drinks and of course making coffee!

Camp Chef Sherpa 

It is hard to tell by this photo, but this organizer/tabletop is really handy. It has a roll-out aluminum top that can be placed on the top to provide an outdoor work surface. And inside the zippered opening there are 4 separate padded bags that can be used to store dishes, cutlery, cookware and more.

It also has telescoping legs so you can raise it to be up off the ground, or push them back in for easy storage and transport. This came highly recommended in some Facebook camping groups I’m in.

Coffee Maker or Kettle

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to have bad coffee.

Campers have lots of options to make coffee including:

The AeroPress Coffee Press

The AeroPress Coffee Press currently has a very high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon with thousands of customer-submitted reviews. It just requires you to heat up water in a kettle or pot then pour the hot water into the top of the AeroPress. My sister-in-law has one and loves it.

Melitta Pour Over Coffee Cone

Melitta Pour Over Coffee Cone can be used to make coffee while camping
Using Melitta Pour Over Coffee Cone to make coffee while camping. Click to see details on Amazon

Another simple option for making coffee while camping is the Melitta Pour Over Coffee Cone. It is the red cone in the picture above. This is what my brother-in-law uses while camping. He heats up the water in a pot over his propane camping stove then pours it into the coffee cone.

Plus you can also get the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker which goes on a propane stove, or if you want to have the option to make coffee over a campfire you can get a stainless steel percolator like this well-rated one by Eurolux.

A good quality cooler

Many pop up trailers (especially older ones) only come with an ice box, not a fridge. Lots of campers use a quality cooler such as a Yeti, an RTIC (like shown above) or even a Coleman cooler to keep their food and drinks cool over the weekend.

Outdoor Camping Grill – Blackstone

We currently just have an old 2-burner Coleman cookstove, but I see a lot of campers raving about their Blackstone grills. You can use them to make eggs, pancakes, burgers and so many other cooking meals.

It is available in a few different sizes. This one shown is the 22-inch tabletop model (without a hood). You do have to season the grill before using.

It is currently rated a very high 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 7,000 customer-submitted ratings.

Pop Up Camper Bathroom Accessories

Many pop up campers do not come with toilets or showers. So in this section we’ll take a quick look at portable toilets, showers and their related accessories for when your pop up doesn’t have a bathroom.

Every person’s and family’s toileting habits and needs are different. Some people are okay with public washrooms and some aren’t. Your needs are different if you camp alone versus if you are sharing your camper with friends.

So these camper bathroom accessories aren’t intended to judge people one way or another, they are simply possibilities that may make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Portable Toilets

There are several styles of portable toilets on the market. We have yet to buy one for our pop up, so we don’t have any first-hand experience with these but I’ve listed the Amazon rating where applicable.

These would be handy for a nighttime bathroom pee break instead of trying to head to the outhouse in the dark.

Portable Toilet with 5.3 Gallon Waste Tank and waste-pouring nozzle

This flushable portable toilet from SereneLife has a waste-pouring nozzle to allow for easier emptying. It is currently rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 1,500 customer-submitted ratings.

Luggable Loo Portable Potty Seat and Bucket

This lightweight portable toilet option can be used with plastic bag liners to “catch” the waste. If you are a female primarily using it for urine you could pee directly into the bucket and then put the toilet paper into a separate garbage bag; this would make it easier to pour out the liquid waste into a toilet or sani-dump station.

Or as some people described in their Amazon reviews, they put a bit of cat litter in there and primarily use it for urine. (Maybe this would help with the urine smell?)

Pop up Privacy Tents for Toilet or Shower or both

If you don’t have a public washroom nearby – or you choose to avoid it – you can set up a privacy bathroom tent near your camper and it’ll provide you some privacy while you use your portable toilet, or change your clothes.

And this particular model of privacy tent by Green Elephant can be used as a shower tent too. It doesn’t have a bottom so no worries about pee or shower water dirtying the floor.

There are a lot of pop up privacy tents on the market, and this one is marketed as being spacious and better for tall people. But there are cheaper privacy tents out there such as this one from GigaTent (click to see it on Amazon).

Plastic tote with lid for bathroom needs

It is handy to have a plastic tote with a lid to store toilet paper, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, and any other products you’ll need near your toilet.

For more ideas on how to use plastic RV storage bins to improve RV organization click here.

Outdoor Shower by Ivation

You can buy simple solar shower bags to shower outdoors while camping – which requires you to hang the bag of water up high – or you could get a battery-powered shower pump like this one from Ivation.

You put one end into a bucket of water and it pumps the water up to the shower nozzle end. The heavy bucket of water can stay on the floor and you can hold the showerhead in your hand or suspend it from your pop-up shower tent. It is battery powered and rechargeable but requires a USB port to charge.

Miscellaneous Pop up Camper Accessories

In this section we’ll look at a variety of pop up camper accessories that can’t easily be classified into our above categories.

Memory Foam Mattress or Mattress Topper

Does the mattress in your pop up camper make you feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of bricks? To improve the comfort of their camper mattresses many people opt to either swap out their current mattress or to put a memory foam mattress topper onto their mattress.

Since there are a variety of mattress sizes in pop up campers you can cut most foam mattress toppers to fit your particular mattress.

Electric Blanket

If you are sleeping in your pop up camper during chilly nights and you are plugged in to an electrical outlet or have a really quiet generator then an electric blanket will provide you warmth and comfort.

Other Tips for Camping in a Pop Up camper in cold weather

  • Try heated electric mattress pads
  • Or put interlocking foam pads under your mattress (as extra insulation)
  • Stuff blankets around the edge of your bunk ends to seal off any drafts
  • Get bunk skirts to go around the exterior bed portion of your camper

Beeswax Candle

We have a Palamino Colt pop up camper and the owner’s manual suggests we keep some beeswax in the camper to help plug up any small leaks that may occur in the vinyl siding of our tent trailer. It says to go outside and apply the beeswax to any leaking needle holes (seams) from the outside.

Duct Tape

It is always a good idea to bring some duct tape with you. You just never know when you’re going to need it.


What fuses are required in your pop up camper? Have a look at your electrical box (ours is located under the dinette bench), and note what fuses it takes, or check your owner’s manual. Buy some extra fuses and have them onboard just in case.

RV Broom

A compact RV broom or any broom dedicated to your camper will help you keep your outdoor camping mat clean and help you clean the inside of your camper clean too.

Basic Tools

It is wise to bring some basic hand tools with you in case you need to do minor repair or adjustment.

Power strip with USB port

If you plug into the electrical service at a campsite it is handy to have a power strip with USB chargers inside your camper. You can find these at most retail stores, or you can check out this one on Amazon.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must for camping and you should always have one in your pop up camper or your tow vehicle. You can find them at most pharmacies, department stores or on Amazon.

Thank you for checking out this article on pop up camper accessories.

Now it is your turn…what is your favorite accessory for your pop up camper?

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Thank you and have fun camping.


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