19 Popular RV Accessories that’ll make your camping life easier

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There are probably a million RV accessories out there, and you don’t need them all, but I bet some of them on this list will make your camping life easier.

I’ve compiled a list of popular RV accessories including some interior accessories, water hookup accessories, sewer tank draining and cleaning accessories and some RV stabilizer accessories.

Would any of these improve your camping experience?

RV Accessories - this article contains several popular RV Accessories including waste water tank hookups, RV tire accessories and more.
Popular RV Accessories to make your camping life easier.

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Lets Start the List of RV Accessories


1. RV’ers love “double duty” items –> soft-sided cooler / garbage bin

RV Accessories - a double duty garbage can or cooler
Photo credit: DRIVE

This garbage can is usually advertised as a car garbage, but it would work for a RV as well. And it doubles as a soft-sided cooler.

Most RV’ers and campers have a huge appreciation and respect for nature.

With this in mind I believe more and more RV’ers are trying to reduce and reuse items and then recycle (if possible).

So yes this garbage is a little small, but people are trying to cut down on their throw-away waste.

What are you doing to reduce your waste while RV’ing? (I’d love for you to share in comments below)

This double-duty bin is quite popular on Amazon.

2. Screen door cross bar handle

RV accessories
Screen door crossbar handle. Photo credit: Camco

Do you have that family member who is so clumsy they could hurt themselves in a pillow store?

Now just imagine that family member comes camping with you! Do you feel sorry for your screen door already?  You just know they’ll put their hand right through it.

I guess someone at the company Camco has a family member like that.

They’ve created a screen door bar that will help protect your screen, and reduce screen repairs.

It is available at many different retailers, including at Amazon.

Above is the picture of the screen door bar but by itself in a product photo like this it is hard to tell what you’re looking at.

I don’t know if this is an essential RV accessory for you, but they do claim it will help your screen door last longer.

Products to Prevent slipping and Sliding During Travel Days

3. Double Refrigerator Bar

This double bar is like two tension rods attached together to help keep fridge items in place when you’re driving.

The fridge items could still slide side-to-side but at least when you go to open the door at your new campsite, everything won’t come tumbling out.

RV accessories fridge bar to help stop food items from sliding outward during traveling.
RV refrigerator bar. Photo credit: Camco

4. Fridge Brace

The item below will work if you have wire shelves in your RV fridge.

The plastic brace screws down onto the shelf and helps keeps beverage bottles from spilling.

It’s not fun getting to your new campsite, opening your fridge and finding you’ve got spilled milk to deal with!

RV accessories fridge brace to prevent spills
Click to see details of this RV fridge brace

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Something to keep your water accessories together…

If you want a storage bag to keep all your freshwater accessories together on travel days, check out this equipment bag from Camco.

Conveniently keep all your stuff together. (Click here for more details on Amazon.)

5. RV Water Hose Elbow (90-degrees or 45-degrees)

Below is a 90-degree solid brass hose elbow for your water inlet.

An elbow like this will take the strain off your water hoses so they aren’t coming straight out of your RV and then bending down: this elbow does the “bending down” instead.

And the solid brass elbow will be much stronger and hold up over time better than a plastic water hose.

RV accessories hose elbow
90- degrees RV water hose elbow

You can also get the elbow in a 45-degree angle format on Amazon.

6. Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge

Are you concerned about high pressure from incoming water damaging your water hoses or internal plumbing components?

This water pressure regulator is designed to decrease the water pressure going into your RV to be between 40-50 psi.

From what I can read it isn’t adjustable…it is preset by the factory to keep water in the 40-50 psi range. (If i’m mistaken please let me know.)

RV accessories water pressure regulator
Photo credit: Camco

Below is a picture of the regulator tightened onto hoses so you can get a visual of it in operation.

RV accessories water pressure regulator
Photo credit: Camco

Do you need the water hoses? You can click here to see Camco’s 25-feet drinking water hose on Amazon.

7. RV Water Filter

One of the exciting things about RV’ing and roadtrips is sometimes you don’t know where you’ll end up sleeping that night.

And along with that uncertainty, there is uncertainty about quality of the water.

Will the campground’s water taste like something sucked off the floor of a carwash?

To help reduce this uncertainty you can pack a water filtration system with you.

RV accessories water filter
Portable water filtration TastePURE

If you regularly visit and explore new campgrounds then this is an RV accessory you’ll want to look in to.

Click here if you want to see more details on Amazon

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8. RV Sewer Hose Swivel Connector Fitting

RV accessories sewer hose swivel fitting
RV sewer hose connector fitting. Photo credit: Camco

Sanidumps are not a camper’s favorite thing. 

A fitting like the one shown above is intended to help minimize stress on the sewer pipe, and hopefully decrease the stress of sewer dumping.

It swivels so you can access your sewer pipe in the easiest way possible depending on your current camping situation. 

It is made by Camco. And do you want to see it in action?

Click here to see the video of this valve on Amazon.

9. Sewer Hose Rinser

After you’ve drained your greywater and blackwater tanks you’ll have a sewer hose that’s filled with…well, sewer.

You can stuff this into your bumper and risk it smelling like pinata filled with rotten eggs next time you pop the end open.

You can put a regular garden hose in it and spray, but you risk having sewer splash back at you.

Instead, you can get a sewer hose rinser attachment like this one to clean it. 

This device prevents filthy backsplash by blocking the end and forcing water into the sewer hose

The one shown below is actually the yellow and black piece.

A garden hose threads onto the yellow piece, and the black piece fits onto bayonet fittings of your sewer hose or RhinoFlex sewer fittings.

There is an on/off valve near the man’s thumb in the picture.

The water sprays into the sewer hose with what they describe as “jet cleaning action.”

RV accessories sewer accessories
Photo credit: Camco

To risk losing it or misplacing it the manufacturer said you can leave it attached to the sewer hose during storage.

Some folks also have a dedicated hose to rinse their sewer hose.

Camco has an orange hose (for color-coding) that you can see here.

That way you’ll never get confused and use your water hose to flush the sewage line.

10. Flushing the Holding Tanks from Outside with a dual flush valve

This dual flush valve allows you to flush your RV’s blackwater tank, and greywater tank, and then you can flush the sewer hose right afterward.

So you get your holding tanks cleaned (which gets sprayed with water then it drains out through the sewer hose), then you turn off the valve so the water doesn’t spray into the holding tanks, but instead sprays into the sewer hose itself cleaning it out.

RV accessories dual flush valve called the "Dual Flush Pro Reverse Flush Valve" by Camco
Photo credit: Camco

It is kind of hard to tell what you’re looking at in this photo, so I’ve included a link to a descriptive video. (The link is below.)

Click here to see the video on Amazon (one of the pictures in the product displays is a video).

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11. Cleaning Tank from Inside the RV (RV Holding Tank Cleaner Stick…aka tank wand)

This is an RV accessory you probably thought you’d never need, but many campers love it.

You attach a garden hose to one end and then put the other end down the toilet, into the blackwater tank, and you turn the water on.

The water sprays out the nozzle and cleans the debris and deposits from the internal sides of the sewer tank.

Many newer RV’s have built-in flushing systems so this is likely unnecessary if you have a system like that.

Just be careful that you don’t wreck something by spraying too hard.

RV accessories toilet wand
RV Cleaning Stick

Note, if you have a blackwater tank (sewer tank) that is not directly below your toilet (so it is offset at an angle), you’ll want to look up flexible wands like this one.

Still got some stink in there? Check out these holding tank deodorizer pods called Porta-Pak.

12. Protecting your Sewage Hose

This sewer hose support is slightly angled downward so it will aid the flow of sewage toward the sani-dump connection.

It keeps your hose suspended off the ground to minimize risk of holes or scratches from scraping along pavement or gravel.

This hose support folds up small like an accordion to allow for easy storage. 

It is popular on Amazon so I’m sure you’ll see it around various campsites this summer.

RV accessories sewer hose support to help aid in the flow of the sewage but also protects your sewer pipe.
RV sewer hose support

Don’t feel like packing up to go drain the waste tanks?

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank with Hose and Accessories - Durable Leak Free and Odorless Rv Tote Tank (39004)

If you’ve got your campsite all set up, and you’re going to be there a few days, and you just don’t feel like packing up to go drain the waste tanks, check out this solution from Camco.

This is the Rhino Tote Tank. You drain your waste tanks into this portable waste tank, and then take this to your campground’s sanidump to empty it. You can grab its extendable handle and walk it over to the dump station, or you can hook it up to your tow vehicle and slowly drive it there. (As shown below.)

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank with Hose and Accessories - Durable Leak Free and Odorless Rv Tote Tank (39004)

Want more details of this cool RV accessory? You may be able to find this at your local retailer or…

Click here to see more information on Amazon.

RV Accessories – Stabilizers , Wheel Chocks and Wheel Accessories

Do you hate backing up your RV? – Will this backup camera help?

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera, Infrared Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angle - FOS07TASF , Black

Backing up an RV is notorious for causing arguments and putting everyone on edge.

Furrion Vision makes this back-up camera designed with RV’s in mind. You put the 7-inch touchscreen in the cab, and mount the rear camera to the back of your rig. It sends a signal up to 100-feet so even if you have a long Class-A, it will work.

It also has infrared night vision to help you park your camper if you arrive at your site after dark.

If you think you’d benefit from this you can…

13. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

A nice stable trailer or RV gives you an extra degree of comfort when camping.

That’s what these peculiar things below are designed for: that’s why they’re called RV stabilizers.

You may look at this picture below and say, “What the heck is that and why would I need one?”

RV accessories - the X-Chock RV tire stabilizer that helps to secure and stabilize your RV while parked.
Photo credit: BAL

If you are uncertain how to use this device, don’t worry, because on the Amazon product page they show you how to use these (and how these may benefit you) in a video.

Click here to see the video on Amazon.

14. RV Step Brace (another type of RV Stabilizer)

This RV step brace helps reduce RV sway when you step onto the stairs. 

It is the adjustable black stand in the photo below.

You can buy it in two different sizes – one adjusts from 4-5/8″ – 8″, and the taller one adjust from 7-5/8″ – 14″ – so whether your RV is low to the ground or higher up, you should be able to find a stabilizer step brace that works for you.

RV Accessories
RV Step Brace

If you want to know How to stop your RV from rocking, check this out.

15. Wheel Chock with Rope Handles

The wheel chock blocks shown below are made of hard plastic.

Once again, they are made by Camco.

Will these work for your RV?

RV Accessories. Wheel chocks with  rope attached
Photo credit: Camco

If you have a heavier trailer, or if you camp on a variety of grades you may need to buy heavier duty rubber blocks like these ones. 

16. Wheel Leveling Kit (Lynx Levelers)

These plastic bricks look like Lego for adults, but they actually allow you to customize a level surface for your RV.

The manufacturer claims you set the bricks up into a pyramid shape, placing them where you want them, and then back your RV onto them.

RV accessories
Photo credit: Lynx Levelers

Here is a link to Amazon if you want to check them out.

Plus, Camco makes their own version of leveling blocks which can be seen on Amazon by clicking here.

Good Sam Club

17. Wheel Covers

Do you love hauling your trailer or driving your RV to amazing destinations and outstanding campgrounds?

Obviously yes, but do you take care of your tires like you should?

UV damage from the sun can weaken the side walls and put you at risk of blowouts.

So when you’re parked at home or touring around during camping season you should invest in some wheel covers

I recently sold some tires from my truck and the first thing the guy asked is whether the tires had a UV cover or whether they were stored inside.

The wheel covers shown below are available in a variety of sizes so make sure to measure your tires and order the proper fit.

RV Accessories - RV Tire accessories. UV covers to help protect your tires (and particularly the side walls) from UV damage.
Cover your RV wheels to prevent sun damage

Miscellaneous RV/Camping Accessories


18. Waterproof LED Flashlight

You never know when you’ll need a flashlight when you’re camping.

This LED flashlight is waterproof so it should survive the rainy nights when you’re trying fix an interrupted satellite signal.

(Because we all know the TV goes down when you’re trying to watch your favorite game.)

RV accessories flashlights
LED Flashlights. Photo credit: Dorcy

19. Survival Book

When folks go camping they usually have a destination in mind: a desired campground.

But things can happen.

You can run out of gas, you can blow a tire, you can get lost, etc…

It wouldn’t hurt to have a survival book like this in your RV for those “just in case” situations.

Make a game out of it: you could make your camping trips more fun by learning a new bush craft or survival skill each weekend.

Just imagine how skilled you’ll be by the end of the season (you’ll really be able to take care of yourself).

RV Accessories survival book
Bush Craft 101 book (good to have with you when camping)

20. Wrap-around RV Step Rugs

Want some extra traction on your RV steps?

These RV step covers are made of outdoor turf and wrap-around most RV steps and provide some extra traction. Just be sure to measure your steps to make sure this product is right for your RV.

You can wash it off by spraying it with a hose.

These are quite popular on Amazon and RV owners seems to like them.

21. Electrical RV Surge Protectors

Southwire 34930 Surge Guard 30A - Full Protection Portable with LCD Display, Black

There are a lot of RV surge protectors to help you protect your RV’s electrical system from surges in shore power. The one above is a popular 30-amp surge protector made by Southwire. It is the Southwire 34930 model.

A lot of campers like this one…if you want more details you can click here to see it on Amazon.

I’m sure there are about a million different RV accessories out there, and if you have a favorite that you’d like to share with our readers, please comment below.

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Thanks for reading!

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