Rapid Flo Garden Hose Review – 100ft [with pics]

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Are you thinking of getting a new garden hose? Are you curious about the Rapid Flo hose? You’ve probably heard that you should invest in a good garden hose. I’ve heard that for years, yet I still bought cheap hoses.  (Then I’d get angry over them kinking and breaking.) So we recently bought the Rapid Flo 100ft compact garden hose.

In this article I’ll cover my initial thoughts on this garden hose.

Rapid Flo Hose Review - we bought the Rapid Flo 100ft compact garden hose from Costco. Here are my initial thoughts.
Rapid Flo hose review – my initial thoughts.

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Please Note:

I have only had the hose for a few days now, so these are my initial thoughts of the Rapid Flo hose. Consider this an “out of the box” Rapid Flo hose review. (But I will mention feedback I’ve read about this hose on the internet too.)

I’ll update this article if any issues arise.

UPDATED: See the “Kink Resistant” section

What is the Rapid Flo Hose

The Rapid Flo hose is not a standard rubber garden hose. It is a hose that has an inner tube (its core), and it is wrapped in a braided jacket. The hose collapses when there is no water in it. It is marketed as lightweight and they claim “The Most Advanced Garden Hose Available!”

I have no idea how you’d quantify that statement, so I’ll just list what we like about the hose so far.

Why we like the Rapid Flo hose so far:

We bought the 100-ft long, 5/8-inch diameter Rapid Flo hose. And I mentioned above that this is our initial thoughts on the hose, so here goes…

The Rapid Flo hose is Lightweight:  

The 100-ft Rapid Flo that we bought weighs less and is way more maneuverable than the 50-foot rubber hose we have.

We attached a spray nozzle to the end of it and our 4 year old daughter was easily able to drag the hose around to water the gardens. (She wasn’t packing around all 100-ft of the hose in her arms. But she could easily drag it around the yard.)

Rapid Flo hose is lightweight so that my 4 year old daughter could easily pull it around the around.  This is a Costco hose, but you can also buy this at Walmart.
Rapid Flo hose is lightweight

(As you can see by the picture above I don’t believe in a “lush” lawn. If you want to see my article on 7 Lawn Alternatives click here. I still haven’t decided what to do with this patch of yard.)

How much does the Rapid Flo 100ft compact garden hose weigh?

I didn’t think to weigh it dry out of the box, so I weighed it after it had water in it and then I drained most of the water out. The Rapid Flo 100ft hose weighed 15.5 pounds with some residual water left in it.

Kink Resistant: [updated]

The manufacturer states “kink resistant“…but not kink proof. 

And I’ve read that other buyers have had problems with the hose kinking.  So I’m not expecting a miracle, and maybe my expectations are pretty low because our previous plastic hose was terrible for kinking.  

And the old plastic hoses seem to kink in the same spot time after time then develop holes in that spot.

When I was watering with the hose this morning I had to drag the hose to another garden bed. A section of the hose kinked slightly, then quickly fixed itself when I tugged the hose farther along.

The Rapid Flo hose is kink resistant. Here it is kind of twisty on the ground.
Rapid Flo hose on the ground filled with water…kind of twisty but not kinky


So yes, the hose is kink resistant, but it DOES KINK. It is not kink proof.

It doesn’t kink as much as my old rubber garden hose used to, but it does kink. You can see in the kink in the picture below. And this wasn’t the only time it kinked…it was just the only time I thought about taking a picture of it. 🙂

Rapid Flo Garden Hose is kink resistant but not kink proof as you can see by the kink here.
The Rapid Flo Garden Hose can get kinks in it

If you want a KINK PROOF hose you may like the Flexi Hose.

Flexi Hose review

Rapid Flo Hose Fittings:  

The manufacturer claims the fittings are crush proof (so you could run over them).  Well I don’t have a tractor in my backyard (nor any vehicles), but so far I’m really impressed by the fittings.

Rapid Flo Hose fitting female connector with the o-ring installed.
Rapid Flo hose fitting (female connector)

Our previous hose always leaked when we attached it to the hose bib on the house. So far the Rapid Flo doesn’t leak.
When my girlfriend screwed it to the faucet and turned on the water she said, “Hey, check this out. No leaks!”

This was an unexpected – but very appreciated – benefit of the Rapid Flo hose.

Other Reviewers say it leaks…

We will have to keep a close eye on the fittings though.  We haven’t had any problems with the fittings yet (actually the reverse), but I’ve read about other buyers having faulty fittings right out of the box or developing leaks in a week or two. 

On the RapidFlo box that we got from Costco, it says: “NOTE: Before using your hose, place the washer firmly inside the coupling. This will prevent leaking.”

On the hose we got, the washer (O-ring) was already installed inside the female connector fitting. (The fitting that attaches to the water supply.)

I wonder if the O-rings were properly installed on the peoples’ leaky hoses?

A reviewer on Walmart.com said something like, “If these were made in America they wouldn’t have these quality issues.” (I’m paraphrasing.) But interestingly, this is an “Assembled in the USA” product. So it says it is assembled in America from domestic and imported parts.

The company that makes the RapidFlo hose is Teknor Apex. They list their address as Pawtucket, Rhode Island. (I don’t know if that’s where the manufacturing facility is though).

Can you fix it if it leaks?

And I can’t personally attest to this, but I read that standard hose fittings from hardware store can’t be used to repair this hose if it breaks. 
So the information I talk about in my other article on how to fix a garden hose may not apply to the Rapid Flo hose. 

I just hope I don’t have to find out….I hope the RapidFlo holds up.

But I’ve learned my lesson in the past and I don’t leave the water turned on and the hose pressurized if I’m not outside with it. 
I don’t want to come out to a flooded yard. (And it states this right on the box too.)

The Rapid Flo is Collapsible

When you turn off the water and drain it, the Rapid Flo hose collapses and becomes quite thin as you can see in the picture below.

Rapid Flo hose is collapsible.
Rapid Flo hose collapses when the water in drained

This means when you are reeling in the hose from your yard it can fit in one hand. (My hand was stretched out pretty far though. 🙂 ) And because it is fairly lightweight (about 15.5 pounds) I was able to hold it one hand without having to sling it over my shoulder.

Rapid Flo hose collapses when drained and because it is lightweight you can hold it with one hand.
Rapid Flo 100ft compact garden hose reeled up and held in one hand.

Below is a close-up picture of the braided outer jacket on the Rapid Flo, which the manufacturer claims is “abrasion-resistant”. This should help it hold up to scrapes from dragging it around the yard and over rocks.

The Rapid Flo hose has a braided, abrasion-resistant jacket on the outside.
Braided, abrasion-resistant jacket on the Rapid Flo hose

Easy to Store

Because this garden hose collapses and is quite light, it is easy to store. So far I’ve been storing it looped over my canoe rack.

Rapid Flo garden hose stored over my canoe rack. Because it collapses and is lightweight it is easy to store.
RapidFlo 100ft hose reeled up and stored

If I was to put our 50-ft rubber garden hose on here, it’d probably be overflowing and falling on the floor.

You should be able to store this hose on your existing hose reel, or you can even buy hose reels at Costco too (which was news to me).

Where can you buy the Rapid Flo hose?


I didn’t know that Costco had hoses or garden stuff like hose reels, but my girlfriend came across them while on the Costco Canada website. So that’s where we got ours. I guess I generally think of Costco as a food place, but yes, we now have a Costco hose.

But if you’re not a Costco member, you can still buy the Rapid Flo garden hose at other places. Your local hardware or garden center may have it, or you could try…


Rapid Flo Light Weight Tough Kink-Resistant Garden Hose 5/8 in 100 ft

This hose has gotten really popular, so availability might be an issue, but you can try to find it on Amazon.


Your local Walmart may have the RapidFlo.

If it doesn’t you may be able to find it on Walmart.com

I’ve never bought a Walmart garden hose, but if they have this hose, it is worth looking in to.

Can you drink from the Rapid Flo hose?

This is where I came across a discrepancy. The Rapid Flo box I see displayed on Walmart.com (so American) says “Drinking Water Safe”, but the hose that we got from Costco Canada does not say this on the box.

Perhaps Canada and USA have different standards when it comes to drinking from hoses? So if this is a big concern for you, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

Pictures of the Rapid Flo box from Costco Canada (May 2021)

Some people like to see the box a product came in. So below are some pictures of the Rapid Flo box that we received in May 2021.

And please note, we’re in Canada so the box in the States may something different. (It says different things on the box displayed on Walmart.com)

Rapid Flo hose box (Canada box)

I won’t receive any photography awards for these photos but hopefully they help you.

Rapid Flo side of the box (Canada box)

Check out the picture below. This Canadian box doesn’t mention drinking water safe, whereas the picture of this side of the box on the Walmart USA website does.

Rapid Flo box Canada (side of the box)

Below is picture of the top of the box. That is where some of the “fine print” is written.

I hope my initial Rapid Flo hose review has helped you in some small way.

If anything comes up with the hose I will update this as needed.

Until then, take care and happy gardening.

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