7 super fun Things to do at Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos [with pics]

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Are you going to Osoyoos this summer? Rattlesnake Canyon Amusement Park is a family attraction that is one of the funnest things to do in Osoyoos.

In this article we’ll look at 7 super fun things to do at Rattlesnake Canyon.

Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos - an amusement park in Osoyoos BC
Rattlesnake Canyon Amusement Park

Rattlesnake Canyon is situated right next to Highway #3 that passes through Osoyoos (this highway runs in the East/West direction).

The official address for Rattlesnake Canyon is 5502 Main Street Osoyoos. (But it is also Highway 3.)

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Does it cost money to enter Rattlesnake Canyon?

No, it is free to enter the park, but you buy tickets to the individual attractions that you want to go on.

The entrance to Rattlesnake Canyon Amusement Park in Osoyoos BC.
Rattlesnake Canyon Amusement Park Entrance

If you don’t want to buy individual tickets you have the option of buying day passes.

Click here to see the prices for the Rattlesnake Canyon attractions.

Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos Hours –> Click here to see their current operating hours.

Signage inside the main entrance to Rattlesnake Canyon

It gets hot in Osoyoos so…

We were there at the end of May 2021, and it was already a warm day in Osoyoos. 

It can get very hot in that little city, so make sure you have sun protection and stay hydrated.

So, does it get hot in Osoyoos?  Oh yeah, it gets hot there.  You’ll even find amazing cacti in Osoyoos growing naturally.

Yes it can get hot in Osoyoos BC – flowering cactus

With that out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff…  

7 super Fun Things to do at Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos BC 

1)  Go Karts

Osoyoos Go Karts at Rattlesnake Canyon Amusement park
Go Karts at Rattlesnake Canyon – quite the winding track

Rattlesnake Canyon has gas-powered go karts that you drive on a fun and winding course with lots of switchbacks and tight turns.

They have some double-seat go karts so you can bring your child on with you. (The driver must be 16 years old.)

To drive on your own go kart you need to be at least 12 years old and be at least 54-inches tall.

Will you be able to lap your friends?

2) Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats at Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park in Osoyoos BC
The Bumper Boats at Rattlesnake Canyon

If you need a way to cool off at Rattlesnake Canyon, go on the bumper boats.

We got absolutely drenched…it was awesome!

If they have the waterfalls on, spraying near the back wall, you won’t just get a little wet… you’ll get soaked. My daughters kept bumping me and nudging me under the rush of water.

If the waterfalls are on I suggest taking off your shoes and don’t bring your phone or wallet on the boats. (They do have lockers at the park. We didn’t use them so I’m sorry I can’t tell you how much they are.)

I had so much fun bumping against my kids and friends that my face hurt from smiling.

3) Mini Golf

Entrance to mini golf course – “Adventure Golf”

Rattlesnake Canyon has an 18 hole mini golf course that is adorned with fantastic Western-themed decorations. In fact, all the décor and buildings in Rattlesnake Canyon are well done.

My family didn’t do the mini golf course but I saw lots of smiles on the mini golfers putting the greens.

Next time we head to Osoyoos mini golf will be on the list of things to do so I can get you some better photos.

4) Bungee Tree

The Bungee Tree at Rattlesnake Canyon in Osoyoos BC
Bungee Tree at Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos BC

Doesn’t this thing look cool!

You strap into the harness and bungee upward while leaping for the sky.

Just look how high the kid in the photo soared. So cool.

The maximum weight for this ride is 225 pounds (as stated on Rattlesnake Canyon’s website).

5) Kiddies Helicopter Ride

Helicopter ride at Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos
Helicopter ride at Rattlesnake Canyon

My pre-school aged daughter and her friend loved this classic amusement park ride.

The little helicopters spin around a center pivot and rise up and down.

Lots of smiles on this ride.

6) Tornado Amusement Ride

Tornado amusement ride at Rattlesnake canyon osoyoos BC
Tornado amusement ride at Rattlesnake Canyon

Here is another classic amusement park ride. I was curious to see what my youngest daughter would think of it but…

Unfortunately it was closed when we visited at the end of May 2021.

Hopefully it will be open when you visit the park. (If you want to know before you go, you can call the park at 250-495-3544 )

7) Relax with an Ice Cream from the Giant Windmill

The giant windmill at Rattlesnake canyon osoyoos has an ice cream shop to help you cool down on a hot summer day
Giant Windmill (full of ice cream) at Rattlesnake Canyon Osoyoos

One of the most eye-catching buildings in Osoyoos is the huge windmill in Rattlesnake Canyon.

This is where you can go get one of 48 flavors of ice cream to help you cool off on a hot day.

I really don’t know why they make so many flavors when Mint Chocolate Chip is really all you need. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 7 super fun things to do at Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park in Osoyoos BC.

And by the way, there are more than these 7 things at Rattlesnake Canyon.  There is also Aeroball (like basketball in an enclosed trampoline), an arcade, a mining station and more.

So if you’re in Osoyoos with your family, check them out.

Have a fun summer and remember to stay sun safe and be alert when swimming in our lakes.

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