15 helpful Remote Control Holders [with pics]

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We all know it can be frustrating trying to track down lost remote controls, or having them slide off the arm of the couch. These remote control holders will help solve those issues. And they’ll also help make your living room or TV room look tidier too.

Remote Control Holders - 15 helpful options to help you organize your remotes
Remote Control Holders

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List of 15 helpful Remote Control Holders

Having a spot to put your remote controls is a good way to help organize your living room. And to avoid the frustration of a misplaced remote!

Remote holders like the ones on this list help make your table-tops look less cluttered too. Having everything in a little basket just looks so much tidier than having stuff strewn everywhere.

Let’s have a look at some popular and well-rated options to organize and store your remotes.

The options usually fall into one of three categories:

  • table top remote holders
  • wall-mounted remote control holders
  • and armrest remote control holders (they hang over the side of an armrest)

1) Five Compartment Faux Leather Remote Control Holder (by KENOBE)

Remote Control Holder with 5 Compartments, KENOBEE Anti-slip Desktop Caddy Storage Organizer for Remote Controllers, Office Supplies, Makeup Brush, Media Accessories, Black

This free-standing faux leather remote control holder is designed to sit upon your coffee table and corral up to 5 different remotes.

This is a popular option.

2) Wood Remote Control Holder with whitewashed finish

MyGift 2 Slot Shabby Whitewashed Wood Remote Control Holder Caddy/Media Storage Box

This wooden remote control holder has two slots to hold your remotes. It is a wooden basket with a divider in the middle and an attractive white-washed finish.

Will this match the style of your home?

3) Felt Remote Control Holder Basket (on Etsy)

Felt Remote Control holder available on Etsy
Felt Remote Control Holder basket [photo credit: FeltPlanet on Etsy.com)

Here is a cool remote control holder that I came across on Etsy.com

It is a felt basket to house your remote controls and other items that usually clutter up your coffee table. The inner dimensions of the basket are 9-inches by 9-inches.

And don’t worry if you don’t like this color…it is available in LOTS of different colors.

4) Wall-mounted Remote Holder (uses adhesive to stick to wall)

TotalMount Hole-Free Remote Holder - Eliminates Need to Drill Holes in Your Wall (for 3 or 4 Remotes - Black - Quantity 1)

Remote holders like this one from TotalMount are a great option for people that don’t have a coffee table in their living room. You just put this on the wall.

And you don’t need to screw it in either…you stick it to the wall with an adhesive.

There are small holes in the bottom of this holder intended to let dust trickle down through.

Will a wall-mounted remote control holder like this one work for you?

5) Small White Plastic Remote Control Organizer

Poeland Remote Control Holder Desk Storage Organizer Box Container for Desk, Office Supplies, Home

This tidy looking organizer can sit upon your coffee table and provide a nice area to put your remotes.

It has two compartments to help keep things organized.

It is a popular, well-rated remote control holder that is available on Amazon.

6) Larger Remote Organizer with Tablet Slot

LUXSUN Remote Control Holder with 5 Compartments, Large Capacity Leather TV Remote Desktop Caddy, Desk Storage Box Room Accessories for Controllers, Media Player, Calculator, Mobile Phone, Pencil

This 5-compartment faux leather table-top organizer has modern needs in mind.

It has a middle slot designed to fit your iPad or other tablet. It is almost 9-inches wide so it should fit most tablets into this space. And the interior is velvet to make it soft on your devices.

This is a well-rated product with lots of reviews. And if you don’t like this color (which they call grey even though it looks brown to me) there are other colors available.

7) Spinning Remote Control Holder (like a lazy susan for remotes)

Leather Remote Control Holder, 360 Degree Spinning Desk TV Remote Caddy/Box,Bedside Table Organizer for Controller, Media, Mail, Calculator, Mobile Phone and Pen Storage

This is another faux leather holder, but this one is unique because it has a spinning base. Like a lazy susan for your remote controls!

It is made by the company YAPISHI, and I am pretty amazed at the high ranking with that many customer submitted reviews. Very impressive.

8) Hanging Armrest Organizer with removable tray

SITHON Sofa Remote Control Holder with Detachable Tray - [Non Slip] PU Leather Chair Couch Armrest Organizer Caddy with 5 Pockets for Magazines Phone iPad TV Remote Game Controller Eyeglasses (Brown)

Here is a remote holder that straddles the armrest of your couch or chair. The little tray on top is removable if you prefer to rest your arm on here.

And there are three small pockets on the section that hangs alongside your couch, and one larger pocket for a tablet, magazine or book.

This is a good option for people that don’t have a coffee table, or if they prefer to have stuff within easy reach.

Click here to see more details of this hanging remote holder.

9) Fabric Armrest Organizer

SYSOV Sofa Armrest Organizer, Remote Control Holder for Recliner Couch, Arm Chair Caddy with 5 Pockets for Magazine, Tablet, Phone, iPad

I realized that many of the remote holders on the list so far have been made of faux leather. So I thought I’d add a different option.

This armrest organizer is made of fabric (they say its made of linen), and it is available in lots of different colors.

So you should be able to find a color that’ll match your living room decor.

10) Armrest Organizer with Pockets on Both Sides

Perfect Life Ideas TV Remote Control Organizer Holder Caddy - Couch Arm Chair Organizer with 6 Pockets for Snacks Glasses Smartphone Magazines Ipad Fits Arms 5 to 6 Inches Wide

It is hard to tell from this picture, but what’s cool about this remote holder is that it has organizing pockets on both sides – inside and outside of the armrest.

It’ll fit onto chairs and sofas with armrests that are 5-6 inches wide.

And as you can see in the picture, there is a handy, flat top on this organizer for you to put your stuff on.

11) Steampunk Style Remote Control Holder (Etsy)

Steampunk styled remote control holder
Steampunk Remote Holder (Photo credit: SteaMax on Etsy.com)

Do you want something a little more unique?

Here is a cool steampunk styled remote control holder made by the Etsy seller SteaMax. (They are a “Star Seller” on Etsy.)

12) Colorful Crocheted Remote Control Holder (Etsy)

Remote control holder - crocheted holder with a divider available on Etsy
Crochet Remote Control Holder [by CrochetDecorFDIM on Etsy.com]

Want to add some color and whimsy to your living room?

Check out this crocheted remote control holder by CrochetDecorFDIM on Etsy.

You can get it in 48 different colors! It is made from cotton yard and has a wooden divider separating this little basket into 4 compartments.

Plus, you can get it with a wooden bottom or a crocheted bottom. It is your choice.

13) 3D Printed Fire TV Remote Control Holder (Etsy)

3D printed remote control holder for AMazon Fire TV remotes
Amazon Fire TV Remote Control Holder [photo credit: Spark3DPrinting on Etsy)

Do you have an Amazon Fire stick or Fire TV? (We do and the remote is pretty small.)

The Etsy seller Spark3DPrinting makes this 3D-printed remote control holder specific for the remotes of the Fire TV devices.

It has holes in the back that you can screw into the wall, or you could use double-sided tape or an adhesive to stick it to a wall or cabinet.

Click here for more details on Etsy.

14) Wooden Remote Control Holder

A wooden remote control holder to set on your coffee table to help store and organize your remote controls.
Click to see on Walmart.com [Photo credit: Flexzion]

Here is a nice-looking 3-compartment wooden remote holder.

The manufacturer – Flexzion – claims it is made of pine wood.

Will this work with your home decor?

15) Handmade Wooden Remote Control Holder Box (Etsy)

Wooden remote control holder available on Etsy
Wooden Remote Holder Box (by StewArtCraftsCo on Etsy)

Isn’t this a cool looking wooden organizer box.

It is made from alder wood by the Etsy seller StewArtCraftsCo

This shop has had thousands of sales and over 1,000 shop reviews (with LOTS of 5-star ratings).

I hope you’ve found some helpful options in this list of remote control organizers and holders.

Getting your remotes and other small items organized can really help reduce clutter in your living room or TV-viewing area.

It is amazing how just putting stuff in a basket can make a space look better and tidier.

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