How to store Rollerblades (11 Rollerblade storage ideas)

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Do you need some ideas on where to store your Rollerblades (or another brand of inline skates)?  In this article we’ll look at 11 simple Rollerblade storage ideas to keep your skates nicely stored, yet easy accessible for your next outing.

Rollerblade storage ideas
Storage options for rollerblades and other inline skates

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List of Rollerblade Storage Ideas

Are you looking for effective ways to store your rollerblades or another brand of inline skates? Proper storage not only keeps your skates organized but also helps protect them from damage.

In this article, we will explore various rollerblade storage ideas along with their pros and cons, helping you find the best option for your needs.

Some of these ideas would work to store roller skates too (like the ones they wear in roller derby), but the main focus is on inline skates. 

Rollerblades are best stored in a cool, dry, and consistent environment to minimize temperature variations. Fluctuating temperatures can cause the materials in rollerblades to expand and contract, potentially affecting their integrity and performance over time.

And store them out of direct sunlight to minimize UV damage.

Scroll through them all to see what’ll work for you.

Note: Rollerblade is a company name. The company that popularized inline skates. The company’s name is synonymous with the product: like how we say “Kleenex” when referring to facial tissue.

1) Wall-mounted Skate Racks

Ackron Skates Display Stand Roller Skates Bracket Wall Mount Hanger Rack Storage Display Holder Ice Skates Roller Skates Boot Storage Display Holder 2 Pieces (Silver)

Skate racks like this wall-mounted hanger are a good way to store rollerblades because it utilizes vertical space and frees up floor space.

It’s a bit tricky to tell by the picture above exactly what the hanger looks like, so below is a picture of just the product.

Ackron Skates Display Stand Roller Skates Bracket Wall Mount Hanger Rack Storage Display Holder Ice Skates Roller Skates Boot Storage Display Holder 2 Pieces (Silver)

This hanger is made of steel and mounts to the wall using screws. So some installation is required. It comes as a 2-pack. One hanger for each skate.

The upside of using skate racks include:

  • Keeps rollerblades off the ground so you don’t trip over them
  • Allows rollerblades to dry properly (lots of airflow)
  • Neatly organizes rollerblades, saving space.

However, keep in mind that skate racks like this take up wall space, which could be a limitation in smaller living areas.

But they’re a great way for a family to store their collection of Rollerblades.

2) Place them on a Sports Storage Rack

Garage Sports Equipment Storage Organizer with Baskets and Hooks - Easy to Assemble - Sports Ball Gear Rack Holds Basketballs, Baseball Bats, Footballs, Tennis Rackets and More (Black Rigid)

A versatile sports storage rack can be an excellent option for storing rollerblades along with elbow pads, helmets, knee pads, winter sports gear, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and other sports equipment. 

This particular sports organizer is highly-rated, and has shelves, compartments and hooks to store lots of different stuff. (You can see the inline skates stored on the top.)

There are even dividers in the left basket to secure hockey sticks and other sticks or bats.

This is likely overkill if you only need help storing rollerblades, but if you need help storing other sports gear too, you should check this out.

 Consider the following pros and cons of storage racks:


  • holds rollerblades plus lots of other sports equipment
  • keeps all your gear in one place (convenient)
  • Provides easy access to rollerblades and accessories.


  • It will take up floor space
  • is too much if you only need help storing rollerblades

Do you have the space for rack like this?

Click here to see current price.

Do you play roller hockey? Check out the cool way to store hockey sticks I found on this website.

clever way to store hockey sticks
Storing hockey sticks with repurposed broom holder (Photo credit:

3) Wall Hooks

For those seeking a simple and cost-effective storage solution, screw-in single wall hooks or even coat hooks can be a practical choice. 

By attaching a sturdy hook to a wall or a closet door, you can hang your rollerblades by their straps or laces

Try to place the hooks away from direct sunlight because prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage the plastic on your skates.

Here are the pros and cons of using single hooks:


  • simple and cost-effective storage solution
  • keeps rollerblades off the ground (less floor clutter to trip over)
  • easy to install and adjust for accessibility.


  • leaves rollerblades exposed to dust
  • may not be the most elegant looking solution (but it would work)

You can find wall hooks at most hardware stores and department stores.

4) A Skate Storage Bag

FOUUA - Unisex Ice Skate Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap - Breathable Oxford Cloth Skating Shoes Storage Bag Without Unpleasant Smell Roller Skate Accessories (Pink)

Sometimes bags like this are marketed as roller skate bags or bags for ice skates, but they work well for inline skates too.

The mesh side allows airflow to help dry off sweaty or wet skates.

Plus, the shoulder strap provides a nice way to carry your rollerblades.

You can get bags like this in a variety of colors to match your style.

Once you have your skates in the bag you can place them upon a shelf or shoe rack, or hang them from the strap.

5) Shoulder Straps

Sukoa Ski and Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap - Men & Women - Shoulder Sling Tote Leash Also for Ice Skates & Rollerblades - Equipment Accessories for Bag, Kit and Gear Pack

I realize the product phot above shows it holding snowboard boots, but a lot of inline skaters use straps like these to carry and store their rollerblades too.

These straps have hooks on both ends attach to your rollerblades. Your rollerblades may already have a loop at the back of the boot, but if not you can get creative and add a loop. (Like a zip-tie as long as it doesn’t rub against your skin.)

Once you’ve hooked the strap onto your rollerblades you can carry them over your shoulder like a bag, and then hang them from a wall hook for easy storage.

Consider the following pros and cons of using shoulder straps:


  • Portable and easy to carry rollerblades.
  • Ideal for skaters on the go.
  • Convenient for transporting rollerblades.


  • your rollerblades may not have loops to attach the strap to (but you could add your own)

I took the strap off a duffel bag and attached it to my girlfriend’s inline skates and hung the strap from an over the door hanger so you can see what is possible with an option like this.

You can attach a shoulder strap - like from a duffel bag - to your inline skates then hang the skates from the strap
Inline skates hanging from a shoulder strap

I think it could work well but the skates do stick out from the wall a bit. So you may bump into them and know them off the hook.

6) Rollerblade Skate Backpack (Urban Commuter Backpack by Rollerblade)

Rollerblade Urban Commuter Backpack, Inline Skating, Multi Sport, Bag, Grey

This backpack made by the Rollerblade company is their “Urban Commuter” model where the skates are stored inside the backpack. It even has a little zippered pocket at the bottom for shoes or other items. 

When you get to your work, you can put your shoes on and stash your pair of skates inside the main compartment.

Plus, there is a clip on the outside to attach your helmet, pockets for your water bottle, and covers for the skate wheels.

With a backpack like this you can store and keep your skates, safety equipment, skate tool, first-aid kit and small items all together. Very cool.

It is a well-rated product that is great for heading to work or the skate park, and even for storing your skates once back at home.

7) Ladder Hooks

Ladder hooks, typically used for hanging tools or other items, can also be repurposed for rollerblade storage. These hooks are screwed into the wall or attached to wall brackets if you have a garage wall storage system.

You could hang your skates from a strap, place them upright upon the hooks, or flip the skates upside down and slide the hook between the skate boot and the wheels.

8) Hang your Rollerblades on Peg Board Hooks

Hanging an inline skate from a pegboard hook.
Pegboard storage for inline skates (Photo credit:

Do you have some pegboard lining your garage walls or in your home? 

If so, there are so many different types of accessory hooks for peg boards.

I usually store my daughter’s inline skates in a tote, but to show this storage idea “in action” I snapped a photo of how you can store rollerblades on pegboard hooks.

9) Laundry Baskets

While not designed explicitly for rollerblade storage, laundry baskets can be a practical and budget-friendly option.

By placing your rollerblades in a laundry basket, you can keep them together, set them on a shelf, and get them off the floor. 

The holes in the laundry basket will allow good airflow. 

Consider the following pros and cons of using laundry baskets:


  • practical and budget-friendly option
  • keeps rollerblades together
  • provides easy storage after skating (no fuss, just toss them in)


  • not the most elegant looking solution
  • may be too bulky to store near the front door

10) Tote on a Shelf

Storing your rollerblades inside a plastic tote is a simple and effective way to store your inline skates
Inline skates stored inside a 30-qt tote

Storing your dry rollerblades in a tote can be a great way to store them. It’s a super simple, no fuss option.

I discovered that my girlfriend’s rollerblades fit well into this 30 quart Rubbermaid latching storage box with the lid off. Then the tote fits nicely inside our IKEA Kallax unit.

Do you have a shelf at home that would work for a tote?

​If you’re tall enough to reach them, a shelf above the front door would be a handy, out-of-the-way place to store them.

Storing them with the lid off will help ensure they dry off and prevent stinky boots.

11) Store your inline skates under your bed

​Do you have room under your bed for your skates?  Because inline skates aren’t very wide, you can probably just tuck your dry skates under your bed.

You could place them inside a low-profile, under-bed tote but a tote may not be necessary.

The potential downside to this storage option is that when things are “out of sight, they’re out of mind.” Meaning, if you don’t see them, you may not go out and get as much exercise rollerblading as you otherwise would.

Thanks for checking out these Rollerblade storage ideas. Will one of these options work for you?

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