RV Bedroom Organization Ideas so you’ll actually be able to find something!

I love having a messy, cluttered bedroom where I can’t find anything.  (Said nobody, ever.) And it doesn’t matter if you live in your RV full-time or if you’re a weekend camping warrior, it’s still nice to have an organized RV bedroom.

Who wants to spend their mornings searching for clothes or looking for their glasses. So I hope this list of RV bedroom organization ideas inspires you to “get it together.”

RV bedroom organization ideas

In this post we’ll list some RV bedroom organization ideas to maximize your small bedroom and closet.

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Lets look at the closet first

Do you have too many clothes? Do you wear all the clothes you’ve packed into your RV? If not, then maybe its time to donate those unused clothes to charity.

If you’ve gone through your clothes and need everything you have here are some ideas on how you can organize your RV closet.

Hanging Sweater organizer 

This one is cool because it has smaller pockets along the side as well. These side pockets would work well for accessories like belts, scarves, or even socks. 

And you should be able to find some fabric cubes to slide into the shelves to provide easy access to underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc… 

RV bedroom organization ideas
Click pic to see price on Amazon

RV Closet Hack

If you’re having issues with your clothes sliding out of the shelves during traveling you can try packing more clothes into one shelf.  (Think sardines in a can. )  🙂    If you tightly pack one shelf instead of distributing the same clothes over three shelves, there’s a better chance of them staying put during travel days.

Hanging Dual-sided organizer 

This item hangs from your closet rod (or a command hook if you wanted) and it has clear pockets on both sides allowing for more storage. It has 21 pockets on each side.  

It can be found on Amazon and it currently has 4.7 stars with over 560 reviews. I totally understand if you’re wanting to get away from plastic though.  

I found a couple fabric hanging organizers on Amazon, but I couldn’t verify if they were plastic-free.  Perhaps you could sew your own?  (If you’ve done this I’d love to see the result.)  🙂

RV Bedroom Organization ideas
Click to read reviews on Amazon

Foldable Fabric Storage bags with view window 

Do you need a storage idea for the bottom of your closet? Is it currently a jumbled mess? The bottom of a closet is often wasted space (or a cluttered disaster) so you could measure your RV closet to see if organizers like this will fit.

These bags allow you to store clothes or extra blankets and then stack the boxes on top of each other.

It currently has 4.1 stars with over 1500 reviews on Amazon. 

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Click to read reviews on Amazon

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More options for fabric storage bags. 

The bags shown below have a large clear window in the front and it has two access zippers: one on the front, and the other along the top. It is currently very well rated with 4.8 stars out of 5 with 363 reviews.  

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Wire Mesh Cubes

These types of wire mesh cubes are modular so you can build a variety of shapes to suit your needs. The picture below shows them in a standard 2X2 cube shape, but you can also make them tall and skinny like a tower.

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas

And you can use baskets to hold your smaller clothing items, such as socks and underwear.

It may require you to think about folding clothes in a different way.

Check out these rolled and vertically packed men’s underwear and socks in plastic bins.

RV Bedroom organization ideas

And if you want to get away from plastic you can use seagrass baskets, wooden baskets or fabric baskets. There are a lot of plastic-free options out there, and since you’ll be storing dry, clean clothes in them I don’t foresee any issues concerning moisture.

RV Closet Hacks to prevent slipping while traveling

  • Get velvet hangers so your clothes don’t slip off
  • Or hang more clothes so they’re tightly packed into your closet – this will prevent movement during travel
  • Or push all the clothes tight to one side of the closet and put a clamp on the closet rod so the clothes can’t slide back

Other RV Hacks to Maximize Storage in a RV Closet

  • If you have the room you could add a second lower closet rod 
  • Then you just need to change or improve your “clothes folding skills” – start folding clothes so they don’t hang down so far
  • Get slim clothes hangers with anti-slip pads  

When we purchased our old house the previous owner left behind some closet organizers. And for years I didn’t bother using them, but I started using these vertical hangers and it helps minimize closet spread (when the clothes take up your whole closet rod).

Will these work in your RV?

If you’re interested in an item like this I’ve provided a link to Amazon. You can check them out and see what you think.

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Find a similar item on Amazon (click picture)


Bedside Organization Ideas

Bedside Caddy 

This bedside caddy slips between the mattress and box spring and hangs along the side of the bed to provide easy access to your personal items. 

This particular item has 1 large main pocket and 3 smaller mesh pockets. 

The one downside that I read about this item though is that it may slip out from between the mattress. You may need to attach Velcro straps to your box spring, then Velcro to this caddy and stick them together.  


RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Click to see on Amazon

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Headboard Caddy

I wasn’t able to find a royalty-free picture showing its use as a headboard organizer, but I’ve seen it done before you.  You can put a tension bar above the bed, tight to the wall.  Then hang an organizer like this from the tension bar.

This one doesn’t have any reviews yet on Amazon, but you could even try it with your existing bedside caddy if you have one.

Hanging it on the headboard will allow you and partner to be able to reach it.

RV bedroom organization ideas
Click to see rating on Amazon

Speaking of Beds…are you sick of your RV mattress?

Many RV’s have heavy innerspring mattresses that can break down over the years, and be a nuisance to try and change the sheets. When people buy a used RV, often the first thing they replace is the mattress. A new, thick memory foam mattress is a good choice for an RV.

RV Bedroom organization ideas RV mattress
Click to read reviews on Amazon

The short queen RV mattress shown above currently has 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 2400 reviews!  (That’s a lot of reviews!)

Yet, people in a Facebook Group i’m in swear by this one from Zinus.

Need some new RV Mattress sheets?

Check out these 400 thread count cotton sheets by California Design Den. They currently have over 5,300 reviews on Amazon.

They’re available in lots of different colors and patterns too, so there is sure to be something to suit your taste and decor.

RV Bedroom Mattress sheets
Click to see different colors on Amazon


Wall Organizers

Making use of your vertical space is a great RV bedroom organization idea. You’ve got the wall, so try and use it.

Fabric Wall Organizer Hanging Storage 

This product currently has 3.4 stars out of 5 with 125 reviews.  This is less than our usual cut-off of 4 stars but most of the negative comments seem to resolve around the fact that the purchaser expected it to be bigger.  

So if you have a realistic expectation of their size they make a good RV bedroom organizer. Yes, they’re rather small but they’re good to fit your remote controls, reading glasses, tissues, etc… not your hardcover encyclopedias. 

You could attach it the wall using Command Hooks if you are reluctant to screw into the wall or cabinets.


RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Check out on Amazon (click picture)


Other RV Hacks – Wall Organization Ideas

  • Can you put some shelves above the bedroom door?
  • Would an over-the-door hanging coat rack work for inside the bedroom door? (you could hang your robes on here)
  • If you don’t want to screw anything into the walls could you make use of command hooks?

My family member put some command hooks on the wall and then hung a plastic basket from the hooks. It acts an organizer for her son’s books and bedroom knick-knacks.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but I think you get the idea. It’s a great organization hack (and no tools required).

RV storage idea hanging basket - awesome RV bedroom organization idea

I hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas to declutter and organize your RV bedroom today.

I’m sure there is over a thousand ideas i’ve MISSED.  So please share your favourite RV bedroom organization idea so other readers can benefit from your genius.

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Thank you for checking out our site. We really appreciate it.

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