11 RV Fishing Rod Storage Ideas [catch the big one while camping]

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Getting out and enjoying nature is one of the greatest pleasures of camping. But if you’re an avid fisher, you may run into the issue of ‘where to store a fishing rod in an RV.’ Check out these 11 RV fishing rod storage ideas.

Hopefully one of them will work for you and your RV.

RV Fishing Rod Storage Ideas - 11 ways to store fishing rods in your RV
11 RV Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

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Where to store a fishing rod in an RV?

Some of the ideas in this article are commercial products intended for fishing rod storage, and some of them are clever DIY ideas devised by RV’ers like you.

1) Store in the Shower

A lot of people in the Facebook groups I’m in say they store their fishing rods in their shower. They just prop them upright against the shower wall.

2) Lay on the Bed

This is another easy option for storing your fishing rod. I read a man’s comment in an online group where hesaid that his fishing rod was too expensive to store anywhere else. 🙂

Where to store a fishing rod in an RV (lay it on the bed)
Laying the fishing rods on the bed (hooks off obviously)

3) Keep in zippered rod bags…

Click picture to see details on Amazon

There are tons of fishing rod storage bags out there. (My telescoping rod came with its own storage bag.)

Above is just one of several I found on Amazon. This one doesn’t have any ratings yet (at this time), but it is available in 3 different sizes depending on your needs. If you have minimal fishing gear a compact case like this could double as your tackle box.

4) Or inside simple rod tubes (by Plano)

Click the picture to see details on Amazon

This 42-inch long rod tube is similar to the bag above, but it is a more simple tube design. It is made by Plano and currently has a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 rating on Amazon.

5) Inside a PVC tube mounted in RV basement

DIY PVC RV hacks are everywhere on the internet. And using a PVC pipe to store a fishing rod is just another way to use this plumbing material.

Mount the PVC pipe in your RV basement (AKA the pass-through…or storage area), and then insert your fishing rod into the tube. You may have to remove the reel depending on the diameter of the pipe, or you could cut a notch in the pipe to accommodate the reel.

6) Inside your RV Bumper

You may have to remove the reel and just put the fishing rods inside the bumper. (Many people already have their blackwater hose in here though.)

7) Berkeley Rod Holders

Berkley Horizontal Rod Holder. Click the image to see details on Amazon

Lots of RV’ers use these in their trailers. But do you travel over really rough roads?

The product shown above is the horizontal 6-rod holder by Berkley. You can get creative with these and mount them as it suits your particular RV.

  • Some people mount them to the walls of their storage area (the pass-through compartment)
  • You could try mounting these to the “ceiling” of the RV basement area (pass-through) to prevent them from getting damaged on the floor by tools or other equipment.
  • You could potentially even mount them to a wall inside your RV

They also make a vertical fishing rod holder that you can find on Amazon. (It is shown below.)

Click picture to see details on Amazon

8) Mount a Broom and Mop Holder to the wall of RV basement

This is a DIY idea that mimics what you can accomplish with the Berkley fishing rod holder shown above. But instead of a dedicated fishing rod holder you use a broom holder mounted to the wall. Place the handle of the rods into the broom-holder clips, and on the other end use hooks to hold up the tips. (So the rod is suspended horizontally along the length of the wall.)

9) Fishing rod holder with straps

Fishing rod holder by attwood. Click to see details on Amazon

Once again this is similar to the RV fishing rod storage ideas I just mentioned but this one has the benefit of a strap to help keep your rods in place. This may be especially helpful if you traverse really bumpy roads in your pursuit of catching the big one.

It is made by attwood. You can click here to check out its ratings on Amazon.

10) Make your own wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted wooden holder

Creating a wooden DIY solution like this (with slight modification) could also give you a spot to hang a broom, fire pokers and wiener-roasting sticks. But you’ll probably want to have some eye-hooks on the ends of the wood so you can use a bungee cord to strap your fishing rods in place.

11) Get creative with a pool noodle and some PVC


Check out this cool DIY fishing storage hack that I found on Instagram. They drilled holes in the PVC pipe to hold the thick handles of the rods, and then cut slits in the pool noodle to protect the more delicate ends.

Such a cool idea. But would it work for your RV?

I hope one of these RV fishing rod storage ideas will help you on your next camping adventure.

One thing I want to point out is that NOT every idea will work for every RV’er.

You’ll need to analyze your needs and find one that works for you. Find an option that suits your RV and the dimensions of your fishing rod too!

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