13 Proven Paper Towel Holders for your RV to get the job done

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Do you still handle the roll of paper towel with dirty camping hands? It doesn’t need to be that way. In this article we’ll look at 13 handy RV paper towel holders that allow paper towels to be within easy reach. Let’s get started.

13 Proven RV Paper Towel Holders for camping. There are over the cabinet door paper towel holders, under cabinet paper towel holders, magnetic holders and more.
13 RV Paper Towel Holders – handy options for RV campers

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13 RV Paper Towel Holders

Which of these holders will be right for your RV?

1) Camco Paper Towel Holder Pop-a-Towel

Camco Pop-A-Towel- Mountable or Portable Paper Towel Holder Dispenser, Keep Paper Towels Clean, Conserve Space in Your RV Kitchen (White) (57111)

Of course I’m putting an RV paper towel holder by Camco first because they are the leader in RV and camping products.

This paper towel holder has two parts.

  • A mounting bracket
  • and a part that holds the actual paper towel roll.

The mounting bracket screws into a wall, cabinet door or underside of a cabinet, and then the paper towel holder slides into and off of the bracket for easy portability. So you can take the paper towel outside for outdoor meals.

You can find this RV paper towel holder at many camping stores, or you can check it out on Amazon.

2) Simple, Portable countertop Paper Towel Holder for your RV

Spectrum Diversified Euro Paper Towel Holder, 1 Count, Chrome

This is a simple, yet elegant-looking paper towel holder that you can plop onto your countertop and take with you for outdoor meals and picnics.

The downsides:

  • it will take up some of your valuable counter-space in your RV
  • it is a smooth rod holder so it may not allow you to rip off just one piece of paper if you’re trying one-handed.

The upsides:

  • it is a vertical holder so it’ll stop the paper towel from unrolling onto the floor
  • relatively inexpensive option

You can likely find a paper towel holder like this at your local stores, but if you want to see this product (by Spectrum Diversified) on Amazon you can click here.

3) Easier to Tear Vertical Paper Towel Holder by OXO

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel

Do you hate it when you go to rip off one piece of paper towel and you end up with 10? This vertical paper towel holder from OXO allows you to tear off the paper towel using just one hand. It will take up space on your countertop, but the convenience of it may be worth it.

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel

This OXO product is popular on Amazon.

But will it work for you?

4) Wall Mount or Under-Cabinet Mounted Paper Towel Holder

simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel

This paper towel holder by the company simplehuman can be mounted to the wall using 3 screws, or if you don’t want to screw into your camper’s walls, you can screw it to the underside of your wooden RV cabinets.

Plus it has a mechanism to stop the paper towel from un-rolling.

5) Adhesive Undercabinet Paper Towel holder

SUNTECH Paper Towel Holder Under Kitchen Cabinet - Self Adhesive Towel Paper Holder Stick on Wall, SUS304 Stainless Steel

As you know, a lot of campers don’t like to screw into their walls. This attractive stainless steel paper towel holder does NOT need to be screwed. Instead, it uses an adhesive tape to stick it to the walls or to the underside of your RV kitchen cabinets.

This popular paper towel holder is made by SUNTECH and is available on Amazon.

6) Sleek Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder for your RV

Prodyne Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder, Silver and Black

This paper towel holder by Prodyne mounts to the underside of your upper kitchen cabinets, or to the wall or inside a cabinet door (if you have wide enough RV kitchen cabinets). The black knobs go inside the paper towel roll to squeeze it in place.

Check it out and see if it’ll become your “go to” paper towel holder for camping.

7) Two-piece Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Katzco Magnetic Paper Towel Holder - Heavy Duty Steel Holder with Magnetic Backing - Sticks to Any Ferrous Surface - for Kitchen, Work Benches, Storage Closets, Grill, Garage

Here is a unique magnetic paper towel holder that sticks to magnetic surfaces.

Many RV’s have their fridges covered in plastic paneling, but if you do have an RV fridge with a steel door, this magnetic paper towel holder will help keep your paper towels off your countertop.

Click to see more Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Ideas

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8) One-piece Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Yukon Glory Premium Magnetic-Mount Paper Towel Holder Made of Durable Stainless Steel, Great for Grills, Griddles, RVs, Tailgates, Fridges, Kitchens and Patios

Here is another paper towel holder that sticks to magnetic surfaces, but this one has just one single rod to stick through your roll of paper towel.

  • You can mount it vertically or horizontally depending on your space and needs.

9) Over-the-Cabinet RV Paper Towel Holder

Spectrum Diversified Vertical Cabinet Door Paper Dispenser, Fits Regular & Jumbo Rolls, Towel Holder, Sturdy Steel Kitchen Decor, Chrome

This style of paper towel holder hangs from a cabinet door.

So this means that it won’t take up space on your countertop and you won’t have to screw into your walls or use adhesives.

10) iDesign’s Over the Cabinet Door Paper Towel Holder

iDesign Axis Metal Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Bar for Kitchen, Pantry, Mudroom, 6.2" x 0.9" x 12.1", Bronze

Here is a horizontally-mounted paper towel holder for your RV that hangs from cabinet doors.

It is another great option for campers that don’t want to screw into their walls or clutter up their countertop.

You can hang it inside the cabinet, or on the outside of the cabinet door.

11) Clever, Versatile Paper Towel Holder for your RV

HULISEN 0.6 - 1.2 inch Adjustable Paper Towel Holder, Heavy Kitchen Roll Hanger, Under Cabinet Shelf Towel Rack, Over Door Toilet Paper Storage Organizer

This paper towel holder from HULISEN can slide onto a shelf and hang down below a cabinet.

Or, you can hang it over a cabinet door. So it has a couple of options. BUT it does require a fairly thin shelf. Make sure you measure your shelf of cabinet doors before ordering.

12) EZ-Roll Paper Towel Holder (versatile and great for camping)

EZ-Roll Holder – Paper Towel Holder | Patented Design | Innovative Paper Towel Holder for RV, Camping, Grill, Garage. Car paper towel holder ● No Tools Needed – Setup Anywhere

The EZ-Roll paper towel holder is very versatile and with the bungee cord hooks it can be mounted in lots of different places. You can hang it from tables, strap it to a tree, a chair, to Command hooks in your kitchen and more…

13) Bungee Cord – an easy paper towel holder for camping

Instead of buying a dedicated paper towel holder, you could try just using a bungee cord through a paper towel roll.

A lot of campers like to cook their meals outside their RVs and it is convenient to have a roll of paper towel close at hand. It’s a simple paper towel holder for your camping kitchen.

If you use a bungee cord that is too taut though it may bend your paper towels in half so keep this in mind.

How do you keep paper towel from unrolling?

An easy way to stop paper towel from unrolling is to use a vertical paper towel holder, or to ensure your horizontal paper towel holders have a resistance-mechanism to ensure unraveling (this will allow for one-handed use too).

Which RV paper towel holder will work for your camper?

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