13 easy Ways to Store Shoes in your RV

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Tired of tripping over shoes when you go into your camper? Do you wish you had a better way to store them? You’re in the right place because in this article we’ll look at 13 different ways you can store shoes in an RV

Which one will work for you?

RV shoe storage ideas

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Updated April 2023 to include even more helpful RV shoe storage options.

Where did these ideas come from?

In order to get pictures for this article I spoke to fellow campers and we brainstormed various camper shoe storage ideas that we’d seen on Facebook, Instagram, etc… And then tried some of them in my pop up camper. So we don’t use all these ideas in our camper, but hopefully they’ll inspire you to find a shoe storage solution for your RV.

Scroll to the bottom to see which idea will be right for you.

How to store shoes in an RV – 13 Ideas

These shoe storage ideas will make your RV look tidier, and clearing those pairs of shoes from the entryway also eliminates a potential tripping hazard.

Most of these ideas involve taking advantage of vertical wall space and getting the shoes up and off the floor.

1) Wall-mounted RV Shoe Holder

Baffect Wall Hanging Shoes Rack, Door Mounted Plastic Shoe Organizer, RV Camper Folding Shoes Holder for Space Saving Shoes Storage (4 Packs)

This is a cool way to store shoes in an RV. They mount to a wall or cabinet to take advantage of vertical space and help to get shoes off the floor and out of the doorway.

They can be mounted in two different ways – either screwed in or use the adhesive.

It is suggested you screw them in since most of the negative reviews involve the adhesive not sticking well.

There are some great customer-submitted photos on Amazon.

Just keep in mind this option won’t work for sandals, flats, or other low shoes since the swivelling bar won’t have anything to “grab” onto. But it’ll be great for hikers, high-tops, work boots etc…

2) Wall mounted Shoe Rack for Pairs of Shoes

Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack 4Pack with Sticky Hanging Strips, Plastic Shoes Holder Storage Organizer,Door Shoe Hangers (SM03-Black-4)

Once you get over how Photoshopped these product photos look, you can see how this is a pretty cool way to store shoes.

It is another way to make use of vertical space.

They have an adhesive on the back. This could work well on the cabinet just inside the door of your RV (if your RV is set up this way).

You could still have your shoes within easy reach, yet up and off the floor.

The potential downside to these shoe holders is they are fairly small, so a large pair of shoes may not work well. And if your shoes are heavy they could pull the adhesive off the wall.

It may not work for everyone in the family, but it would work well for most kids shoes or small women’s shoes.

If you think this may work for your camper, click here to see more details.

3) Get Handy with Hooks and a Tension Bar

RV shoe storage - using hooks hanging from a tension bar spread between two cabinets in a pop up camper
Hanging shoes from hooks on a tension rod (in my pop up camper)

This won’t work for all RV’s, but if you have a spot near the door to spread a tension bar or adjustable shower rod, you could try this method.

You can buy S-hooks from most hardware stores, and then hang your shoes from the hooks.

The picture above is in my pop up camper where I placed the tension bar between the two cabinets in front of one of the beds.

If you have room in your closet, you could also hang your shoes from the closet rod.

4) Store Shoes Outside the RV in a plastic tub

RV shoe storage outside the RV. How to store shoes in an RV - use a plastic bucket outside the door to collect dirty shoes.
Plastic Bucket outside to collect dirty shoes Photo: LearnAlongWithMe.com

This is my sister’s RV and her family uses a plastic bucket to store the dirty shoes outside the RV.

And not only does it contain the shoes but it helps keep their RV clean too. WIN-WIN

Some people choose to use a laundry basket with holes in it.

That way they can just shake out the basket to get the sand and dirt out of it.

If you live in an area with venomous creatures like scorpions, snakes, spiders, etc… then this may not be a great option for you.

Or at least bring in the basket at night, or use the option below.

5) Store shoes outside the RV in plastic totes with a lid

RV shoe storage outside the RV in a plastic tote witha  lid. Good option if you camp in a place with nasty bugs and if you don't want them to crawl into your shoes.
Store shoes outside the RV in a plastic tote with a lid Photo: LearnAlongWithMe.com

But if you live in an area with nasty bugs or stinging creatures, and you want to store your shoes in the great outdoors then you may want to get plastic bins with lids.

You don’t want the bugs to crawl into your shoes.

This can work well for dry shoes, but you don’t want to stuff wet stinky shoes into an airtight container…it could lead to mold and an even worse smell!


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6) Use a Bungee Cord to Keep Shoes off the Floor

RV shoe storage bungee cord strung between two eye screws. It worked well but you have to be careful what you screw it in to...make sure the cabinet is thick enough to stand up to the stress of the bungee.
Storing shoes behind a bungee cord between two eye screws

Bind ’em with a bungee!

It clears up some floor space yet you still have easy access to your shoes.

I first saw this DIY storage solution on Instagram and I was inspired to try it in my pop up camper.

What I learned is you have to be careful what you screw in to. The wood sheet I screwed in to was very thin.

Next time, I’d put a backing board on the inside of the cabinet to provide more support. The eye screws were bending under the stress of the bungee.

But your RV may have thicker cabinets and walls so you may not have to worry as much about the screws ripping out.

(Pop up campers aren’t known for being the most ruggedly built RV’s.)

7) Store Shoes Inside Cupboards or Storage Compartments

RV Shoe Storage inside a cupboard
RV Shoe storage inside a cupboard

Do you have room in a cupboard or a storage compartment to store your shoes? (Some people have room in the cabinet under their TV. )

In my pop up camper I don’t have much space, so this isn’t a great option for me. (But I took a picture anyway to show you this shoe storage idea “in action”.)

Do you have an under-used cabinet in your RV for shoe storage? (Preferably near the door.) If you do, this option helps keep the shoes out of sight.

​This could be a perfect place for your seldom-worn shoes (like if you’re a full time RV’er), but you may want your everyday shoes more accessible.

8) Use a Hanging Shoe Pocket Organizer

Special thanks to the RigAroundCapozzis for allowing me to show their awesome shoe storage idea.

I can’t really tell from the photo but it looks like hanging shoe pockets are nailed to the wooden cabinet at the top. But you may be able to use command hooks or strong Velcro strips.

9) Storing Shoes in a hanging shoe organizer (tucked under the bed mattress)

RV shoe storage using a hanging shoe organizer tucked under the RV mattress.
RV shoe storage ideas – shoe organizer tucked under camper mattress

An over the door shoe organizer can work well to hold running shoes, sandals and other slim shoes.

But what if you don’t have a door to hang it from

It wouldn’t work on my pop up camper’s entry door so I had to get creative.

I lifted up the camper mattress and laid the shoe organizer under the mattress, and left some pockets dangling down to store shoes.

This easy method means you don’t have to screw into anything, use adhesives, or even modify the shoe organizer in any way. You could take the shoe organizer back into your home after camping season and use it there.

RV shoe storage using a hanging shoe organizer tucked under a camper mattress.
Hanging shoe organizer laid under camper mattress Photo: LearnAlongWithMe.com

This shoe storage solution won’t work for everyone but if you don’t want to cut, screw or modify, this idea may be right for you.

10) Around the Bottom of the Bed Shoe Organizer

Upgraded RV Shoe Pockets, Hanging Bedside Storage Pockets for Shoes, Toys and Tools - Length 49 Inches/4 Ft

This is similar to the hanging shoe organizers shown above, but this is a single horizontal row of pockets (4ft long).

The two outer pockets are mesh pockets, while the 4 middle pockets are fabric pockets.
You could use an organizer like this to hold bedside stuff like books or Kleenex but most RV owners hang it from then end of the bed and use it for shoes

Below is a picture of the product itself. This gives you an idea of how to hang it using the metal clips that go over your wooden RV bed frame.

Upgraded RV Shoe Pockets, Hanging Bedside Storage Pockets for Shoes, Toys and Tools - Length 49 Inches/4 Ft

Will this work in your RV?

11) Use a Tension Bar to hold the shoes back

A tension bar can be used to hold shoes and sandals upright.

This keeps them out of the way better than just tossing them on the floor near the front door.

This is a quick, temporary RV shoe storage idea because the bar can be easily removed and put back up.

12) Adhesive Shoe Rack

Over the Door Shoe Rack, DUSASA 3-Pack Shoe Rack Organizer Over the Door Hanging Stainless Steel Shoe Shelf with Hooks for Closet, Entryway-No Drilling

These may be an option if you have a spot on a wall near the door. They don’t screw into the wall. Instead, they use an adhesive.

13) Mesh Cargo Netting

2 Pieces Large ABS Plastic Frame Car Storage Net Bag Phone Car Mesh Net Holder RV Storage Boat Cargo Pocket Organizer Framed Mesh Net Pocket with Screws for Auto RV Net(16 x 8 Inch)

Mesh cargo net holders like this are an extremely popular way to store shoes and sandals in an RV.

Many RV’s already have cargo nets like this in them, but if yours does not, then you can buy a set like the ones above and screw them into the side of one of your wooden RV cabinets.

They work really well for sandals, flats and other low-profile shoes.

You can probably find similar items at your local store, but if not, you can check out this set on Amazon.

I hope one of these simple solutions will help you.

What’s nice about a lot of these ideas is you can try them, and if they don’t fit your needs, then you can try something else. They are all fairly “low impact” options that don’t require much work or money.

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9 easy RV shoe storage ideas that answers how to store shoes in an RV


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