15 popular RV Storage Ideas you can find on Amazon Canada [for 2024]

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If you’re a Canadian RV’er and you’re looking for some help organizing your RV, then you’ve come to the right article. Here are 15 popular RV storage ideas and organizers you’ll find on on Amazon Canada.

RV Storage Solutions Canada - 15 handy RV storage ideas available on Amazon Canada
Handy RV Storage Ideas Available on Amazon Canada

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1) Hanging Multi-pocket Shower Organizer by MISSLO

A hanging shower organizer like this from MISSLO can help you reduce counter-top clutter in your RV bathroom.

  • You can hang it on the dry side of the shower,
  • or hang it inside your shower because it is made of quick-dry mesh.

And what is cool about this 5-pocket model is that it rolls up so you can take it to the campground’s shower facilities. (Or into someone’s house if you’re ‘moochdocking’.)

2) Vintage wall-mounted Storage Baskets by Spectrum Diversified

These awesome wall-mounted baskets by Spectrum Diversified are very versatile and can be used throughout your RV.

  • But it does require screwing into a wall.
  • So what many RV’ers do instead is screw it into the side of wooden cabinet.

These baskets are very popular and are available in different sizes to suit your needs!

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3) Clothes Organizer Baskets by Simple Houseware

How to store clothes in an RV?” is a very common question for campers. A set of divider boxes like this can help you organize any drawers (if you have them), or help you organize the bottom of your RV closet.

  • Finally you’ll have a spot to put underwear and socks!

Click here if you want to see more details on Amazon Canada.

4) Hanging Closet Shelves by IsHealthy

Many RV’ers are looking for storage ideas for their RV closet. But most RV closets are not full height, so many of the hanging organizers with 5 shelves may be too long for a camper closet.

But a popular 3 shelf unit like this one from IsHealthy may be just what you need to store sweaters, jackets, or even the clothes boxes mentioned above.

5) Over-the-Door Organizer by Simple Houseware

A 6-pocket hanging organizer like this one by Simple Houseware offers lots of storage opportunities.

In the product photo they show baby items, but if you have a solid bedroom door, this would work well for socks, underwear, rolled t-shirts, deodorant, makeup, first aid supplies, and lots more.

Will this work for your RV?

Click here to check it out on Amazon Canada.

6) Wire Organizing Cubes (by AmazonBasics)

Wire cubes like this are great for storing and organizing a huge variety of household items. And they work well for RV’s too. Many folks use a lightweight option like this instead of a dresser, and then use fabric baskets to hold their clothes.

  • You can use them as laundry hampers,
  • shoe dump bins,
  • and lots more.

Click here for more details on Amazon.

7) Double Refrigerator Tension Bar

This double tension bar from Camco can expand from 16-inches to 28-inches, and it helps keep your food in place during travel days. (But you can also get a longer version that extends from 19-34-inches.)

And the double bar helps prevent taller items (like milk jugs) from toppling over.

It is very popular product on Amazon Canada.

But will it work for you?

8) Adjustable Cutlery Tray by Camco

The leader in RV accessories – Camco – makes an adjustable cutlery tray that can expand from 9-inches wide to 13-inches wide to accommodate various kitchen drawer widths. So if your cutlery drawer looks more like a junk drawer, check this out.

It is available on Amazon Canada so click to see more details if this will help you.

9) Vertical Pan and Lid Organizer by YouCopia

This vertical pan and lid organizer will help you organize your RV kitchen cabinets. The wire separators are adjustable to fit a variety of pans, bakeware, lids, drying racks, cutting boards and more.

If you think this will help you, click here to check it out on Amazon.

10) Mini Dish Drying Rack by Camco

A small dish drying rack like this one by Camco helps keep your kitchen counters clear and free of excess dishes.

It is also available in white.

11) RV Pantry Organizer – Can Rack by Simple Houseware

Organizing an RV pantry can be a challenge. If your RV pantry cabinet is big enough, an organizing can rack like this one from Simple Houseware can really help you get organized. Just make sure it fits, and do you go over really bumpy roads on travel days?

Click here to check out the dimensions on Amazon.

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12) Wine Rack Towel Storage

This is a popular way to store towels in an RV…if it’ll fit in your RV.

It needs to be mounted to a wall, and since most RVers don’t like to screw into their walls, they have come up with clever ways to secure this RV towel rack.

Some people use Command Hooks – strategically placed – to mount this towel rack.

This comes in a 2-pack…so you can put one in your camper and one for home.

Click here to see more pictures on Amazon.

13) Bedside Caddy to hold books, phones, remotes, etc…

Many RV’s don’t have much room in the bedroom area therefore there isn’t much space beside the bed.

This bedside caddy slips under the mattress to give you some hanging pockets for your books, glasses, flashlight, etc…

If you want your stuff within easy reach of your bed, check out this bedside caddy.

14) Organize under your Sinks with this Sliding Basket Organizer

It can be a pain getting on your knees to find something under a sink. A sliding basket organizer like this can help…if it’ll fit in your RV.

Make sure to measure inside your RV cabinets to ensure this will fit.

Click here to see size of this organizer on Amazon Canada.

15) Over the Cabinet Door Paper Towel Holder

If you want a way to hang paper towel in your RV, check out this over-the-cabinet-door holder by Spectrum Diversified.

You can hang it so the paper towel sits inside your RV cabinet (if it’ll close with it on), or you can hang it on the outside so the paper towel is easily accessible while cooking.

I realize this isn’t the most explanatory picture, so click here to see more pictures on Amazon.

Nesting Bowls

Nesting bowls are a tried and true way to reduce “cabinet sprawl”.

What is cool about this stainless steel nesting bowl set is that it comes with lids. So if you prepare something, and want to put it in the fridge for later, just pop the lid on it.

I hope at least one of these RV storage ideas that are available on Amazon Canada will help you get your RV organized.

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