9 simple Ways to Store a Snowboard (2024)

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Are you tired of tripping over your snowboard in your garage or storage room? In this article we’ll look at 9 snowboard storage ideas to help you get your board safely stored away.

These ideas are intended for storing a few snowboards at home or in your garage.

Snowboard storage ideas - 9 ideas to help you store and protect your snowboard
Snowboard Storage Options

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How to store a snowboard? – 9 Ideas

It can be tough finding room to store your snowboard – especially in a small apartment – but if you look forward to the winter season just so you can snowboard, you’re going to find a way. These storage ideas will help you out, and still give you easy access to your boards.

Some of these options hold your board horizontally, and some are vertical storage options. Some of the snowboard holders are for a single board, while others can hold several boards.

1) Adjustable Wall-mounted Rack for Multiple Snowboards

StoreYourBoard Snowboard Multi Wall Storage Rack, Home and Garage Mount

Do you need to store more than one board?

If so, this adjustable snowboard rack from the company Store Your Board may be right for you.

It comes with 2 vertical rails that you screw into your wall, and it comes with 8 rubber-lined shelf brackets (4 per rail) that can be adjusted along the rails to different heights.

This 4-level rack can hold 1 or 2 boards per level.

So with this one rack you can hold up to 8 snowboards! (As long as you don’t go over 100 pounds total, and you hit the wall studs.)

If you don’t have that many boards you can also store skis, poles, hockey sticks, and other long tools or sports gear.

It is a great storage system that could really help get your garage organized.

2) Store your board vertically using rubber wall pegs

[New] (4 x PCS) Snowboard Wall Mount Storage Hanger Support Rack Display Your Boards by Arkorus

The company arkorus makes these rubber pegs that you screw into your wall to support your board vertically by its edges.

The hard rubber pegs will hold your board where it tapers from the wider nose width down to the more slender mid-section of your board (the waist). So basically it holds it at the top of the sidecut portion of your board (the top of the hourglass shape to your board.)

It is a nice minimalist design that will work well to get your board up off the floor and out of your way.

The base of your board (the bottom) lies flat against the wall, and if you fold down your bindings, your board won’t stick out too far from the wall. So hopefully it won’t get in the way too much.

The downside to this option is that once mounted, the distance between the pegs makes it specific to hold one particular board. (Or shall I say, width of board.)

You screw the pegs into the wall at a distance apart that is specific to the width of your board. So if you buy another board that is a different width, you may need to re-mount the pegs so it’ll catch the edges of your new board.

Probably not a big deal for most people but something to think about.

3) Snowboard Wall Rack for one board

StoreYourBoard Snowboard Display Rack, Naked Wall Rack, Black

These aluminum wall brackets are made by the company Store Your Board and feature felt on the inside of the bracket to help protect your board’s metal edges.

Horizontal racks like these are cool because it’ll allow you to store your board in unique places such as above a door. This makes it a good option for a small apartment or even in your bedroom. You can really utilize wall space with these.

You could buy a few of them and use the others to store a pair of skis, cross country skis, or other outdoor gear like walking poles.

Below is a picture of the brackets themselves. You can see how they’re lined with thick felt.

StoreYourBoard Snowboard Display Rack, Naked Wall Rack, Black

Do you think this will work to hold your board?

4) The Gravity Grabber Snowboard Rack

Gravity Grabber - Ultimate Ski + Snowboard Wall Storage Rack | Save Your Rocker, Tips, and Tails | Damage-Free Ski/Snowboard Storage Rack | Fits any Ski or Snowboard | Ski/Board Wall Storage (Cyan, 1)

This cool-looking product is the Gravity Grabber snowboard or ski rack.

It is a quick way to store your board vertically and features anti-slip pads so it should grip and grab your board and hold it until you’re ready to hit the hill again.

If you have a friend that skis you can also use the Gravity Grabber to pairs of skis.

It’s a bit tricky to see how the holder works from the picture above, so the picture below shows it gripping some skis.

Gravity Grabber - Ultimate Ski + Snowboard Wall Storage Rack | Save Your Rocker, Tips, and Tails | Damage-Free Ski/Snowboard Storage Rack | Fits any Ski or Snowboard | Ski/Board Wall Storage (Cyan, 1)

A potential downside to this option is that it will stick out from the wall the width of your board. So however wide your board is, is how far it’ll stick out from the wall.

5) Wall mount metal snowboard holder

YYST Snowboard Wall Mount Snowboard Wall Rack Hanger - No Board - Fit Snowboard, Longboard (1)

These metal angle brackets mount to the wall and then you store your board inside the rubber-lined slots.

Its a great way to store your board horizontally and it doesn’t take up much space.

I’m sorry this product photo doesn’t really do it justice…but on the Amazon product page there are some great customer-submitted photos showing this “in action.”

Click here to see more pictures of this snowboard holder.

6) Rubber-dipped Snowboard Wall Clips

HIDEit Mounts HBoard - Horizontal Snowboard Wall Mount Clips - American Company - Black Steel and Rubber-Dipped Horizontal Snowboard Display Wall Mount for Adult and Youth Snowboards

This is a newer product from the company HIDEit that has been getting a lot of positive reviews.

You screw two heavy-duty steel clips into the wall to hold your board horizontally, and the clips are rubber coated to protect your board from scratches. (You can see one of the black U-shaped hangers in the center of the photo above.)

When you get home from the hill you just slide your board into the clips.

Because it uses wall space, you could put it in unique places like above a door or high up on the living room wall.

Click here to see current price.

7) Get a Snowboard Bag

Kioqiear Padded Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo,Perfect for Snowboard Up to 165 cm and Boots Up to Size 13,Includes 1 Padded Snowboard Bag & 1 Padded Boot Bag.(BLK)

There are lots of different snowboard bags out there.

Most snowboard bags are very similar. They usually have a zipper to close the bag and some padding to help protect your board. (Plus, it protects people from the metal edges of your snowboard.)

Storing your snowboard in a bag like this can help prevent scratches on the base of your board. And the handle makes it easy to grab it and bring it with you.

This particular bag from the company Kioqiear has a shoulder strap to make it even easier to carry. It comes with a boot bag to make it easy to carry your snowboard boots too.

Once you have your board safely stashed in a snowboard bag, you can:

  • store it in your closet
  • place it on a shelf
  • or even slide it under your bed (if it’ll fit)

It provides you some different storage options and you’ll know your board isn’t getting scratched up.

And when you’re ready to head to the hill, you’ll know your board isn’t getting scratched if you throw in the back of your truck or SUV.

A snowboard bag is a good all-around storage solution, and especially if you don’t feel the need to always have your board on display in your house (or your partner doesn’t want that).

8) DIY Snowboard Holder using rubber bumpers and simple hardware

While researching this article I came across this YouTube video where the man makes snowboard-holding pegs using stuff he picks up from the hardware store.

It is a cool idea that is similar to idea #2 on this list.

9) DIY Wooden Snowboard Rack to hold multiple boards

Do you need to hold multiple boards horizontally and you don’t like any of the commercially available options?

Well if you’re handy with wood you can follow the YouTube instructional video below to get some ideas on how to make your own snowboard rack.

The YouTuber admits that making it out of MDF wood probably wasn’t the best option, but hey, it worked for him.

And building a snowboard rack like this could really help you organize and tidy up your garage especially if you’re a family of snowboarders.

10) Overhead Snowboard Ceiling Rack

DACK Snowboard Ceiling Storage Rack, 10-18 Inch Adjustable Ski Rack, with Double SUP Longboard Kayaks Hanger, 80lbs Per Side Overhead Mount for Garage and Indoor

This overhead snowboard rack from the company DACK provides a unique way to store your snowboard: from your ceiling!

It has foam-padded arms to protect your board and can hold up to 80 pounds per side if it is properly screwed into the ceiling.

If you have some overhead space in your garage or storage shed, you could check this out.

Will it work for you?

Thanks for checking out these snowboard storage ideas.

Will any of these ideas work for you?

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