15 tasty Picnic Snack Ideas

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Wondering what to munch on during your picnics? Here are some tasty picnic snacks that you’ll want to have in your picnic basket or cooler this weekend.

Picnic Snacks You’ll Be Thankful you Packed

1. Mini Sandwiches or Subs

Mini sandwiches or subs make a great little picnic snack

Create an assortment of mini sandwiches or subs using different fillings like turkey and cheese, ham and mustard, or cucumber and cream cheese.

They’re easy to eat and perfect for sharing.

This sounds obvious, but try to make some that you know your friends and family will eat, or create a variety that includes veggie options.

2. Cheese and Crackers

Crackers and cheese are a classic picnic snack.

A classic picnic snack!

Pack a selection of cheeses and a variety of crackers for a simple yet satisfying snack. Add some grapes or apple slices for extra flavor.

You may want to pack the cheese in a cooler or bring an ice pack to prevent sweating.

3. Veggie Sticks and Dip

Cut up carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers and your other favorite veggies into sticks.

Serve with a container of hummus for a healthy and crunchy snack.

Other popular dipping options include:

  • Ranch dip
  • Guacamole
  • Greek Yogurt (with some dill, garlic and lemon juice mixed in)
  • Spinach and Artichoke dip

4. Fruit Salad

Combine a mix of your favorite fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, melon, and grapes for a refreshing and sweet treat.

You can either bring a large bowl of it, or divvy it up at home into smaller containers. And don’t forget the spoons.

5. Deviled Eggs

Prepare classic deviled eggs with a creamy filling made from yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and a sprinkle of paprika.

Pack them in some Tupperware with a lid and transport them in a chilled cooler.

They have some protein too, so they may help fill you up and stop you from reaching for more “undesirable” snacks.

6. Pinwheel Wraps

Photo credit: Tried and Tasty.com

There are lots of flavor combinations possible with pinwheel wraps, and they are convenient finger food.

You can spread cream cheese and deli meat on a tortilla, roll it up tightly, and slice into little rolls (aka pinwheels). These are easy to make and fun to eat.

If you want to try a recipe using turkey and swiss cheese, check out this recipe from TriedAndTasty.com

7. Popcorn

Make a big batch of popcorn seasoned with your favorite spices or a touch of butter.

It’s light, portable, and always a hit.

(And is a cheap too!)

8. Antipasto Skewers

Thread salami, cheese cubes, olives, and cherry tomatoes onto skewers for a bite-sized version of an antipasto platter.

Once food gets on a stick, it suddenly becomes fun to eat.

9. Granola Bars

Pack homemade or store-bought granola bars for a convenient snack that is quick to “get at” and can help fill you up.

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10. Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

STuffed mini peppers with cheese and herbs

Fill mini bell peppers with a mixture of cream cheese and herbs for a crunchy and creamy snack that’s easy to eat.

Other options include baking the peppers using a goat cheese mixture (see this recipe for that option), or even mozzarella cheese.

11. Pretzels and Dip

pretzels and dip

Bring along a bag of pretzels and a container of dip like honey mustard, ranch, or cheese dip for a salty and satisfying snack.

12. Caprese Skewers

Picnic snack ideas caprese skewers

Thread cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls, and basil leaves onto small skewers. Drizzle with balsamic glaze for a fresh and flavorful snack.

13. Trail Mix

Trail mix makes a good picnic snack

Mix together nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, and pretzels for a custom trail mix that’s perfect for munching on the go.

14. Cold Pasta Salad

Prepare a simple pasta salad with cooked pasta, cherry tomatoes, olives, and a light vinaigrette. It’s a filling and delicious picnic snack.

If you want a popular recipe that includes feta cheese, click here.

15. Watermelon Slices

Cut watermelon into easy-to-handle slices or cubes.

It’s a hydrating, sweet, and a quintessential picnic snack.

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These picnic snacks are easy to prepare and perfect for enjoying outdoors, making your picnic both tasty and convenient. Enjoy your time outside with these delicious treats!

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