17 proven Tea Bag Storage Ideas to get your tea organized (2023)

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Are tea bags falling out of your cabinet when you open it? Tea lovers often have this problem: they find lots of great tea, but they don’t have a good spot to store it. In this article we’ll look at 17 tea bag storage ideas to help you get organized.

Tea Bag Storage Ideas - 17 ways to store tea bags
Tea Bag Storage Ideas

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Tea Bag Storage Ideas to Organize your Tea Collection

Storing and organizing tea bags is one of the most common home organization challenges for tea lovers. It’s easy to get tea bags all over the place, whether they’re scattered throughout a cabinet, on your countertop or stuffed in a drawer.

But these tea bag storage ideas can give your kitchen a stylish and functional boost. These ideas will help you keep your tea bags organized and accessible.

And when you have a well-organized tea bag storage system, you’ll spend more time sipping your favorite tea instead of searching for it.

Tea Organizer with Drawers

mDesign Plastic Tea Bag Caddy Box Storage Container Organizer Holder with 3 Drawers - for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertop - Holds Coffee, Sugar Packets, Drink Pods - White/Clear

This tea organizer with 3 pull-out drawers by mDesign is a really popular way to store tea bags.

There are 9 compartments per drawer – 27 total – so you have a great opportunity to store a lot of dfferent types of tea with this unit.

You could dedicate a drawer to black teas, one to herbal teas and one to green teas if you wanted.

The downside to this option is you may not have the countertop space nor cabinet space to accommodate it.

But will this work for you?

Create a Tea Drawer using a Plastic Tea Organizer

mDesign Plastic Extra Wide Food Storage Organizer Bin Caddy for Kitchen, Pantry, Cabinet, Countertop - Holds Baking Supplies, Spices, Pouches, Dressing Mixes, Tea, Sugar Packets - 8 Sections - Clear

Do you have room in your kitchen drawers to create a tea drawer? Drop in one of these plastic, compartmentalized organizers, stick your tea bags in and you’ll immediately improve your tea organization.

This will basically act as a drawer divider to help you contain your tea bags.

Do want an easily accessible tea drawer?

Click here for more information on this popular and highly-rated tea organizer.

Airtight Metal Tea Bag Storage Containers

OGGI Stainless Steel Tea Canister 62oz - Airtight Clamp Lid, Clear See-Thru Top - Ideal for Tea Bag Storage, Loose Tea Storage, Kitchen Storage, Pantry Storage. Large Size 5" x 7.5".

This stainless steel tea container has an airtight clamp-down lid which has a see-through top. So you’ll be able to see how many bags are still in here.

It will hold about 100 tea bags that are not individually wrapped. It wouldn’t be great for storing more than one type of loose tea since the flavors could potentially be affected.

But hey, if you have a couple different favorite types of teas, buy a couple of these containers.

It’s good that it is airtight. Because if the container isn’t airtight, the tea can absorb other aromas.

(You should separate your teas from other foods or spices with strong odors. Unless you want your nice cup of tea to taste like garlic or other pungent food.)

Airtight Clay Tea storage Containers

Airtight Tea Canister in Dove Grey by Henry Watson, Made in England

If you don’t like the cool, shiny look of the metal container, perhaps you’ll prefer this clay tea container with beech-wood lid.

This airtight container is made by the Henry Watson Pottery company from England. (They say they’re a 7th generation family business!)

Click here for current price.

Use a Spice rack to hold your tea

2 Pack- Simple Trending 2 Tier Spice Rack Organizer, Wall Mounted Spice Shelf Storage Holder for Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Door, Silver

Narrow shelves like these are often marketed as spice racks, but they can make useful tea bag organizers too.

These shelves are just under 3-inches deep and about 15.5-inches wide.

So by stacking your tea bags on here like books on a shelf, you’ll be able to put lots bags on here.

Do you have room on a wall or inside a cabinet for this option?

Display your tea bags in Mason Jars or other Glass Jars

Many tea lovers are proud of their tea selection. Putting the tea bags into mason jars or other attractive glass jars is a way to display your teas.

You can place the jars onto your kitchen counter or place them on a shelf.

Just remember that if your tea bags are loose (i.e. not in an individually wrapped paper bag), then they should be protected from the light.

You could still use Mason jars, but put the jars inside a kitchen cabinet to keep them out of the light.

Put up a Tea Shelf

3 Tier Stackable Tea Bag Organizer with 5 Hooks Metal Wire Basket Coffee Condiment Snack Rack Holder Countertop Caddy Bin Wall Mount Shelf for Office Kitchen Cabinet Pantry-Silver Patent Desgin

Wall-mounted shelves like this allow you to free up countertop and cabinet space by storing your teas on the wall.

And because these shelves are over 6 inches deep, you’ll be able to store most tea boxes that the bags were sold in. You shouldn’t have to fuss with taking all the bags out of the boxes and organizing them. Just put the whole box on here.

You can stack the three baskets on top of each other or you can hang each basket on the wall individually in different places.

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Stackable Tea Organizer with Little Drawers (by mDesign)

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Pantry Stackable Storage Organizer Container Station with 3 Drawers for Cabinet, Countertop, Holds Coffee, Tea, Sugar Packets, Creamers, Drink Pods, Packets - White/Clear

The company mDesign makes a lot of great organizers including this stackable tea bag container with 3 little drawers.

You can sit the organizer vertically (as shown in the picture), or you can lay it on its side. Whatever works for you. It’s a good option for a small kitchen.

If you don’t have too much tea, then this is a great way to store a limited number of tea bags in each compact drawer.

Unique Tea Bag Dispenser

Creative Co-Op Reclaimed Wood White House Tea Bag Caddy

I came across this tea bag dispenser while researching this article and I thought it looked rustic and unique.

It wouldn’t be good for organizing different types of tea because you take the tea bag that’s at the bottom – you don’t select the kind you want. But it would be great for storing your favorite type of tea bags. Load them in here and pull one on of the bottom of the “house” when you’re ready.

Wooden Tea Bag Storage Box

Small Wooden Tea Bag Box by HTB, 3 Compartments Acacia Wood Tea Bag Chest with Handle, Mini Countertop Divided Storage Container for Beverage Supplies, Sugar, Sweeteners, Individual Packets

Doesn’t this tea box look great. Such a good-looking way to store and organize tea.

Get a couple of these wooden boxes and you’ll be on your way to organizing a small tea collection. You could place this inside a kitchen cabinet, on the counter, or even inside a drawer.

It is a simple-looking box, but it’s an effective way to store your tea bags that are individually wrapped in paper or plastic bags.

Bamboo Tea Box with Storage Compartments

RoyalHouse Big Natural Bamboo Tea Box Storage Organizer, 8 Compartments

Doesn’t this look cool.

RoyalHouse makes this stylish bamboo tea box with a clear plastic lid.

You can get it with 8 compartments (as shown), or a larger 12 compartment version.

Slide-out Metal Tea Organizer

Slide out Tea Organizer by Lynk Professional (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

The company Lynk Professional makes a lot of high quality sliding organizers.

And this is their foray into tea organization!

You mount this inside a kitchen cabinet to allow easy slide-out access to your favorite teas.

They estimate you can hold about 70 tea bags with is organizer.

And if you want more than that you can get this as a double-decker to hold even more bags.

Spinning Carousel Tea Bag Holder

Nifty Tea Bag Spinning Carousel – 6 Compartments, Up to 60 Tea Bags Storage, Spins 360-Degrees, Lazy Susan Platform, Modern Chrome Design, Home or Office Kitchen Counter Organizer

This unique tea bag holder is likely best suited for an office lunchroom or a similar place where you’d need your teas on display. (Like at a self-service breakfast bar or waiting area of a car dealership.)

With a cool organizer like this, someone wouldn’t have to go searching your cabinets or drawers trying to find your tea.

Simple Plastic Containers for Tea Bags

Youngever 2 Pack Plastic Tea Packet Organizers, Tea Bag Holder, Tea Bag Storage, 8.5" x 3" x 2"

Storing your tea bags doesn’t have to complicated or expensive. You can get a basic plastic container like this to hold your tea.

Just put these inside a drawer, inside a kitchen cabinet, or even right on your counter and you’ve got an easy way to store your tea.

You can probably find plastic storage bins like this at your local dollar store…

…or you can click here to check out this well-rated product by Youngever.

Tea Storage Box with Lid (The Container Store)

Do you love the Container Store? They sell these awesome stackable tea storage boxes made by iDesign.

And because it has little compartments inside it, it doubles as a plastic tea bag organizer too. You’ll be able to separate your teas. For instance, keep your herbal separate from your caffeinated black tea and green tea.

Wall Mounted Tea Rack

High Capacity 120 Tea Bags Organizer Storage and Display Rack for Cabinet and Counter, Wall Mount Available

Is your countertop already cluttered and your cabinets stuffed?

Then maybe you should have a look at your walls. Do you have room to mount this cool tea rack on your wall?

You can actually set this on your counter if you have room, or put it up on the wal.

It is pretty highly-rated too.

Will this work for your kitchen?

Click here for more information.

Seagrass Wicker Tea Bag Storage Tray

Tea Bag / Sugar Packet Holder, Coffee Station Condiment Organizer, Seagrass Storage Basket, Wicker Rattan Divided Basket Organizer for Drawer / Shelf / Countertop

This 4 compartment tea organizing tray is a unique way to stroe your tea bags.

And it’s versatile too. You could keep it on your counter, slide it into a drawer or put it into a cabinet.

Click here for more information on this tea organization tray.

How should I store my tea?

Ideally you should store loose tea bags (ones not individually wrapped) in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.

It’s a good idea to periodically go through your tea bags. Are there some you’ve never drank and you probably never will? Or are some beyond their expiry date? If you haven’t drank them by now, it’s time to move on and get rid of them.

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