27 Intriguing Toilet Paper Holder Ideas to conquer a boring bathroom [with pics]

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If you’re ready to change things up in your bathroom, you’ll love these 27 toilet paper holder ideas. They run the spectrum from classic, to modern, to downright quirky!

I’ve grouped them into 3 main sections: wall-mounted toilet paper holders, free-standing units, and tank mounted toilet paper holders.

27 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas from Stylish, to modern to classic to downright quirky. Such as a star wars  toilet paper holder and an armadillo toilet paper holder
27 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas (from Classic to Quirky)

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Table of Contents

Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

In this section I’ll highlight some wall-mounted toilet paper holder ideas.

Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder with a Phone Shelf

Stainless steel TP holder with phone shelf

Here is a modern design that incorporates a cell phone shelf. (Yes I know it seems odd…but it is simply modern life. Sometimes it is the only personal time a person gets all day long.)

It can be screwed into the wall, OR it can be adhered to the wall using the included adhesive pad.

This one is quite popular and is available on Amazon. It is made of stainless steel.

Sleek Adhesive Toilet Paper holder from YIGII

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas - sleek stainless steel holder from Yigii
Photo credit: YIGII

People with small bathrooms (like RV’ers) love this sleek and slim toilet paper holder from YIGII. It sticks to the wall with an adhesive pad. But because it uses an adhesive it isn’t appropriate for all walls: it isn’t to be used on painted walls, wall-papered walls, brick or concrete.

This small bathroom toilet paper holder is available on Amazon.

Minimalist Brushed Steel Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas
Vertical Toilet Paper holder rod

This toilet paper holder is very similar to the one listed above, but it has a slimmer, circular mounting bracket. And it requires screwing into the wall.

It is available on Amazon and would look good in a remodeled or modern bathroom. It is also available in a few other colors including matte black.

Salvaged Industrial Pipe with Wood Shelves (on Etsy by patriotscreation)

toilet paper holder ideas - industrial pie with wood shelf
Click to see details on Etsy

Here is a cool toilet paper holder that is available on Etsy from a maker named patriotscreations.

It uses old salvaged pipe and repurposed wood to give your bathroom some unique style.

If you want to support a handmade, Made in USA product, click here to check it out on Etsy.

Simple Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper holder ideas - industrial pipe holder available on Etsy
Click pic to check it out on Etsy

Here is another industrial pipe toilet paper holder that is available on Etsy. But this one is a more simple design: no shelf here just some pipe to hold the TP.

Elegant Wood and Metal Toilet Paper Holder (on Etsy by EverDreamCraft)

toilet paper holder ideas - elegant wood and  metal toilet paper holder by EverDreamCraft on Etsy

I love the look of this toilet paper holder from EverDreamCraft on Etsy. It looks like it would belong in a fancy country club or yacht.

If you want to add an upscale look to your washroom, check this out.

Recessed Chrome Toilet Paper Holder

This is the toilet paper holder we decided on when I remodeled our bathroom back in the spring.

It is a simple recessed chrome toilet paper holder from Moen. I bought it at our local Home Hardware store. There was already a hole in the wall, so all I needed to do was remove the old brass holder and put in this new chrome one.

The classic double post toilet paper holder (from Moen)

Photo credit: Moen

I almost didn’t put this one on the list because it is just so common…but I’ve changed my mind and I’ve decided to call it “classic” instead.

You can usually find it at most local hardware stores, but if you can’t, here is a link to it on Amazon.

Traditional Euro Styled Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper holder ideas - traditional euro styled TP holder
Oil-rubbed bronze toilet paper holder

This nice oil-rubbed bronze toilet paper holder is made by AmazonBasics. And as you probably guessed, it is available on Amazon.

They call this style the “Traditional Euro Toilet Paper Holder.”

It could be a good addition to a bathroom, but would it work for your bathroom?

Keep scrolling down to see some really unique wall-mounted toilet paper holders!

Thor’s Hammer Avengers-themed Toilet Paper Holder (on Etsy)

Click the picture to see details on Etsy

Here is a cool gift idea for the Marvel lover in your life. It is a Thor hammer toilet paper holder. It is a unique 3D printed product that is available on Etsy.

Hogwarts Toilet Paper Holder for Harry Potter Fans (Etsy)

Toilet Paper Holder Idea for Harry Potter fans. A 3D printed Hogwarts toilet paper holder
Click to see details on Etsy

Harry Potter fans are dedicated to his fictional wizarding world, and there is lots of decor to decorate your home with related merchandise.

Here is an unofficial Hogwarts 3D printed (plastic) toilet paper holder that is available on Etsy. (Because it is plastic you don’t want to be too rough with it…just in case.)

Star Wars Toilet Paper Holder – Lightsaber design (Etsy)

toilet paper holder ideas Etsy star wars lightsaber
Click to read reviews on Etsy

Here is another clever movie-themed toilet paper holder that I discovered on Etsy. This one is a 3D-printed plastic lightsaber Star Wars toilet paper holder.

And you can get it in red (like Darth Vader) or blue (like Luke Skywalker).

I know people like Star Wars, but I never would have thought you could buy a Star Wars toilet paper holder! Such dedicated fans.

Armadillo Toilet Paper Holder (Etsy)

Toilet Paper Holder Idea - Armadillo on Etsy
Click to see details on Etsy

Here is one of the funniest and quirkiest toilet paper holders I’ve ever seen. This armadillo toilet paper holder is available on Etsy from a maker named TexastradingpostUS.

He is a little short so you’ll probably want to stand him up on a garbage next to your toilet.

This would make a great gift for a friend that loves Texas or armadillos.

Horseshoe Toilet Paper Holder (Etsy)

Click picture to see details on Etsy

Here is a toilet paper holder that I think has a lot of potential to spruce up the western look of a cowboy or cowgirl’s bathroom.

This particular one is made by BigRFabrications on Etsy.

It doesn’t have many reviews yet, but if you want to support a man trying to make some extra money for his family you should check it out.

Cast Iron Antler Toilet Paper Holder

A good toilet paper holder idea for hunters and outdoorsy folks - a cast iron antler toilet paper holder
Click to see more details on Etsy

This interesting cast iron antler toilet paper holder won’t suit everyone’s taste, but it isn’t supposed to. It would be a great gift for a hunter or outdoorsy person. (It’d sure look cool in a cabin.)

If you want to check it out it is a well-reviewed product available on Etsy from a seller named CastIronHooks.

T-Rex Skeleton Novelty Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holder ideas - a unique Trex skeleton novelty toilet paper holder
Photo credit: Design Toscano. (T-Rex Toilet Paper holder)

Oh man, do you have a dinosaur lover in your family? This would make such a cool surprise gift because who would even expect they make something like this!

This novelty Trex toilet paper holder is actually available on Amazon from Design Toscano.

Grim Reaper Toilet Paper Holder

Photo credit: Design Toscano

Okay I thought the dinosaur TP holder was unique…then I saw this. Going to the washroom in an outhouse is scary enough – imagine if you looked over and saw this thing.

It is sold by the same company as the Trex shown above (Design Toscano), and it is also available on Amazon.

Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holders

In this section I’ll highlight some free-standing toilet paper holder ideas.

Toilet Paper Holder with a phone shelf and a tube for spare rolls (from XEEX)

Photo credit: XEEX

This cleverly designed wire toilet paper holder by XEEX has a cell phone shelf up top, a hook for the roll being used, and tube to store up to three spare rolls of toilet paper.

Click here if you want to see dimensions on Amazon.

Metal Bucket to store toilet paper

A metal bucket placed on the floor next to your toilet makes a simple toilet paper holder for your spare rolls. The bucket in this picture was bought at a dollar store so it won’t break the bank.

Dual Pole Free-standing toilet paper holder

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas - dual pole free standing toilet paper holder has a pole for storing extra toilet paper
Free standing toilet paper holder.

This is a sleek free-standing toilet paper holder made by AmazonBasics. It can hold up to 4 rolls of extra toilet paper.

Chrome Wire toilet paper holder with TP “corral”

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas – Chrome Wire Unit

This is a toilet paper holder that I saw in a store’s restroom. I thought it was cool enough to take a picture of. I don’t know where they bought it from.

But here is a SIMILAR one on Amazon (not exactly the same).

Chrome toilet paper stand with magazine basket

toilet paper holder ideas - floor stand with magazine basket at teh bottom
Toilet paper holder with magazine rack

I think smart phones have largely replaced magazines as the bathroom reading material of choice, and if you don’t have mags at home you could use this bottom rack to store more toilet paper.

It is available on Amazon if you think this will work in your bathroom.

Re-purposing a Paper Towel Holder

Toilet Paper Holder ideas - using a paper towel holder that is meant to sit on the kitchen counter and put it on the bathroom floor to hold toilet paper
Toilet Paper Holder Ideas – use a vertical paper towel holder

Here a vertical paper towel holder that is intended to sit on the kitchen counter is used to hold toilet paper in an RV bathroom instead.

Are there things in your house you could re-purpose to be unique toilet paper holders?

Simple Free-standing Toilet Paper Pole

Toilet Paper holder ideas - upright free standing TP pole
Photo credit: meDesign

Here is a simple and elegant free-standing toilet paper “pole” made by mDesign that’ll hold up to 3 rolls of toilet paper. Here it is shown in black (which I think looks real cool), but you can buy it in several different colors to match your bathroom decor.

Toilet Paper Storage Tube for Extra Rolls

Toilet paper storage tube for extra rolls of toilet paper by mDesign
Photo credit: mDesign

Are you tired of having your extra rolls of toilet paper sitting on the back of your toilet? This is a plastic storage bin made by mDesign that will fit up to 3 rolls of toilet paper and is supposed to prevent them from getting damp.

But will this work with the toilet paper rolls you use? Click here for more details on Amazon.

Tank mounted Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

In this section I’ll look at a couple toilet paper holders that hang from the toilet tank. These toilet paper holder ideas may be particularly useful for a small bathroom.

I have never owned one of these types of holders before. But I think you’d have to read the measurements carefullly to make sure the “lip” of the hanger will fit inside your toilet tank.

Tank-mounted Toilet Paper Holder by iDesign

Toilet Paper Ideas - tank-mounted TP holder by iDesign
Photo credit: iDesign

This toilet paper holder by iDesign has a spot for your current roll of toilet paper (the top roll) and a little shelf below for an extra roll.

It is available on Amazon if you want to see more details.

Over the Tank – Reserve Toilet Paper Holder (by mDesign)

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas - over the tank reserve tube
Photo credit: mDesign

This one from mDesign is better for your reserve rolls of toilet paper than your current roll , but it is a good option for small bathrooms to keep some extra toilet paper close by without being on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should the toilet paper holder be from the toilet?

The toilet paper holder should generally be 8-12 inches from the front of the toilet bowl so it is still within reach of the person on the toilet. (Reference)

Where do you hang a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

You should place the center of your toilet paper holder 26-inches above the floor and about 8-12 inches away from the front of the toilet bowl. (Reference)


I hope you’ve found some of these toilet paper holder ideas to be inspiring and hopefully at least one of them will help you remodel or update your bathroom.

Were you also blown away by the large variety of TP holders out there? I mean an armadillo! Wow….so unique.

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