13 space-saving Twin Bed with Storage Ideas [get organized]

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Do you need a twin bed with storage for your kids or for yourself? The space a bed takes up is wasted space when it comes to storage, but it doesn’t have to be. These twin bed with storage options will help you get your bedroom organized.

Make the most of whatever space you do have with one of these cool space-saving bed ideas.

Twin Bed with Storage Ideas - a twin bed with storage is a good space-saving way to add storage to a small bedroom.
Twin Bed with Storage Ideas

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13 Twin Bed with Storage Options

People are always looking for better ways to store stuff and organize small bedrooms.

And twin beds with storage are a great place to start. Especially for children’s rooms.

You could get one of these first and then get other organizers if you still need them.

Need to Assemble

Remember that if you order a twin bed online (or pretty much any furniture) it is going to come unassembled in a box.

Take your time to read the assembly instructions – yes, actually read the manual – and check to see that all the parts shipped correctly. Get an understanding of how the twin bed frame will go together and start building it slowly.

And if the bed frame is customizable, such as drawers can go on right side of the bed or left side, make sure you know how it’ll be positioned in your room… so you build it properly from the start.

With that aside, let’s get started on the twin bed with storage ideas!

1) Twin Loft Bed with Storage in the Stairway (Blue Low Loft)

JACKPOT! Contemporary Low Loft Twin Bed with Stairway, Loft Bed, Blue

A twin loft bed like this one helps you take advantage of the space under the bed.

But note, this is a “low” loft bed meaning the space under the bed is only 32-inches tall (2.5-feet tall).

This isn’t intended to have a desk or anything under there. But it would work well for storage.

You could put totes of your child’s toys under the bed.

Plus, the three stairs have slide out drawers where you could store clothes or toys.

This highly-rated bed is available on Amazon. (It doesn’t come with a twin mattress.)

2) White Twin Loft Bed with Storage Underneath (low loft)

Max & Lily Twin Low Loft Bed with Staircase, White

This white twin bed with storage space underneath is made by Max & Lily. This is another “low loft” bed that provides just over 33-inches of under-bed height.

So you can store stuff under the bed area, or your little one can use it as a small play area.

CLICK HERE for more details on Amazon.

3) Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase Storage (Walmart)

Loft Twin Bed with Storage bookcase underneath
Click to see details of this Twin Loft Bed on Walmart.com

This twin loft bed has almost 4-feet of space between the floor and the bottom of the bed. So this is closer to a “real” loft bed compared to the “low loft” beds above. And it has open bookcase shelves for books and baskets.

You could put a small study desk under the bed, store totes under here, or leave it open as a play area.

A loft bed like this – that frees up floor space – really opens up opportunities for a small room.

CLICK HERE to see more details on Walmart.com

4) Twin Captain’s Bed with 6 Drawers

SOFTSEA Twin Bed Platform with 6 Drawers, Captains Bed Storage Daybed Frame for Kids Teens Guests(Captains Gray)

Here is another cool twin bed with storage underneath…this one looks like your standard twin size bed, but with 6 drawers underneath.

Having a Captain’s bed like this could help you get rid of a dresser and free up some floor space in your kid’s room.

Don’t like gray? This company – SOFTSEA – makes this style of bed in a few different colors.

CLICK HERE to see other available colors.

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5) Twin Low Loft Bed with lots of Storage and a Pull-out Desk

Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed White/Twin

Do you need a complete solution for organizing a small bedroom?

I didn’t know that a bed frame could come with “all the bells and whistles” but this one seems to have it.

It is a low-loft bed that comes with a 3-drawer dresser to fit under the bed. It also has a book case for the end of the bed.

Plus, it has a slide-out desk so your child has space to do their homework or art right in their bedroom. And the end of the desk – the part that slides out – has more shelves for storage.

Pretty cool unit. Since all this ships together just make sure you read the instructions carefully, do an inventory to make sure all the parts were shipped, and take your time assembling it.

6) Twin Bed with Rolling Storage Drawer (White)

White twin bed with storage drawer underneath
Click the picture to see details on Walmart.com

I like the look of the headboard on this twin bed…it almost looks like a pallet headboard.

What’s different about this option is that the drawer isn’t built in to the bed itself. The storage drawer is an unattached, rolling drawer that you can pull out and push back under the bed when needed. This would be good for toys or blankets.

Will this work for you?

7) Black Twin Bed with Storage – 3 Drawers and No Headboard

Prepac Mate's Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers, Twin, Black

This twin platform bed has 3-drawers underneath to help you keep a small bedroom tidy.

They call this 3-drawer version the “Mate’s bed” and they also sell one they call the “Captain’s bed” that comes with 6-drawers underneath for even more storage space.

The manufacturer says this is not intended to work with a headboard. (If you want a twin bed with storage and headboard see below).

What’s cool about this particular twin bed is that it would look cool in an adult’s room too…like a stylish spare room.

Click here to see current price.

8) Twin Bed with Storage and Headboard

Twin Beds with Storage Espresso Finish Twin Storage Bed

This twin bed from the company Mainstay has two pull-out drawers underneath the bed, and comes with bookshelf headboard for extra storage. So there is lots of opportunities to keep a bedroom tidy with this compact bed.

It is well-rated on Amazon with lots of customer-submitted reviews (and even customer photos).

Will this work for your bedroom?

9) White Twin Bed with Storage and Headboard (Walmart)

White Twin Bed with storage and headboard
Click picture to see details on Walmart.com

This white twin bed frame with storage and a bookcase headboard is available on Walmart.com

It currently has 4.1 stars out of 5 with lots of reviews.

And it has free shipping too, which is a nice add-on. (Note, this could change in the future.)

10) Twin Bed with Trundle and Storage (White)

Twin Captain's Bed Storage Daybed with Trundle and Drawers for Kids Teens and Adults, White

I like the look of this twin bed. It would be a great option if your child has sleepovers. You just need to pull out the trundle bed and their friend has a bed too!

Under the pull-out trundle bed there are 3 storage drawers to help keep the room tidy.

The bed look awesome made – as in the picture above – but it is a little hard to see what you’re getting.

So the picture below shows the bed frame without the mattresses (which aren’t included).

Twin Captain's Bed Storage Daybed with Trundle and Drawers for Kids Teens and Adults, White

Will this well-rated bed work for you?

CLICK HERE to see more details

11) White Twin Bed with Storage (Walmart)

White twin bed with 2 storage drawers underneath.
White twin bed with storage drawers – Click picture to see on Walmart.com

This is a cute, white twin bed with storage underneath. It is available on Walmart.com where it currently has 4.1 stars out of 5 with lots of reviews.

This could look great in a little girls bedroom, or even as a spare bed for guests that drop in.

You could use the storage drawers for off-season clothes (like sweaters in the summer), or you could put twin-sized bedding in the drawers.

If you think this might work for you…

12) Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers (Amazon)

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, Trundle Bed for Kids with 3 Drawers, Teens Bedroom, Guest Room Furniture with Ladder, Safety Rail (White)

Isn’t this a cool bed! This pine wood bed can be assembled as a bunk bed (like shown above), or you can separate it into two individual twin beds.

And the bottom twin bed has a pull-out trundle bed, and three evenly-sized drawers for storage.

When my daughter had a bunk bed she usually slept in the bottom bed and we used the top bed for storage. (Basically a space for her stuffed animals to hang out.)

This well-rated bed has lots of reviews on Amazon if you want to see what others say about it.


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13) Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Underneath and Built-in Dresser

Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 Drawers in Honey Finish

This twin bunk bed from Discovery World Furniture takes storage to another level with its built-in 4 drawer dresser.

It is made of solid wood — no particle board. And instead of a ladder it has the wood steps to get up to the top bunk.

This finish in the picture above is the “Honey” finish.

It is a well-rated quality product, and you’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for.”

Prefer white color? Below is a picture of the same style of bed but in white.

Twin Over Twin Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers in White Finish

I hope one of these twin beds with storage will help work for you.

If you’re buying for your kids, just remember they grow up fast and their needs change. And the way they use their bedroom changes. If they need a spot to do their homework, perhaps a loft bed will be the best.

If you have friends of family that come for overnight stays, perhaps a twin bed with trundle and storage would be a better choice.

Whatever organizer or storage option you choose, remember to decide what you’ll store there and make sure you follow through. No sense in buying a cool storage idea (like these beds) and then not using them to their potential.

Twin beds with storage underneath and/or above are great for a small room, and so are the ideas featured in this next article.

13 space-saving ways to organize a small bedroom

small bedroom organization ideas

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