13 proven Ways to Store and Organize your Underwear

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Do you need help organizing and storing your underwear? Is your current method simply not working? In this article we’ll look at 13 proven underwear storage ideas that will help you out.

Plus we’ll even give an answer to how to store underwear if you don’t have a dresser.

 13 proven ways to organize and store underwear

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How to Store Underwear – 13 ways

Below is a variety of ways to store underwear.

Not all of these underwear storage ideas will work for you.

The best way for your to store your underwear will depend on several factors such as if you have a dresser or closet, and whether you have enough room in a drawer or in your closet for an appropriate underwear organizer.

We’ll include several ways to store your underwear if you don’t have a dresser, and we’ll even give some tips on storing your underwear in small bedrooms and closets (such as in RV closets).

1. Install Drawer Dividers in your Underwear Drawer

Evelots - Dresser Drawer Organizer-Divider-Sock-Belt-Scarf-Underwear-112 Slots Total-Set/4

If you use a dresser drawer to store your underwear, chances are it is jumbled mess…especially if you store socks and bras in there too.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Drawer dividers can help divvy up the space and help you compartmentalize each type of undergarment. Underwear will be in its designated area, and socks in theirs.

It gives you easy access to what you’re looking for: a great feature for busy, rushed mornings.

If you have space in a dresser drawer, a drawer divider can be a great way to help keep it organized.

Click here to see details on this honeycomb drawer divider.

2. Get a Fabric Drawer Organizer

3 Pack - Simple Houseware Socks Underwear Drawer Organizer (24+24+16 cells), Dark Grey

Another way to organize dresser drawers is to get drawer organizers like this well-rated set from SimpleHouseware.

The compartments will help you separate your underwear…however you want to do that (by color, by style, etc…)

Drawer dividers and drawer organizers are very similar but the main difference between them is that drawer organizers like this have a bottom so they can be lifted up and out of your drawer.

(This can be handy if you fold your laundry outside of your bedroom…you can just bring the whole drawer organizer with you and tuck the folded underwear into the organizer.)

In this 3-pack you get 3 drawer organizers – each one is 1-foot wide by 1-foot long and 3.75-inches tall.

Two of the organizers have 24 compartments, and the other has 16 compartments. You’ll be able to store a lot of undies in here!

You could use them all in your dresser, or give them to other family members to help them get an organized underwear drawer too.

Below is a picture of a fabric drawer organizer “in action”.

Using a 24 compartment Drawer Organizer from Mainstays to organize underwear in the top drawer of an Ikea Malm dresser.

Here is a 24 compartment drawer organizer by Mainstays (from Walmart) being used to store underwear in the top drawer of an IKEA 6-drawer Malm dresser.

It makes the drawer look tidy.

3. Underwear Storage Ikea – The BAXNA organizer

Underwear Storage Ikea baxna storage box used inside a dresser drawer
the BAXNA organizer box from IKEA (Photo credit: IKEA.com)

Do you love IKEA? If so they make this popular organizer box which is 4-inches tall. (If you don’t have deep dresser drawers they make a version that is about 2.25-inches tall.)

Many people use these in their underwear drawers to help keep things tidy and organized.

Below is a picture of the box itself.

Underwear storage ideas - the BAXNA box from Ikea
BAXNA box from IKEA (Photo credit: IKEA.com)

What’s cool about this fabric organizer is that they used at least 90% recycled polyester fabric to create this product. That is nice to see from a large company like IKEA.

4. Get an Expandable Drawer Organizer (Container Store)

Underwear storage ideas - an expandable drawer organizer from the Container Store
Cambridge 6-section Expandable Drawer Organizer (Photo credit: ContainerStore.com)

You can get this unique drawer organizer at The Container Store. What makes this unique is that it expands side to side to better fit your drawer.

It is 14.5-inches from front to back, so your dresser drawers will need to be at least this distance to use this.

When it is contracted it has just 4 compartments, but when extended it has 6 compartments like shown in the picture above.

5. Store your Underwear in Storage Bins in your Closet

If you have room on a closet shelf, you can store your underwear in storage containers and place these bins on the closet shelf.

Fabric storage cubes can work well for this, but clear plastic containers allow you to easily see what is inside each container.

This is a good option if you have shelf space in your closet… but if you’re struggling with organizing your other clothes you may be able to put those closet shelves to better use.

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6. Hanging Underwear and Bra Organizer (double-sided)

1 Pack - SimpleHouseware 24-Pocket Double-Sided Hanging Closet Underwear Organizer, Grey

Another great way to store your underwear in your closet is to get a hanging underwear organizer like this one from SimpleHouseware.

It hangs from your closet rod and provides a convenient way to store underwear, socks, bras and sports bras.

This is a great solution if you don’t have a dresser, or if you don’t have enough room in your dresser.

There are 16 small pockets for underwear on one side of this organizer, and 8 pockets for storing bras on the other side.

Will this work for you?

7. Hanging Closet Organizer with an Underwear Organizer Drawer

SMIRLY Hanging Closet Organizer and Storage Shelves - Wardrobe Clothes Organizer for Closet, Storage Organizer - Hanging Shelves for Closet Organization and Storage, Closet Shelf Organizer w/ Drawers

Here is a smart way to store your underwear, socks and bras if you don’t have a dresser.

This closet organizer from Smirly has a Velcro strap to hang it from a closet rod.

It features 5 removable drawers. They market the two smaller drawers as the underwear drawers, but you can use them however you want to best organize your undergarments.

This whole unit is just over 12-inches wide so it’ll take up about a foot of space along your closet rod.

SMIRLY Hanging Closet Organizer and Storage Shelves - Wardrobe Clothes Organizer for Closet, Storage Organizer - Hanging Shelves for Closet Organization and Storage, Closet Shelf Organizer w/ Drawers

Will this work in your closet?

8. Get a Small Dresser with Plastic Drawers

Sterilite 28308002 3 Drawer Cart, White Frame with Clear Drawers and Black Casters, 2-Pack

Using a plastic dresser like this can be a good way to store underwear if you have the floor space in your room or closet.

I know several RV’ers (campers) that use dressers like this to help organize their RV closets.

You can get them in a variety of different designs. Some have a small drawer on top that can work well to hold accessories like bracelets, watches and other small items.

This particular model by Sterilite has 3 identical-sized drawers.

Will a cart like this work for you?

9. Put Wire Storage Cubes in your Bedroom or Closet

Rubbermaid 3 Piece Storage Wire Stackable Cube Set, Easy Assemble, White, for Closet/Bookshelf/Toys Multi-Use Home Organizer

These wire storage cubes are super versatile. You can buy fabric storage cubes at lots of different stores (including IKEA) and then place them inside one of these cubbies.

You can dedicate a cube to underwear and socks and then still have room to have a shoe cubby, a spot for sweaters and other off season clothes. Plus, you could use one of these cubbies to store your sheets and blankets.

The wire cubes in the photo above are a well-rated, 3-cube set from Rubbermaid.

I used to have a similar set-up in the bottom of my closet (but mine didn’t look quite as tidy as the ones above). The plastic bin in the upper-right cubby worked well to hold underwear.

10. Put your Underwear into a Hanging Shoe Organizer

If you don’t have a dresser, nor the closet space to store your underwear, another option is to put your underwear into the pockets of a hanging shoe organizer.

Despite the fact that they’re called a shoe organizer, these hanging multi-pocket organizers can be used to store lots of different stuff.

And if you get one that hangs from the back of your bedroom door you can take advantage of this otherwise “wasted” vertical space.

This is a great idea if you have a small bedroom, don’t have much space, and you need to make the most of the space you do have.

Or, if you don’t have bifold closet door, you could put these underwear organizers on the inside of your closet door.

11. Place your Underwear Bins on a Storage Shelf

Underwear storage ideas - an underwear storage box on a wall-mounted shelf helps use vertical space
Underwear storage box (cute cardboard box used to store underwear)

If you’re lacking closet storage space, but you still like the idea of having your underwear in a bin…then consider putting up a storage shelf on your bedroom wall.

Wall shelves take advantage of vertical space and convert wasted space into storage space. They’re a good option for small bedrooms.

It could look quite decorative if you got a stylish plastic container, box or basket for your underwear. And you can use the shelf to store other things like books and decorative items too.

The shelf doesn’t have to be fancy…just a flat surface to put the bins on.

In the picture above there is an underwear storage box on a wall-mounted shelf. The colorful cardboard box was from a dollar store.

If you want to make it look extra organized you could put shelf dividers on the shelf. Then you could designate a spot for your underwear bin, bra bin, or even place folded jeans or sweaters on the shelf. (The shelf divider helps stop these bulky items from toppling sideways. )

12. Get an Underwear Storage Box with lid for under bed storage

AARAINBOW 2 Packs Underwear Socks Storage Organizer with Lids Foldable Closet Drawer Divider 30 Cells, Linen Cotton Storage Box Bin for Socks Underwear Ties Scarves and Lingerie in Wardrobe (2 Gray)

You can store lots of different stuff under your bed, so why not your underwear too!

But keep in mind, if you’re using and accessing that stuff daily (like your underwear) it needs to be easy to get at and put away.

Plus, you don’t want your underwear all covered in dust, so you may want to get an under bed organizer that has a lid like this one from AARAINBOW.

(If you have under bed drawers…like a captain’s bed…you can put a drawer organizer inside it!)

13. Fold your Underwear so they take up less space

You’ve probably been folding your underwear the same way for years.

But is there a better way to fold your undies so they take up less space?

Marie Kondo, the famous organizer, has a unique method of folding underwear to make them more compact.

Folding your underwear into small squares will allow you to store more underwear in a small area. And the best part is that it’ll give your underwear drawer a nice, clean look.

Below is her YouTube video where she shows her underwear folding method. (She shows it so fast in this video though it is a bit tricky to follow along…at least for me.)

How to store underwear if you don’t have a dresser?

If you don’t have a dresser there are still lots of ways to organize and store your underwear. Common underwear storage ideas for those without a dresser include using a hanging shoe organizer, a hanging underwear organizer for your closet, and storing underwear in baskets or other containers and placing them on a closet shelf or on top of a dresser.

And don’t forget about underbed storage: this can be a great place to store underwear without taking up more closet or dresser space.

I hope these different ways to store your underwear have been helpful and that you’ve found something that’ll work for you.

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