5 free Weekly Chore Chart Printable PDF’s [good responsibility trackers]

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Keep track of the week’s responsibilities with a free Weekly Chore Chart printable PDF. There are 5 different styles of templates to choose from. You can use it to help define and track your children’s chores, or your own.

Each chore chart has a checkbox (or circle) for each day of the week, so you can ‘check off’ once that chore has been completed.

And most of the sheets have a section to write down a name. So each of your family members can have their own chart. Or you can just use it as a total family chore chart.

Weekly chore chart printable free PDF.  5 templates to choose from
Weekly Chore Charts printable PDF’s

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List of PDF Free Printable Chore Charts

Do you need help keeping track of whether you or your family members have completed their daily and weekly chores?

Below you’ll find several chore charts that you can use. They have different designs.

Just find the look and style that you want then click on the picture of the chore chart and it’ll open up the PDF version in a new browser window. From there you can print off however many copies you need.

Some parents use these as a reward chart for their older children. For instance, they may only get their allowance if they complete their designated household chores.

Or younger kids may get a treat like some ice cream at the end of the week if they do all their daily tasks.

But it is up to you how you want to use these printable charts. I just hope it helps your family.

If they have never used a chore chart before, it may seem “weird” to older kids, but soon it’ll become part of their daily routine.

They may even come to like tracking their chores and feel a fulfilling sense of responsibility.

Scroll through all these free printables to see which one is most appealing to you.

(Just please note these are for personal use…not to resell or use commercially. Thank you.)

1) Weekly Chore Chart Printable – Simple Chore Chart in A5 size (but you can print full page)

Click to open this chore chart PDF in a new browser window

Here is basic weekly chore chart sheet with daily boxes to check-off once those daily chores are completed.

How to print full size on Letter paper

This weekly chore chart is in A5 size, but you can print it full page on a standard Letter sized piece of paper. When you go to print it just make sure to click “Fit to Printable” – or similar option – on your printer’s pop up box.

Below is a screenshot of the pop up box that my printer gives me and I’ve highlighted where to click.

Click “Fit to printable area” to have it print on standard sized paper

2) Weekly Chore Chart Printable in Confetti Style

Click to open this weekly chore chart PDF in a new browser window

Here is a version of the weekly chore chart featuring the “Confetti style.”

Writing out your list of basic chores in the “Chores to Do” column is a great way to help keep track of what you want/need accomplished that week.

And the Reminders/Notes section at the bottom is where you can write additional information about the list of chores you’ve provided.

For instance, if “cleaning the floor” is one of the chores, you may make a note about what type of cleanser is to be used.

3) Weekly Chore Chart with Unicorns

Unicorns Weekly Chore Chart in PDF format

Here is a unicorn-themed weekly chore chart that will be great for your young kids…or for yourself (no judgement).

My little girl loves unicorns. If your child does too then this may be a great chore chart for them.

4) Weekly Chore Chart with Rainbows

Click to open the Rainbow Weekly Chore Chart PDF in a new browser window

Remember there are only rainbows after it has rained.

So your kids may view chores as rain, but the reward of rainbows only follows the rain.

Does your child like rainbows? If so, this may be the perfect free chore chart for them to try.

Click here to open the rainbow-themed weekly chore chart in a new browser window.

Want to improve your self-discipline and develop a healthy habit? Check out this free HABIT TRACKER.

5) Pink and Blue Basic Weekly Chore Chart Printable

Click to open this Weekly Chore Checklist in a new browser window

Here is a pink and blue weekly chore checklist with a fairly basic design.

A lot of adults like chores charts because they’re like a daily to-do list for household tasks.

Just writing the tasks down and creating a chore system for themselves can help them stay on top of things.

Doing the small chores daily can help prevent your house from becoming an “overwhelming” disaster.

Then instead of having to dedicate an entire weekend to tidying up, you’ll only have to do your small amount of morning chores to keep ahead of the game.

So go ahead and grab your own chore chart today and stay ahead of the mess.

What about a reusable responsibility chart for kids?

If you’d rather not print out sheets of paper, you can get magnetic responsibility charts for young children made by “Melissa and Doug.” (See it in the picture below.)

This magnetic board and magnet set is popular on Amazon. If you want a reusable responsibility chart for your little one, check it out.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart | Toddler Routine, Kids Reward Board, Chores Chart, For Kids Ages 3+

Make your own reusable daily chore chart

You can make your reusable daily or weekly chore chart by printing off one of the free PDF’s I’ve provided, then slip the paper inside a plastic sheet protector.

Once inside the plastic protector you can use dry erase markers to put a check mark next to the completed tasks.

Why might you want a chore chart? (hint: develop self-discipline)

I’m reading a book right now titled, “No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline” by author Brian Tracy.

In the book he highlights the importance of self-discipline in a person’s success. The ability to stay disciplined and focus on your goals and working towards them is a big determinant in success.

Doing something that you have to do, repeatedly – even when you don’t want to do it – will help build self-discipline, and this discipline will help “…resist the lure of excuses.”

If you want to learn more – and are tired of making excuses – I suggest you check it out. Your local library or bookstore may have it, but if not here is a link to it on Amazon.

Plus, splitting up the household duties among family members can ensure that you can keep your sanity and reclaim your time.

What chores to add to the weekly chore lists?

The chores that you add to your weekly chore chart will depend on your personal circumstances.

Just remember to delegate age-appropriate chores to your children. And you know you children best. Some kids are more responsible than others and be given more complex tasks.

But err on the side of caution especially if it comes to lifting heavy objects or needing cleaning supplies.

Need some help deciding what are appropriate chores? Check out this PDF from the University of Arkansas for guidance.

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Thank you and take care.

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