13 clever Ways to Store Wreaths until next year

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Wreaths look amazing on the front door or displayed on the wall, but storing them until next year can be tricky. In this article we’ll look at 13 simple wreath storage ideas.

Hopefully at least one of these options will be perfect for you.

Protect and store your wreaths with one of these wreath storage ideas.
Wreath storage ideas to protect and organize your wreaths

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How to store wreaths – 13 Ideas

Below are a variety of ways you can store your wreaths. They can work for Christmas wreaths, Fall wreaths and any other seasonal wreaths you may have.

Use one of these ideas to store your wreath collection until next season.

Just remember if you have outdoor wreaths, make sure they are dry before storing them for the year…especially if you’re putting them into a non-breathing storage container like plastic bags.

Some of these are wreath storage products you can buy, and some are photos I’ve taken using things around the house.


1) Wreath Storage Bags for Christmas Wreaths

ZOBER 2-Pack Christmas Wreath Storage Bag 30" - Artificial Wreaths, Durable Handles, Dual Zipper & Card Slot, Holiday Xmas Tear-Resistant Storage Container 420D Oxford Fabric

It isn’t mandatory that you only store Christmas wreaths in these bags, but since they’re red, they’re perfect for the holiday season.

It comes as a 2-pack so you can store two larger wreaths up to 30-inches in diameter: one wreath per bag. (They also make smaller, 24-inch bags too.)

Some people choose to lightly wrap their wreath in tissue paper or wrapping paper prior to storage. Just to help keep things in place and provide additional protection.

You may be thinking, “What if I only have one wreath? What do I do with the other bag?” Well a lot of people use these as garland storage bags, or to store other holiday decorations. Heck, some people even use them to store extension cords or Christmas lights.

Once you get your wreath inside one of these bags you could hang the bag from its handle on a wall hook or nail. Or you could place the bag upon a storage shelf.

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2) Clear Wreath Storage Bags

Whitmor Clear Everyday Wreath Bag, 30 Inch

If you prefer to see inside your wreath bag, check out this clear option from the company Whitmor.

It is a popular and well-rated wreath bag.

3) Double-decker Wreath Storage Bag

Double Premium Christmas Wreath Storage Bag 30”, With Compartment Organizers For Christmas Garlands & Durable Handles, Protect Artificial Wreaths - Holiday Xmas Bag Made of Tear Proof 600D Oxford

Once again this is a very similar idea: you put your wreath into a bag.

But for this option, instead of having two separate bags, you get a double-decker container so your wreaths will be together.

4) Wrap them in a plastic bag and place upon a shelf

A wreath of dried moss inside a clear plastic bag and placed upon a shelf for storage.
Wreath in a plastic bag upon a shelf

This is a basic option and shows that wreath storage doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Place your dry wreath inside a plastic bag (like a plastic garbage bag) and then place it upon a storage shelf.

The good thing about this option is that you don’t have to buy a separate container.

The downside to this option is that it’ll take up shelf space.

And just remember what you have in those trash bags before you set something heavy on top of them.

You may want to get clear plastic bags so you can easily tell what is in there. So you’ll be able to quickly tell your 4th of July wreath from your Fall wreath.

5) How to store wreaths in a closet – use a pants hangers

You can use a pants hanger type of clothes hanger to hang a wreath from a closet rod if you put the wreath inside a plastic bag first.
Wreath in a plastic bag hung from a pants hanger

If you put your wreath into a plastic bag, but don’t want to just leave it on a shelf, you can hang it using a pants hanger.

This will work for lighter wreaths, but heavier wreaths may not be adequately held up by the pants hanger.

You could hang the pants hanger from a closet rod (as shown above) or you could hang it from a wall hook.

6) Use a bungee cord to hang your wreath from a closet rod

Hanging a decorative fall wreath using a bungee cord and hanging it from a closet rod
Hanging a wreath using a bungee cord

Here is another simple option to store a wreath in a closet.

If you have a bungee cord you can wrap it around your wreath and hang your wreath vertically from a closet rod.

This won’t cost much money, but the downside is your wreath may get damaged or dusty throughout the year depending on how often your closet is used.

7) Use a bungee cord to hang your wreath from a Command Hook

If you don’t have the closet space to hang your wreaths, you can mount some Command Hooks to the wall or behind a door.

It’ll take advantage of unused vertical space and your wreath won’t be hogging shelf space or space along a closet rod.

You may not want to put it behind a door that is opened a lot – just in case it gets damaged by the frequent jostling.

8) Wreath Storage Container (Walmart)

The sterilite nesting wreath storage container
Sterilite Nesting Wreath Storage Container (Available at Walmart)

If you want a hard-sided container to protect your wreaths, the company Sterilite makes these wreath storage containers. They can hold a wreath up to 24-inches in diameter.

It features a carrying handle, it stands upright on its own, and it has 4 latches to ensure it is properly closed.

I came across this product the other day while in Walmart so I snapped a picture of it. (And I put a Walmart wreath inside it as seen below.)

Sterilite nesting Wreath storage container with a wreath from Walmart inside it laid upon the floor to show it in action.
The Sterilite Wreath storage container with a wreath from Walmart inside it.

It would work well to protect wreaths from damage and dust, but I found it to be a bit bulky.

But if you have an expensive wreath you may want to look into getting one of these to protect it.

9) Repurpose an old Cake Carrier to hold smaller wreaths

Rubbermaid Servin Saver Cake Keeper

You may already have one of these cake carriers around your house.

If your wreaths are small enough, you may be able to tuck them inside a cake container for protected storage.

If you don’t have one at home, and you can’t find one used at a second-hand store, you can check out this option from Rubbermaid on Amazon.

10) Store your wreaths in storage totes

IRIS USA 33 Qt. Holiday Wreath Storage Container Box with Lid, 3-pack, Stackable Under Bed Storage Organizer Bin with Latching Buckles for 20" Wreaths Festive Holiday Decorations Garlands, Clear/Red

These are marketed as dedicated wreath storage totes, but you could use other low-profile storage totes to hold your wreaths too.

This is a good option if you store your Christmas decorations or collection of wreaths in a spare bedroom, because short totes may even fit under the bed.

And storing them inside plastic totes will allow you to stack other light objects upon them if you put them on a shelf.

11) Slip some pipe cleaners through your wreath to hang it

Two pipe cleaners looped through a wreath ring so the wreath can be hung
Pipe cleaner loops around a wreath ring

Pipe cleaners aren’t just for craft time. You can loop a couple of pipe cleaners around the back of your wreath near the top, then either directly hang this from a hook, or slide an S-hook through the pipe cleaner loop and hang it from a closet rod.

Hanging the wreath using the pipe cleaner loops
Hanging the wreath using the pipe cleaner loops

Alternatively, you can feed a clothes hanger through the pipe cleaner loop and hang the hook of the hanger from a closet rod.

To protect your wreaths from dust, you may want to slip a clear plastic bag over top of it.

Or a clear garment bag slipped over your wreath would work well too.

12) Store your wreath in a Bedding packaging bag

You can store small wreaths inside the plastic bag that bedding comes packaged in.
Wreath in a bedding bag (bedding packaging bag)

If you’ve recently bought some new bedding or blankets, did it come in a clear plastic, zippered bag?

You can use these bags to store a wreath. A great way to repurpose something that otherwise may have been thrown out.

This is how I store one of my wreaths. In the photo above I have a wreath my sister made with my kids years ago. Over the years many of the pine cones have fallen off, but we’ll get around to repairing it – someday.

13) Hang your Wreath from Coat hooks or wall-mounted wooden dowels

NELXULAS Classic Black Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hooks, Bath Towel Hooks, Coat Hanger, Handbag Hooks, 4 in Pack (6")

Sorry I don’t have a picture of these ‘in action’ but wall-mounted coat hooks like this can work well to hold up your wreaths.

Screw these into the wall where you have adequate space then place your wreath upon the rod.

These particular coat hooks are 6-inches long and made of stainless steel, but wooden dowels or an old coat rack would work too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of wreath storage ideas.

Will one of them work for you?

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