7 Simple Fall Decor DIY Ideas to ‘Festive Up’ your House and Porch

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Is the drop in temperature causing a spike in your desire to decorate your home for fall? If so, check out all 7 of these easy, festive Fall Decor DIY ideas that you can do this weekend. You’ll have your home and porch brimming with the coziness of Fall in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s “Festive Up!”

7 Festive and Simple Fall Decor DIY Ideas you can do this weekend.
7 Fun and Festive Fall Decor DIY Ideas

7 Festive Fall Decor DIY Ideas you can make this weekend

Here is the collection of 7 DIY fall decor DIY ideas that are simple and fun.

Rustic Wooden Wheelbarrow

DIY Fall Decor = a rustic wooden wheelbarrow
Photo credit: JenWoodhouse.com

This is such a cute little wheelbarrow. It would make a great fall front porch display, or yard ornament.

And she made it using one of those wooden crates that you can find at just about every store nowadays! Such a clever idea…and you don’t need tons of woodworking skills to bang this thing out this weekend.

Click here to see the tutorial on JenWoodhouse.com

Easy DIY Fall Decor Door Wreath

Fall Decor DIY ideas - homemade door wreath
Photo credit: YoungHouseLove.com

As I mentioned in the article “7 Lovely Fall Porch Décor Essentials”, door wreaths are an amazing way to add a fall festive touch to your home.

If you want to try making your own wreath, you can check out the instructions on how to make this wreath on younghouselove.com

Rusty Faux Pumpkin Décor DIY

Fall Decor DIY ideas - painted rusty pumpkin
Photo credit: TableAndHearth.com

Emily from TableandHearth.com has a nice little tutorial on making these rusty faux pumpkins. She bought the pumpkins at a craft store, but they didn’t have the coloration that she wanted. So she DIY’d it!

Click here to check out how she created this great Fall decor DIY idea.

The Cheap and Easy Craft Pumpkin Makeover

DIY Fall Decor Ideas  - cheap craft pumpkin makeover
Photo credit: TheGirlCreative.com

Diana from the website TheGirlCreative.com turned a rather-dreary black foam pumpkin into a rustic white tabletop pumpkin showpiece. And she was able to get the foam pumpkin for only $1. 

Are there stores in your area where you can buy some inexpensive Fall decor and turn them into something you can be proud of?

Click here to view the complete tutorial.

A Lovely Flowery Pumpkin Display

DIY fall decor ideas - a craft pumpkin used as a floral display
Photo credit: TheMerryThought.com

The ladies at TheMerryThought created this lovely fall porch décor idea. They used a craft pumpkin as the “vase” to create a floral display where the white flowers provide a nice contrast to the black pumpkin.

You can read their “how to” article by clicking here.

A Festive DIY Painted Fall Welcome Mat

DIY Fall decor ideas -DIY painted fall welcome mat
Photo credit: WithinTheGrove.com

In my article “7 Lovely Fall Porch Décor Essentials” I listed “Welcome Mats” as one of the essentials that’ll allow you to “mix and match” a great fall porch décor display.

If you are feeling a little crafty, you can make your own Fall welcome mat like this one from the website “WithinTheGrove”.  She free-handed the letters but perhaps you could use a stencil if you’re not confident in your handwriting.

Click here to see the tutorial.

Painted Wine Bottles make Great Vases for Fall Floral Displays

DIY Fall Decor Ideas - spray painted wine bottles make good vases
Photo credit: HomeyOhMy.com

Amy from the website HomeyOhMy shows us how to spray paint wine bottles to make decorative vases for displaying fall floral bouquets.

Click here to see how she makes these DIY spray painted wine bottle vases.

They could be a great centerpiece for your Fall or Thanksgiving table spread.

I hope some of these festive Fall Decor DIY Ideas have inspired you.

They go to show that Fall decor ideas don’t need to be overly complicated.

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