Marker Storage Ideas: 17 easy ways to organize your markers (2024)

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Are your markers scattered all over the place? It’s frustrating when you can’t find the one you want. Well these 17 marker storage ideas will help keep your markers organized and stored so you can find them.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Copic marker storage ideas
  • desktop marker organizers
  • marker storage ideas for kids
  • and more…
Marker Storage Ideas- 17 ways to organize your markers (many work with other art supplies and craft supplies too)
Marker Storage Ideas

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List of Marker Storage Ideas

Below you’ll find several marker storage ideas to help you organize and store your marker collection.

We can broadly categorize the marker storage ideas into desktop storage options, under-desk storage, portable marker cases, wall-mounted storage options and other marker organization ideas.

Which marker storage solution will be right for you? (Scroll through them all to see.)

1. Clear Desktop Marker Organizer with Drawers

mDesign Home Office, Desk Organizer Storage Station for Storing Gel Pens, Erasers, Tape, Push Pins, Pencils, Markers - Space Saving - Use Vertically or Horizontally - 3 Drawers, 2 Pack - Clear

The company mDesign makes a lot of well-rated organizers. This is a unique organizer that has 3 plastic drawers that can be completely removed. So you can pull a drawer right out and bring it with you to another spot for doing art if you want to.

Another neat feature with this organizer is that you can place it horizontally on your desk or art table, or you can stand it vertically so it takes up less countertop. (The picture below shows it standing vertically so it has a smaller footprint.)

mDesign Home Office, Desk Organizer Storage Station for Storing Gel Pens, Erasers, Tape, Push Pins, Pencils, Markers - Space Saving - Use Vertically or Horizontally - 3 Drawers, 2 Pack - Clear

It doesn’t have individualized compartments for each marker like some of the other ideas on this list, but if you want an easy way to store your markers, you should check this out.

2. Stackable Marker Trays by Crafter’s Companion

Crafter's Companion The Ultimate Marker Empty Storage Pack, 6/Pack

The best way to store alcohol markers like Spectrum noir markers and Copic Markers is to store them horizontally. This is so the ink doesn’t flow to the opposite end of the marker. (Reference).

And a marker tray like this allows you to store them horizontally and still be able to easily see and access the color you want.

This comes as a pack of 6 marker trays that can be stacked on top of each other to provide convenient desktop marker storage.

Below is a picture showing just the trays so you know what you’ll be getting if you buy this.

Crafter's Companion The Ultimate Marker Empty Storage Pack, 6/Pack

Users of these trays say it’ll hold Copic markers, Prismacolor markers, and other markers as long as they’re less than 5/8th of an inch in diameter.

A negative complaint about these trays is that they aren’t always completely clear…some have a slight green or blue hue to them. And some people say they’re a bit expensive.

Do you agree?

3. Slanted Acrylic Marker Storage Unit

Marbrasse Clear Pen Organizer Storage, Acrylic Desk Organizer with 12 Compartments, Pen Organizer for Desk, Desktop Art Organizer for Office School Art Supplies (Acrylic Pen Holder)

This desktop marker holder has 12 compartments to help organize your markers, pens and other small craft supplies.

It will hold your markers at an angle which isn’t ideal for some alcohol markers like Copic markers. But even the Copic website says they can be stored at an angle or vertically as long as you first hold the pen at the opposite angle to allow the ink to flow back. (Reference)

So basically you can store them like this, it’ll just take a bit of time before you can use the marker.

But for other markers, pens and colored pencils, this is an awesome storage option.

4. Vertical Marker Storage Rack

U.S. Art Supply 60 Hole Multi-Level Plastic Organization Rack Pencil, Brush & Supply Holder - Desk Stand Holding Rack for Pens, Paint Brushes, Colored Pencils, Markers

Do you like the look of this vertical marker holder?

It has 60 slots so you can store markers, pens, pencils, and even dry paint brushes in here.

The staggered, step-like bottom of the rack creates 4 different levels for your markers so you’ll have easy access to the one you want.

Will this work for you? Click here to see more details on this marker holder.

5. Underdesk Organizing Drawer (adhesive)

Under Desk Storage, Under Desk Drawer, Hidden Small Desk Drawer For Reduced Clutter, Under Desk Organizer For Office/Kitchen/Cabinet/Makeup/Desktop, Self-Adhesive Drawer With Smooth Sliding Track

If you like a tidy, uncluttered desktop with lots of work space, think about going down under…under your desk to store your markers.

Getting an adhesive under-desk drawer like this is a great way to store markers, colored pencils, etc… without taking up space on your desktop. It is an efficient use of space that is otherwise wasted.

The downside is that if you have a large collection of markers, it won’t fit them all in here. But perhaps you could put your most commonly used colors in here and then use a different storage system for your other, less-used markers.

Check out our article on other under desk storage ideas.

under desk storage ideas

6. Cube Storage Insert to Store your Markers (Etsy)

Storage cube insert to store markers (Photo credit: myMSInspirations on Etsy)

This is such a cool. Do you have some storage cube furniture at your house? (I know lots of people do.)

The Etsy seller myMSInspirations makes this laser-cut wood insert that fits inside a storage cube and provides a spot for you to store your markers. And it comes in two sizes so you can get one that’ll fit 13-inch storage cubes or one that fits 15-inch storage cubes.

Will this work for you?

7. Copic Sketch Marker Storage Bin & Wooden Insert (Etsy)

Bin & wooden insert to store Copic sketch markers (Photo credit: OurGrayBarn on Etsy)

Do you have lots of Copic sketch markers?

The Etsy seller OurGrayBarn makes and sells this wooden insert (MDF board) and plastic storage bin that’ll hold up to 380 markers!

Currently there are only 358 Copic sketch marker colors available, so this one case will hold the entire set of Sketch markers.

8. Portable Marker Case

LIHIT LAB Triple Zipper Pen Case, 7.9 × 3.5 × 4.7 Inches, Black (A7556-24)

Do you go to a friend’s house, class or work and need to bring your markers and sketch supplies with you?

There are a lot of portable marker cases out there.

This one from LIHIT Lab features three-zippered compartments so you can arrange the colors to your preference.

Below is a picture of the case zipped up. It is really highly-rated with lots of review.

LIHIT LAB Triple Zipper Pen Case, 7.9 × 3.5 × 4.7 Inches, Black (A7556-24)

You can get this in lots of different colors!

9. Larger Portable Marker Organizer

Lbxgap Marker Pen Organizer Case 168 Slots Large Capacity with Handy Wrap Portable Multilayer Holder for Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils & Gel Pen Markers

If you need to tote around more markers than will fit in a pencil case, you may want to check this out.

It has spots for 168 markers.

You can either carry it around like a briefcase using the hand strap, or use the removable shoulder strap. Below is a picture of the outside of this case.

Lbxgap Marker Pen Organizer Case 168 Slots Large Capacity with Handy Wrap Portable Multilayer Holder for Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils & Gel Pen Markers

Do you like the look of this case?

10. Hard-sided Portable Marker Case

MEEDEN Marker Case, Aluminum Marker Case Organizer with 80 Slots, Red Marker Storage Box, Marker Storage Caddy Organizer, Marker Holder Case for Kids, Teens, Students, Hold Marker Height up to 6.3 in

The company Meeden makes this attractive marker storage case that can hold up to 80 markers.

It is well-rated, sturdy marker case that provides good value for the money.

There isn’t a great product photo showing it “in use” but the photo below gives you an idea of what the inside looks like.

MEEDEN Marker Case, Aluminum Marker Case Organizer with 80 Slots, Red Marker Storage Box, Marker Storage Caddy Organizer, Marker Holder Case for Kids, Teens, Students, Hold Marker Height up to 6.3 in

11. Portable Marker Storage Sleeves (Etsy)

Marker Storage Sleeves by MarysMarkerMakes (Photo credit: Etsy)

Here is a clever idea from the Etsy seller MarysMarkerMakes.

She sells these fabric storage sleeves that have slots to hold Copic Sketch markers and other similarly sized markers.

This particular version holds up to 12 markers. You can wrap this up and carry this around by itself, or you could drop it into your art bag. It’ll keep your markers together so you’re not having to dredge the bottom of your bag looking for your markers.

Click here to see more details on this unique marker storage idea.

12. Magnetic Wall-mounted Marker Holder

Magnetic Pencil Holder - Extra Strong Magnets Mesh Marker Holder Perfect for Whiteboard, Refrigerator and Locker Accessories (2 Baskets, 1 Pack Black)

This magnetic marker holder with 2 compartments is a great option if you need to store dry erase markers on a magnetic whiteboard.

It can also hold other markers and supplies if you mount magnet sheets on the walls near your work space, and then place this holder onto the magnetic surface.

13. Lazy Susan Craft, Marker and Pen Organizer

12" Rotating Desktop Organizer, Pen Holder, Marker Organizer, Art Organizer, Caddy Organizer, Art Supply Storage Organizer, Homeschool Supplies or Classroom Organization, desk accessories home office

This colorful craft organizer rotates like a lazy susan, and what’s nice about this option is that each of the 9 compartments comes out.

So if one person is working at the opposite end of a long craft table they can bring some markers down to the end with them.

This is a great option for kids markers or pencil crayons, but since it stores the markers vertically, it isn’t a great option for alcohol markers like Spectrum Noir markers or Copic sketch markers…unless you are willing to tilt them and allow the ink to flow back to the other end.

14. Plastic Pencil Cases

Sooez 3 Pack Clear Pencil Box, Plastic Large Capacity Pencil Boxes Plastic Boxes with Snap-tight Lid, Office Supplies Storage Organizer Box, Stackable Design and Stylish

Storing your markers doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.

If you’re okay sorting through some markers to find the one you want, then old-school plastic pencil cases can work well to hold your markers.

Your markers will be on their side stored horizontally so this would work well for Copic marker storage. Sure it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the ideas, but it’ll work.

15. Store your Markers in a Cardboard Box

Marker Storage ideas - using a colorful cardboard box to store markers
Decorative Cardboard box works to store markers

We have several different ways that we store our young daughter’s markers.

One of them is using this decorative cardboard box that we bought from a dollar store.

It has a lid so it can be stacked with her other art supplies once she is done coloring.

The downside is that it can take some time to find the color you want, but once you find a desired color, you keep it out of the box until you’re done with it.

Plus, clean up is easy with this style of marker storage. You don’t have to thread individual markers through a little marker nook or loop…you just put them back in the box. It is a good option for kids.

16. Repurpose Electronics Packaging Box for Marker Storage

If you’ve got electronics in your house like tablets, large phones or smart speakers, chances are good that you kept the sturdy cardboard boxes they came in.

We reuse our Google Home Mini box, and it works well for storing markers.

By repurposing, we get a great marker storage box at no additional cost. It won’t fit a giant collection of markers, but it is the right size for a basic set of markers.

17. Store your Markers in a Lunch Box (a DIY Marker storage idea)

DIY Marker storage ideas - using an old metal lunchbox to store markers.  Marker storage ideas kids options.
Lunchbox used to store markers

This is a metal lunch box that we use to store our daughter’s full set of small Crayola markers.

We already had the lunch box and it wasn’t getting used for lunches, so we thought why not put it to good use.

It is super durable (it’s metal!), it is stackable, and putting away the markers at the end of art time is super easy: just toss them in.

It’ll hold lots of different markers and a variety of different sizes of markers too. We use it for short-bodied markers, but longer markers would fit as well.

The downside is that you have to search around for colors: they aren’t all clearly visible in their own marker slot. (But my daughter doesn’t care about that…yet.)

This is a great idea if you already have an old lunch box that is not being used.

18. Using a 3 Drawer Desktop Organizer to Store Markers

Another way to store markers is to use a small desktop organizer like this one from Sterilite.

I found this 3-drawer organizer in a second-hand store. It’s a good find.

It doesn’t look like Sterilite makes this product anymore though. (I did find an expired listing on Walmart Canada under the name Sterilite 20639004.)

That is too bad because it is a nice size. It’s basically a 7X8X9 inch cube with 3 drawers, a flip-top lid, and 2 compartments for various stationary.

I couldn’t find the exact product on Amazon either, but they do carry Sterilite’s mini 3 drawer desktop organizer… it has the drawer, but it doesn’t have the flip lid or upper compartments.

Thank you for checking out this article on marker storage ideas.

I hope at least one of these storage options will work for you.

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