12 Innovative Styles of Camping Chairs (you seen these before?)

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After an active day of camping its nice to kick back and relax in a comfortable camping chair. We grew up with the folding camping chairs that had the strips of nylon around a flimsy aluminum frame.  You know the ones – the ones where the seat breaks and your butt ends up on the ground.

In this article I’ll show you some of the different styles of camping chairs that are now available. Camping chairs have come along way since the 80’s.

Camping chairs and includes some great inflatable camping chairs, camping chairs with footrest, and more...
Clever Styles of Camping Chairs

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Clever Camping Chairs

1. Zero Gravity Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs - zero gravity chairs
Zero gravity chairs

Why do they call them this? I have no idea.

But a quality zero gravity camping chair can be super comfortable.

The 2-pack shown in the picture above is really popular on Amazon but they aren’t just for backyards: you’ll see them in campgrounds across the nation.

They fold down and many RVers toss them on the bed during travel days (or into the back of the pickup truck if you have a travel trailer).

2. Folding Mesh camping chairs

Camping chairs - folding Coleman camping chairs
Photo credit: Coleman

These exploded in popularity about 10-15 years ago.

I have three of them, and I love how compact and easy they are to carry.

You slip them inside the carrying bag and then sling it over your shoulder.

The ones in the picture above are really popular on Amazon.

It is the Coleman brand with a 4-can cooler on the armrest, a cup holder on the other armrest and small pouch attached to the seat for other personal items.

If you have mobility problems though, they aren’t the easiest chairs to get out of. (You may want to check out “director’s chairs for this…see below.)

3. Folding Backpacking Chair

Folding backpacking chair
Backpacking chair

They call these backpacking chairs because they are so light and compact they’ll fit into your hiking backpack.

I’m tempted to call them slouch-style chairs because they’re a low to the ground camping chair. It puts you in a relaxed, slouched position.

And even if you don’t plan on hiking these are still a great space-saving seating solution.

Check out the picture above…it folds down to just over 14 inches long!

And they weigh about 2 pounds. You can read more about this camping chair on Amazon.

4. Director’s Chair

Camping Chairs - director's chair folds up and the position of the armrests allow people with mobility problems to help push themselves up and out of the chair better.
Director’s chair

This director’s chair has a cool little tabletop on one side and an insulated cooler on the other side.

Plus, it has a pocket for your phone too. It’s like a mobile picnic chair.

They are usually easier to get out of than the folding camp chairs because the solid armrests provide a good support to give yourself an extra push with your arms. This makes it a valid choice if you have knee arthritis or other lower limb conditions.

5. Folding Camping Chair with footrest

Folding Camping Chair with footrest
Folding camping chair with footrest

This folding camping chair with a footrest is very similar to the folding camping chairs mentioned above, but it has the added luxury of a footrest.

So you can really stretch out and relax at your campsite.

It has a powder coated steel frame with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

6. Inflatable Air Sofas

camping chair inflatable air sofa
Inflatable couch Photo credit: Wekapo

Doesn’t this look cozy?  

But if you have a hard enough time blowing up a beach ball, don’t worry – you don’t have to blow this thing up with your mouth. They claim you don’t even need to use a pump.

You hold it up in the air and swish it around capturing the air and then quickly close the seal.

And talk about versatility, you can use this on dry land or in the water as a floatie.

I think it’d be best reserved for sandy beaches or grassy campsites just in case twigs or sharp rocks tear it. I haven’t seen one of these in person yet, but this inflatable couch sure looks cool.

7. Saucer-style Camping Chair with Heavy Duty Weight Capacity

Camping Chairs saucer-style chair heavy duty weight capacity
Saucer style camping chair

This saucer-style of camping chair shown above claims that it can hold a 500 pound person.

But, it is big, and it needs to be to compensate for that extra weight-carrying capacity.

So don’t expect it to be the same size as the folding camp chairs that you’re used to. It may be large enough for your kids to have a nap on it.

8. The Low-Down Beach Chair

Rio Gear Beach chair - can make a good folding camping chair.
Photo credit: Rio Gear

These chairs are perfect for stretching out of the beach, but they’re great for grassy camping areas too.

They’re really low to the ground, so they’re not good for people with mobility issues (keep that in mind).

Does this fit your needs?

9. Lightweight Camping Stool

Camping chair folding camping stool
Camping stool folded out

This camping stool marketed for ladies looks pretty cool because you can wear it like a backpack, and it has a soft-sided cooler for your drinks or picnic.

Below is the stool folded up and being worn as a backpack.

The folding camping stool being worn as a backpack

10. Tommy Bahama Folding Camping Chairs

Tommy Bahama Folding Camping Chair - super cool chairs that have backpack straps
Photo credit: Tommy Bahama. Tommy Bahama folding chair

We have a couple of these Tommy Bahama folding camping chairs and we love them.

Yes, we use them mostly for the beach but they’re good for chilling on the grass too.

It has a cup holder and sunglasses holder on the armrest,  a soft-sided cooler and dry storage compartment on the back.

It folds down flat and has backpack straps so you can sling it on your back and still have your hands free to carry your other items.

I thought these were only available at Costco (where we bought ours), but I recently saw them on Amazon.

Our friends always try to buy them from us, but now I can point them to Amazon.

I have been very impressed by our Tommy Bahama folding camping chairs…and I think you’ll like them too.

But they are pretty low to the ground. The arm rests do provide a surface to push off from… so keep that in mind.

11. Loveseat Style Camp Chairs (folding)

Camping chair loveseat
Loveseat folding camping chairs

If you just can’t get enough of your partner, then this camping chair is perfect for you.

You can position the chair to offer side-by-side seating (both looking straight ahead), or you can extend it a bit to provide a half-circle type seating arrangement.

12. Folding Outdoor Rocking Camp Chair

Photo credit: GCI Outdoor

This outdoor rocking chair is made by GCI Outdoor.

I know when I first looked at the chair, I couldn’t figure out how it actually rocks.

But this video on the product display page shows you. (The secret is the shocks in the back!). This seems like a popular rocking chair but I haven’t seen one in person yet.

13. Kids Folding Canopy Chair (for young children)

Kids Canopy chair
Kids folding camping chair with canopy. Photo credit: Kelsyus

This is a clever design for a kid’s chair.

It has a built-in canopy to provide shade, and cup holder for water.

The weight limit is 75 pounds.

But the biggest complaint I’ve read about this chair is that it is small. It is probably better for toddlers or young children…not older kids. So keep that in mind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the different styles of camping chairs that are now available.

As you can see camping chair styles and varieties have really changed over the last few years. There are folding camping chairs with footrests, there are inflatable couches, there are folding backpack stools and more. You don’t need to settle for a campsite’s wooden picnic bench anymore.

There is something for everybody now-a-days.

What camping chair will work for you?

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