11 Smart Closet Storage Ideas and Closet Organization Hacks

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Are you looking for helpful closet storage ideas and closet organization ideas?  Well good, because below you’ll find 11 closet storage ideas that will help you make the most of this dedicated storage area.

Think about it: closets are designed and intended to be storage areas. Not many other places in the house have that sole purpose. Yet so many of us don’t utilize this space effectively.

11 Handy Closet Storage Ideas and Closest Organization ideas.  These closet organization hacks are sure to help you get a tidy, organized closet.
11 Smart Closet Storage Ideas and Closet Organization Ideas

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Want to watch a video of how I made these simple closet shelves? (click the video below)

These DIY closet shelves are fairly easy to make and don’t require many tools. If you want to make your own closet shelves check out the video above, and then keep reading on… It is an easy DIY closet storage idea.

Closet Storage Helpful Tip #1 – Make use of 3-dimensional space

To use closet space effectively you need to think in 3-dimensions.

My DIY Closet Shelves (a useful DIY Closet Storage Idea)

Simple wooden shelves are great way to hold baskets and totes.

The pictures below are from the shelves I installed in my daughter’s closet.

In her closet I used 2″x4″ boards as supporting boards (probably overkill).

For the shelves I put in my closet – which you can watch in the video above – I used 1″X4″ boards and they have worked well.

DIY Closet Storage Ideas - Simple Closet Shelving system for closet organization. Adding your own shelves is a great  DIY closet storage idea. Very handy storage closet shelving idea.
DIY Closet Shelves

I installed 3 shelves and made sure that I spaced them apart to allow our totes to easily fit on the shelves.

Most of the totes we have are 16″ high so I spaced the shelves 18″ apart to allow easy access.

DIY Closet Storage Ideas - Simple Closet Organization Shelving makes good use of 3-dimensional space: vertical storage. These DIY closet shelves allow you to stack totes or baskets in your closet.
DIY Closet Shelves

We bought our baskets from Canadian Tire, but you can probably find them at one of your local retailers.

I use similar baskets in my closet to store pajamas and underwear.  They are very handy!

The remaining items on this post are what I aspire my closet to look like.  In fact, I didn’t even know half of these cool items even existed.

1. Fabric Divider Organizing Boxes

So I mentioned that I throw my underwear in a basket…and it works for me, but if really wanted to have everything in plain sight, check out an organizer like the one below.

This could fit on your closet shelves or inside a dresser drawer.

closet drawer organizer underwear organizer makes a great closet storage idea
Drawer divider bins

CLICK here to check out these drawer organizer bins on Amazon.

The fabric dividers shown below are from Etsy. You can click the picture to see the product detail page on Etsy.

Closet Organization Ideas. These nice boxes allow you to improve the organization in your closet. Elegant looking closet organizer baskets
Click to see these organizers on Etsy

2. Slide out pants rack on lower half of the closet (a good pant storage idea)

Closet pull out pant rack is a convenient closet storage idea. A good pant storage idea.

This pants storage rack requires a supporting structure on each side to screw it into, but it provides a good way to organize and see your pants.

Will this work for you?

Click here to see more details on this pants rack on Amazon.

3. Curved Clothes Hangers (for pants, scarves, etc…)

Check out this awesome example of innovation. If you want a great “no installation required” way to hang pants then check out these clothes hangers.

Closet organization curved clothes hanger is a good pants storage option. It'll hang your pants and you'll easily be able to see them.
Clever clothes hanger – good for hanging pants

It looks so simple. I wish I would have though of that.

** Click here for more details on this cool clothes hanger on Amazon **

4. Hanging Closet Organizers

The benefit of hanging closet organizers like the one shown below is that it doesn’t take tools or building skills to install.  You simply hang it from your existing closet rod. They are one of the simplest closet organization hacks that anyone can use.

Closet hanging organizer. This is a convenient closet storage idea with no tools required to give you more storage room. It is a simple closet organization hack.
Hanging Closet Organizer with pull-out fabric drawers

You can put a variety of items in the pull out drawers like socks, underwear, belts, etc…

5. Hanging Organizer for Smaller Items (purses, belts, etc…)

The hanger below is another great example of making the most out of your existing closet structure.

No building or installation required…just hang it from your existing curtain rod.

It allows you to hang up things like purses, belts, ties, etc…

Now there is no excuse for you to have that pile of purses on your closet floor!

Closet hanging organizer is a good closet storage idea for purses, belts and accessories.
Cool looking hanging closet organizer hook

6. Closet Hanger for Tank Tops and Bras

Below is a hanging closet organizer designed to hold tank tops or bras.

It is a good way to free up some space from your dresser drawers.

Closet Organizer - Hanging Tank top holder

7. Over the Door Hanging Shoe or Accessory Organizer

Below is a picture of a hanging organizer that attaches to the inside of door.  Unfortunately this wouldn’t work for my closets because I have the “accordion style” closet doors, but they sure are handy.

Closet Organization - Hanging Shoe Organizer is a good closet storage idea that allows you to make use of wasted space behind doors.
Hanging shoe organizer

Closet Storage Helpful Tip #2 – Partition closet into work section and casual section

This is a closet organization hack and not a closet storage item, but its something you can do immediately.

To make it easier to find clothes you can sort them into your work clothes and your casual clothes section.

It takes very little time and will continue to pay dividends on those rushed, early mornings.

Put some type of divider on the closet rod so your work clothes are here and casual clothes are there.

(Or you can be like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg where you wear the same type of clothes everyday so you don’t have to fuss over what to wear. Turtleneck: done!  Jeans: done!)

8. Slide out drawers for pillowcases and sheets

Closet slide out drawer is a fancy closet storage idea that would work well for underwear or sweaters.
Slide out closet wire drawer

This slide out drawer requires supporting pieces to screw it to.

But if you have an existing closet system and you want to add some drawers for organization, a slide out drawer like the one shown above allows you to easily access your clothes or bedding.

  • Or a DIY solution for storing bedding is you can stuff a pillowcase with the matching sheet and fitted sheet so they stay together then place on a closet shelf. No more scrambling around trying to find a matching set: its all within the pillowcase.

9. Shelves with Fabric Bins

The closet organizer shown above, from AmazonBasics, is a smart idea.

A lot of people have wasted space at the bottom of their closet below their hung clothes.

A shelf system like this takes advantage of that space, and comes with some fabric bins so you can store items like seasonal footwear or even socks and underwear.

Helpful Tip #3 – Hang clothes back up – if you try on multiple clothes don’t leave it on the floor

This closet organization hack seems straight forward right? But how often do you try something on and then toss it onto the bed or the floor. Hang it back up. It’ll take two seconds. Your future self will thank you.

10. Closet Shelf Dividers

Closet Shelf Divider and organization aid
Closet Shelf Dividers

It can be tricky keeping a closet shelf organized. Sheets tumble onto sweaters and comforters spill onto the floor.

Shelf dividers like the ones shown above are intended to help organize your closet shelf and avoid these issues.

What is cool about these dividers is that they just slide onto your existing shelves: no installation required. The description states it can fit onto shelving that is up to 1″ thick.

Click here for more details about this closet shelf divider on Amazon.

Helpful Tip #4 – Plan ahead

What are you going to wear this week? Have it prepared and avoid early morning madness rushing out the door wearing damp clothes.

This is more of time management hack than a closet organization hack, but having your clothes picked out and ready to grab from your “work clothes section” (see note above) will make your life easier.

Helpful Tip #5 – Clean the closet

Yes even the closet needs to be cleaned. And getting in there to dust, vacuum or mop provides a great opportunity to look through your junk (I mean stuff) to see if there is anything you can donate or recycle.

If it isn’t in season then set it aside and rotate.

When you rotate out your seasonal clothes and bring in the clothes for the new season evaluate whether you will actually wear it. Did you wear it last year? If not, why would you start now?

11. Tension Rods add Closet Organizing opportunities

Tension Rod for Blanket Storage. Stops them from rolling off the shelf

Tension rods are so versatile for storage and home organization.

They can act as a closet rod.

Just be careful that you don’t overload it. Or you can screw a few pieces of wood to the walls and then put the tension rod just on top of the wood. It will provide extra support.

If you like tension rod organization ideas click here to see my post on this topic.

Helpful Tip #6 – Declutter

  • What would an organization post be if decluttering wasn’t mentioned at least once?
  • You know it doesn’t matter how well you organize junk…its still junk. But what is junk and what is worthy will be left up to you. (“You must choose. But choose wisely” said the Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and Last Crusade)
  • What kind of weird stuff do you have in there that doesn’t below? For instance, put your books or magazines on a book shelf or donate them.

I hope you have been inspired to organize your closet, and have found some closet storage ideas and closet organization ideas to help you.

Good luck!

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Closet Storage Ideas, Closet Organizers and DIY Closet shelving. Some great closet organization hacks to finally get your closet tidy and organized.
Closet Storage Ideas and Closet Organization Ideas

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