27 Simple RV Bathroom Storage Ideas and RV Bathroom Organization Ideas [updated & improved]

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Do you want to find out some awesome RV bathroom storage ideas? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

I have collected 27 highly-rated RV bathroom storage ideas that are sure to help you organize your RV bathroom.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - including several RV wall mount toothbrush holders, storage ideas, hanging organizers, wall baskets, RV towel hooks, RV towel bars  and more.
27 RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Updated and Improved –> When I first released this post it had only 8 ideas. Now it has 27 camper bathroom storage ideas, and some great bathroom decor.

Keep scrolling right to the bottom because you never know what idea will appeal to you.

To be included on the list the products need to be rated at least 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon and have over 100 reviews. And if they don’t I will point that out.

This post contains some affiliate links. If you click a link and buy a product I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my Disclosure page for more details. 


Table of Contents

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas – Let’s Get Started

In a small bathroom – like an RV – you want to keep your personal care items off of the counters.

So you’ll see a variety of wall-mounted organizers, curtain rod organizers, and ways to organize drawers and cabinets.

Shower Curtain Hanging Organizers

1) Mesh Hanging Shower Curtain Organizer

These hanging organizers are very handy to keep your toiletries in on place.

Now you don’t have to clutter up your sink counter with creams, lotions, shavers, etc… you can just put them into this organizer.

And because RV bathroom are so small they’ll still be within easy reach.

And if you get a mesh one (like this one) you could hang it on the dry side of the shower curtain, or the wet side of the shower curtain (inside the shower).

RV Bathroom Storage Idea - an RV bathroom organizer that hangs from the shower curtain.
Click picture to read reviews on Amazon

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Wall-mounted Razor Holders

There are a variety of razor holders that you can mount to your shower wall, or your bathroom wall.

Most women I know shave in the shower, and men often shave in front of the mirror (and get little bits of hair everywhere).

So couples often need razor holders in a variety of places.

2) Two-Pack of Stainless Steel Razor Holders (adhesive)

This 2 pack of wall-mounted razor holders made by BRYUBR would allow a woman to put hers in the shower, and a man to mount his on the bathroom wall.

They stick to the wall using an adhesive: which has its drawbacks.

In order to stick well your wall should be smooth and non-porous, such as tile, metal, glass, mirrors, or smooth fiberglass.

It isn’t recommended for painted walls, textured drywall or other porous surfaces. On the Amazon products page they list the recommended surfaces to stick it to, and which to avoid.

Wall mounted razor holders - rv bathroom storage ideas
Click image to see details on Amazon

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3) Razor Holder by Command brand (adhesive)

Here is another style of wall-mounted razor holder that uses an adhesive.

This is from the Command brand (made by 3M).

It is also well reviewed. It currently has 4.5 stars with over 800 reviews on Amazon.

The manufacturer claims it is strong and can hold up to 3 pounds. (I’d hate to shave with a 3 pound razor!)

I couldn’t tell by the photo, but one reviewer on Amazon said that there is a small hole in the bottom for water to drain out. (If the hole is really small, I think I’d drill in a few more holes to allow more drainage.)

And some people stick these to the inside of bathroom cabinet doors for extra storage opportunities. (You can see some pictures of this on the Amazon page and scroll to the bottom where reviewers submit their own photos.)

RV bathroom organization ideas - razor holder by Command brand
Click image to see details on Amazon

4) Suction Cup Razor Holders

If you don’t want to use an adhesive in your RV bathroom or shower, you could try suction cup razor holders.

The 2-pack shown below is made by the company Teletrogy and are very well rated.

They are currently rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 500 reviews.

If you mounted these in the shower you could also hang wash cloths, sponges, soap-on-a-rope and other personal care items.

RV bathroom organization ideas - wall mounted razor holders using suction cups
Click image to read reviews on Amazon

Toothbrush Holders

Are you looking for clever toothbrush storage ideas?

Toothbrushes, toothpaste and other dental hygiene products are a common culprit for bathroom counter clutter.

5) Multi-compartment Wall-mounted Toothbrush Storage Holder (adhesive)

The toothbrush holder shown below is currently well rated at 4.5 stars out of the 5 of Amazon with over 350 reviews.

No drilling or screwing required…it sticks to the wall using an adhesive strip.

My sister who has a travel trailer feels the no drilling storage ideas are very important.

She doesn’t want to risk screwing into the wall and hitting a pipe or wire.

If you feel the same way you may want to check this item out.

It’ll help keep your small bathroom counter-top clear and uncluttered.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas need to include Toothbrush storage ideas like this one. It'll help keep toothbrushes and other items off the bathroom counter. It is a toothbrush holder that you mount to the wall to help reduce countertop clutter.
Click image to read reviews on Amazon

6) Small 2-brush toothbrush holder (adhesive)

Here is another toothbrush storage idea.

This little toothbrush holder from Camco is a compact storage item that will get the toothbrushes off the counter and onto the wall.

It comes with double-sided tape to adhere it to the wall.

It’ll help you utilize the vertical space in a small RV bathroom. It is currently rated 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 200 reviews on Amazon.

Toothbrush storage ideas - here is another great RV bathroom storage idea for your toothbrushes. This compact toothbrush holder sticks to the wall.
Click image to see price on Amazon

7) HANG AWAY Universal Toothbrush Holder

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder by HANG AWAY is a versatile bathroom organizer.

It comes in a single strip with 4 “flex grip openings” to hang your toothbrushes.

But what is cool about this product is that it can be cut with scissors.

So perhaps if you like to brush your teeth over the bathroom sink you can mount yours near there, and if your spouse is a “shower brusher” then they could mount it in the shower.

And as you can see in the product photo below you can also use the flex grip openings to hang razors. It is versatile RV bathroom storage idea.

It is currently rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 400 reviews.

RV bathroom organization ideas - wall mounted toothbrush holder by HANG AWAY is a great camper toothbrush holder.
Click image to see details of this camper toothbrush holder on Amazon

8) Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

The cabinet storage organizer shown below currently has over 1,900 reviews on Amazon. It is currently sitting at a 4.1 stars out of 5 review.

It can be used as a garbage (as shown in the picture), but you could also use it to store hair care products, extra toothpaste and other narrow items.

An Amazon reviewer gave good advice and said that if you plan on using this to store wet items (like cleaning sponges) then look for another option. She claimed it rusted within 6 weeks.

And if you notice in the picture below the top of the organizer is quite close to the top of the cabinet door.

Therefore, tall items won’t fit in the basket without smacking against the frame when you try to close the cabinet door.

Make sure you measure your cabinets before ordering to make sure it’ll fit.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - over the cabinet door organizer
Click to read reviews on Amazon

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9) Wall-mounted Baskets (screw into wall)

Many folks don’t want to screw into their RV walls, but are happy to drill and screw into their cabinets.

Most cabinets are solid enough to attach a basket like the one shown below.

(Obviously check if your cabinets are well built enough to hold a basket and check under-cabinet dimensions to make sure a basket like this would allow you close the door without hitting the plumbing.)

They make various sizes of the baskets: the one shown below is small size and would stick 4.5″ into the cabinet. 

Will that steer clear of your plumbing pipes?

And I know the product photo shown below doesn’t really give the product justice. There are better photos on its Amazon product page.

RV Bathroom storage ideas - cabinet basket
Click image to see details on Amazon

10) Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer

Have you ever looked deep to the back of the bathroom cabinet?

Did you find stuff in there that expired 5 years ago? Yeah, me too.

A sliding basket organizer like the one below is designed to help that.

It is narrow (only 8″ wide) and intended to fit under the sink cabinets.

You could use it under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink.

Take a measurement of your bathroom sink cabinet. Is there at least 8″ to spare between your pipes and the edge of the cabinet?

I know it can be hard to visualize how it’ll look under your bathroom cabinet when this product photo only shows food items on it.

But on Amazon there are lots of photos of real people using this in their bathroom cabinets.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - inside cabinet sliding organizer
Click image to read reviews on Amazon

If you want to see how other folks were using this to improve their RV bathroom storage you can click here to see on Amazon. (Scroll to bottom of page to see reviews.)

RV Journal Cover
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Towel Holders

I dedicated an entire article on ways to store towels in an RV. Becaue it is important to a lot of RV owners.

Below I’ve listed just a few options that may inspire you.

11) Wine Rack-looking Towel Holder (screws into wall)

If you don’t want to screw into your RV wall, the following towel holder claims it can be screwed onto a door. 

Just be cautious you’ll still be able to enter and exit the bathroom easily considering you’ll no longer be able to open the door as wide as before.

It currently has 4.6 stars with 170 reviews on Amazon.

RV bathroom storage ideas - Towel holders. Keep those towels off the counters and off the floor.
Click to check out reviews on Amazon

12) Swiveling Towel Bars

If you’re okay screwing into your RV wall the towel holder into the wall the one shown below will provide some sophistication and modern look to your small RV bathroom.

RV bathroom storage idea. Another elegant towel holder that you could use in your RV if you're willing to screw into your walls.
Click to see reviews on Amazon

13) Toilet Paper Holder Doubling as Towel Hook

On a Facebook group I’m in someone mentioned they use toilet paper holders to hang towels.  

They mounted a couple TP holders high up on their RV bathroom walls and drape towels over it.

The TP holder shown below isn’t exactly like the one I saw on Facebook, but I just had to include this picture.

Seems like such as smart idea having your toilet paper held vertically.

Why do we always mount TP horizontally?  

This item shown below has good rating on Amazon, but it is below my usual cut-off of 100 reviews. (It only has 29 reviews but with an impressive 4.9 stars out of 5.)  

I just had to add it because of its “outside the box thinking.”

Just read the cautions about what kind of walls you can stick it to.  They have a list of acceptable and unacceptable walls on their product detail page on Amazon.

RV Bathroom storage ideas and organization ideas - vertical toilet paper holder that sticks to the walls of your RV
Click to see if this toilet paper holder is right for your RV (details on Amazon)

14) Command Hooks to Hang Towels

This is a simple fix to hanging towels.  

Command Hooks by 3M makes hangers that are designed to be used in the bathroom. They claim they are water-resistant and are well-reviewed.

If you plan on hanging wet towels from them you’ll want to consider the large size, which they say will hold 5 pounds.

Unless you’re drying yourself off with a down-filled duvet, that should hold your wet towel.

RV Bathroom storage and Organization ideas
Click picture to see current ratings on Amazon

Click here for more RV towel bar and RV towel storage ideas.

15) Paper Towel Holder to Hold Toilet Paper in your RV

Below is a reader-submitted photo showing how she uses a vertical paper towel holder on the floor to hold her toilet paper.

This is a good idea if you don’t want to screw into the walls: simply place it on the floor in front of the toilet.

RV bathroom storage ideas - use a paper towel holder to hold your toilet paper right next to the toilet.
‘No tools required’ way to keep your toilet paper in your RV bathroom

Here is a link to a similar (but not exactly the same) paper towel hold on Amazon.

16) Tension Bar Shelves

The picture below is one that my sister took of her RV. It is a very clever idea.

I mentioned above how she is hesitant to drill into her walls so she came up with this idea instead.

Her RV is usually parked for the season at a campsite, so the baskets will stay put, but if you’re traveling then you can just take the baskets down and set them in the tub.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - this tension bar shelf with baskets above is a very clever RV organization hack that really makes the most of wasted space above the toilet.
Clever RV Organization hack for your RV bathroom

You can buy tension bars at most of your local stores (I bought some at Walmart), but if you do online shopping I have provided a link to Amazon

These tension bars are currently rated at 4.1 stars out of 5 with 320 reviews.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - tension bars
Click to check out reviews on Amazon.

17) Seagrass Baskets

If you don’t already have a basket to place on your tension bars shelves, below is seagrass basket with handles.

It is rated 4.8 stars out of 5.

It is less than my usual threshold of 100 reviews…but because it is rated so well I thought I’d include it.

RV Bathroom storage ideas - a seagrass basket makes a lovely holder for your towels and toiletries
Click image to check out reviews on Amazon


Click the picture to see more details on this cool journal.

18) DIY Tension Bar Shower Organization Idea

To help organize your RV shower you can install a tension bar along the back wall of your shower.

Then you can hang plastic baskets or an RV shower caddy from this rod.

Below is a picture of this DIY idea. This photo is in a residential house, but it shows you the idea in action.

RV Shower Organizers

I have an entire article dedicated to shower organization ideas so you can check it out if you want more ideas.

But below I have listed some options to inspire you.

19) Hanging RV Shower Caddy

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - Shower Nozzle Caddy will keep things up and off the bathtub floor. This RV shower caddy is great because you can take it with you to public showers if you want
Click image to read reviews on Amazon for this RV shower caddy

This shower caddy has a hanger on top so you can hang it from your shower nozzle, or a quality command hook.

It is currently rated a very good 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 101 reviews.

It is made out of mesh so water won’t pool in the pockets and rot.

And once again it makes the most out of the vertical space so everything isn’t piling up on counter-tops or on the floor of the shower. 

Because it is portable you can take this RV shower caddy with you if you use a campground’s shower or public showers.

20) Shower Soap Dispenser (Wall-mounted)

Another shower organization solution is this wall-mounted soap dispenser.

It has three chambers: one for shampoo, one for conditioner and one for shower gel.

Having a dispenser like this in your shower will help you eliminate all those annoying shampoo bottles at your feet sloshing around while you’re trying to shower.

No tools required for installation. You use waterproof silicone glue and 2-sided tape.

It currently has 4.4 stars out of 5 with over 1800 reviews on Amazon.

This could also help your family reduce plastic.

If you buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk, you could fill up the dispenser before camping and leave the large bottles at home.

You don’t have to buy more small plastic bottles, and over time this plastic soap dispenser would result in less plastic waste.

RV bathroom storage ideas - using a shampoo and soap dispenser like this will help you  getter organize your RV bathroom.
Click to view on Amazon

Clutter Free RV - RV Organization Bundle
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21) A Shower Basket Shelf

Here is another way to help keep your personal shower items off the floor.

This shelf adheres to tile, or tempered glass so no drilling required.

It provides a shelf to ensure your personal care things are close by, and its basket design will help keep things in place. It is an elegant-looking RV bathroom storage idea.

RV Bathroom storage ideas - a wall-mounted shelf helps keep your shower products close by and off the floor.
Click image to see price on Amazon

22) Command Brand Wall-mounted Shelf

I didn’t realize that “Command” made shelves and organizers.

I thought they only made the adhesive hooks.

I guess it makes sense that they’ve expanded into making the actual organizers too.

Below is a wall-mounted basket from Command that they claim will hold 6 pounds and can make a great RV bathroom storage solution.

RV Bathroom organization ideas. A shelf like this from Command makes a great RV bathroom storage idea to help keep your personal care items off the counter.
Click image to see details on Amazon

23) Shower Organizing Kit (suction cups)

This stainless steel set of 3 wall-mounted shower organizers from Sanno will help keep your shampoo, conditioner, soap and scrubbies off of the shower floor.

These use suction cups to stick it to your shower wall.

This means your wall needs to be flat and non-porous.

At this point in time the seller has a 180 day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

RV bathroom storage ideas - these wall-mounted suction cup shelves will help keep your shower items close by and off the floor.

Shower Door Hanging Baskets

Another good shower organization idea is to use hanging baskets like the one shown below.

You’ll probably be able to find them at your local dollar store. (Check if they have foam under the metal hangers to prevent scratching your glass doors.)

They are another great way to get the shampoo bottles off the tub floor.

An inexpensive RV shower caddy  that hangs off a shower rod or shower glass and helps keep your shampoo, conditioner and soap off of the shower floor.
RV shower caddy hangs from RV shower glass. Photo: LearnAlongWithMe

Over the Door Organizers (clever RV bathroom storage idea for “wasted space”)

There are several styles of “over the door organizers” that you can utilize in your RV bathroom to help maximize storage by using this “wasted space”. These organizers can help you reduce clutter inside your RV bathroom cabinets and off of the countertop.

24) Hanging Pocket Organizer

The over-the-door pocket organizer shown below (made by Simple Houseware) is currently rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 2,400 reviews.

You could store extra soap in here, shampoo bottles, toothpaste, hair dryer, etc…

An organizer like this one helps you maximize space in your small RV bathroom by letting you utilize vertical space. Think 3-D!

It is 18-inches wide and 52-inches tall.

Will that fit on your RV bathroom door?

It is intended to hang over the top of the door, but if you don’t have enough clearance to shut the door, you could screw it into your wooden door.

RV Bathroom Storage Idea - over the door pocket organizer will help you organize lots of little items in your RV bathroom.
Click image to see reviews on Amazon

Click here to learn more about this fun RV Journal & Camping Logbook

25) Hanging “Shelf” Pocket Organizer (handy RV bathroom storage idea)

The organizer shown below (also made by Simple Houseware) is an interesting design.

It hangs from the back of your door, but the 6 pockets are almost like little shelves. It is a narrow organizer – only 13-inches wide. And it is 52-inches tall.

It has a clear plastic window in the front of every pocket so you can see what is in it. This item will help reduce clutter on your RV bathroom cabinets and countertop.

It currently has 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 340 reviews on Amazon.

RV bathroom storage - hanging pocket organizer for behind the bathroom door can help reduce clutter from your RV bathroom cabinets and countertop.
Click picture to read details and price on Amazon

Bathroom Garbage Cans

You usually don’t have a lot of room in your RV bathroom. So you need a small garbage can. You have to work with the small space you have.

I have listed two options for you: one with a lid and one without.

26) Narrow Garbage Can WITH Lid

The narrow garbage can shown below is a 5 Liter step can garbage made by MainStays, available at Walmart.

RV bathroom organization - narrow garbage can should fit between your RV's toilet and your RV bathroom cabinet. Make sure to measure first though
Narrow garbage can with a lid next to RV toilet and RV bathroom cabinets.

27) Narrow Garbage Can WITHOUT a Lid

Umbra makes a sleek and narrow garbage can intended for small spaces that you can find here on Amazon.

It is currently a bestseller in the “wastebaskets” category.

It’s currently rated 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 10,400 reviews on Amazon! That is ton of reviews.

RV bathrooms need a small garbage and here is narrow garbage by Umbra.
Click picture to see details on Amazon

RV Bathroom Decor Ideas

Just because it’s in your RV doesn’t mean it has to look junky or tacky.

Below are some decor ideas that will spruce up your “home away from home.”

Rustic Shelves (Over the toilet shelves)

I love the look of these rustic shelves.

They are cute and make a neat RV bathroom storage idea (keep things off your counters).

They are fairly lightweight too: the unit weighs just under 3 pounds.

But I think you’ll still need to drill it into your wall.

And this shelf doubles as a handy organizer because once again, it is providing a way to get your items off of the counter-top.

You’ll notice it has no lip on the edge, so it won’t act as a containment device: you’ll have to take down items during traveling days.

To get a better sense of scale, there is a picture on Amazon showing it mounted above a toilet.  Click here to see that picture.

RV bathroom storage ideas and organization ideas and decor. A rustic style shelf
Click to see current ratings on Amazon

Shower mat

This machine washable microfibre accent rug has a non-slip bottom so it should stay where you put it.

They claim it dries fast, and you can get it in a few different colors with the chevron pattern.

RV Bathroom Storage ideas, organization ideas and decor ideas
Click image to see details on Amazon

Intentionally “Campy” Shower Curtain Set

This retro cool shower curtain shown below is something I came across on Etsy.

It’s so eye-catching!  

If you have friends over to your RV you know they’ll comment on these bright bathroom decor items.  

I think these are campy, but not tacky. But obviously tastes vary.  🙂

RV Bathroom storage ideas, organization ideas and decor. A cool retro teardrop camper design for your shower curtain. It'll definitely make your RV bathroom standout.
Click image to view this cute RV shower curtain on Etsy

Just double check sizes to make sure this shower curtain isn’t too large for your RV shower.  If you want a smaller “RV-sized” edition, click here.

Here is another style you may like better.

"Not all who wander are lost" rv and camper themed shower curtain. it could work well on your outdoor camping shower, or in your Rv bathroom, or in your home.
Click picture to see details of this RV shower curtain on Etsy

I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can organize and decorate your RV bathroom.

If you have other ideas on RV bathroom storage ideas please leave a comment below. I’m sure other readers would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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As you can see by the old image below, this article used to have only 8 RV bathroom storage ideas, but I’ve updated and improved it to include 27 ideas to try and help you out.

8 Space-Saving RV Bathroom Storage ideas - including clever products like toothbrush storage ideas, shower caddies, wall-mounted shelves and more.
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Below is my old Pinterest pin for this article…back when it only had 8 RV bathroom storage ideas. I hope you’ve enjoyed the updated version.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - including several toothbrush storage ideas, hanging organizers, wall baskets, towel hooks and more.
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